30 Of The Most Popular Chubby & Fat Anime Characters

Anime has a diverse range of characters, and the portrayal of different body types is no exception. While many anime characters are depicted as slim and fit, some are chubby or even fat.

These characters are often overlooked or underestimated, but they can bring a unique charm and personality to their respective shows.

In this blog, we will be taking a closer look at 30 of the most popular chubby and fat anime characters. Whether they’re adorable, badass, or somewhere in between, these characters prove that big can be beautiful in the world of anime.

Fat Anime Characters

This list will count down the top 30 most popular fat anime characters of all time. From lovable Everymen to badass fighters, these characters have won over the hearts of fans worldwide. 

1. Arthur Goodman (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)

Fat Anime Characters

Arthur Goodman is a character in the popular anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is the commanding officer of the Celestial Being organization and is responsible for deploying their giant robots, known as Gundams. Goodman is a large man with an obese build that earned him the nickname “Fatty” from his subordinates.

Despite his size, Goodman is a skilled strategist and pilot and can hold his own in combat. He is also shown to be a kind and caring individual who genuinely cares for his team and wants to see them succeed.

Goodman first appears in the series when he is contacted by Celestial Being founder Ribbons Almark. Almark tells Goodman about Celestial Being’s mission to end all armed conflict on Earth and asks him to join their cause.

Goodman agrees and begins overseeing the deployment of Celestial Being’s Gundams. He quickly proves himself to be a valuable asset to the team, using his experience and knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

As the series progresses, Goodman continues to support Celestial Being in their fight against various factions worldwide. He remains an invaluable team member, providing advice and guidance when needed.

In the final battle against Ali al-Saachez, Goodman sacrifices himself so his team can escape. His death motivates Celestial Beings to continue fighting for peace, and Arthur Goodman will always be remembered as one of their greatest heroes.

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2. Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Z)

Fat Anime Characters

Majin Buu is among the most popular and well-known fat anime characters ever. He is a powerful evil wizard who was created by the magical wizard Bibidi.

Majin Buu caused great destruction and havoc in the Dragon Ball Z anime series and was eventually sealed away by the heroic Saiyan Goku. However, he was later revived and continued to cause trouble for the Z-Fighters.

Majin Buu is a large, pink, bulbous creature with a childlike appearance. He is often shown wearing a black cape and turban. He has a wide mouth with sharp teeth, and his eyes are small and black. He also has small horns on his head.

Despite his innocent-looking exterior, Majin Buu is an incredibly powerful and dangerous villain. He possesses various powerful magical abilities, including transforming other beings into food or objects. He can also fire energy blasts from his hands, fly using his cape, and create illusions.

Majin Buu is motivated by a desire to cause as much destruction and chaos as possible. He takes great pleasure in causing pain and suffering to others. He is also very childish and immature, often acting impulsively without thinking things through first.

Despite his destructive tendencies, Majin Buu does have a soft spot for children (especially those who are cute or tasty-looking).

3. Android 19 (Dragon Ball)

Fat Anime Characters

Android 19 is a Dragon Ball character who first appeared in the series’ Cell arc. He is an artificial human created by Dr. Gero and is designed to absorb energy from living beings to increase his own power.

Android 19 is a relatively minor villain in the Dragon Ball series, but he does have one key moment: he is responsible for the death of Piccolo. During a battle with Android 20 (Dr. Gero), Piccolo is absorbed by Android 19. This allows Android 20 to absorb Piccolo’s energy and become strong enough to defeat Goku.

Despite being a minor character, Android 19 has been popular with fans due to his unique design and memorable role in the series.

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4. Dadan (One Piece)

Dadan is a character from the anime One Piece. She is a large, overweight woman who heads a group of pirates. Dadan is very lazy and is often seen sleeping or eating. However, she is also a very tough fighter and has been known to take on entire groups of enemies by herself.

Dadan is a Japanese manga and anime series One Piece supporting character. She is the head of a gang of pirates based in the town of Fuschia and is one of the first people that Monkey D. Luffy meets on his journey to become the Pirate King.

Dadan is a large woman with an even larger appetite. She is often seen eating, and her favorite food is meat. She is also very strong, able to take on multiple opponents simultaneously and emerge victorious.

In addition to her physical strength, Dadan is also very cunning and resourceful, able to develop strategies on the fly that help her and her gang succeed in their endeavors.

While Dadan may seem like a tough criminal at first glance, she has a gold heart. She takes care of Luffy and his friends after they are orphaned and provides them with a place to stay and food to eat.

She also teaches them how to survive in the wild and defend themselves against others who would harm them. Dadan may not be the most traditionally “fat” character on this list, but her size and strength are definitely impressive.

She’s a powerful force to be reckoned with, both physically and mentally, and is someone that you definitely don’t want to cross!

5. Grey (Black Clover)

Fat Anime Characters

If you’re looking for a fat anime character who is also badass, then look no further than Grey from Black Clover. He may be quite rotund, but he’s also an incredibly powerful mage who can take down anyone who crosses him. He also has a great sense of humor, making him even more lovable.

There are a lot of great fat anime characters out there, but one that really stands out is Grey from Black Clover. He’s a big guy with an even bigger heart and is always ready to help out his friends and allies.

He’s also got a great sense of humor and is not afraid to use his size to his advantage. Whether taking on powerful opponents or enjoying a good meal, Grey is always a welcome sight.

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6. Harmon Caseus (Black Clover)

Fat Anime Characters

Harmon Caseus is a powerful wizard and one of the main characters in the Black Clover anime. He is known for his large body, great strength, and kind heart.

Caseus is a member of the Black Bulls, an elite group of wizards who protect the kingdom of Clover. He is a skilled fighter and has defeated some of the strongest opponents. However, he is not just a brute force; he has a sharp mind and can often develop strategies to help his team win.

While Caseus may not be the smartest or most talented wizard, he is determined and always tries his best. This has helped him overcome many challenges and become one of the most respected members of the Black Bulls.

7. Josuke Udono (Basilisk)

Fat Anime Characters

Josuke Udono from Basilisk is a chubby anime character who is always eating. He is always seen with a bowl of udon noodles and loves eating them. He is also very lazy and doesn’t like to do much physical activity. Josuke is also known for his large belly and his love of food.

In Japan, udon is a type of thick wheat noodle often served in a simple broth. It’s a popular dish, and there are many regional variations. One variation is Josuke Udono, named after the protagonist of the manga and anime series Basilisk.

Josuke Udono is a muscular young man with a large appetite. He loves to eat udon, and he’s not shy about it. He often consumes huge bowls of the stuff, much to the amusement of his friends and rivals.

Despite his love of food, Josuke is an incredibly skilled fighter. He’s strong and fast and knows how to use his size to his advantage. Josuke is a popular character in the Basilisk fandom, thanks to his love of food and his impressive fighting skills.

He’s also become a meme due to his tendency to eat absurdly large amounts of udon. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Josuke Udono is one of the most memorable characters in the series.

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8. Daifuku (One Piece)

Fat Anime Characters

Daifuku is a one-piece fat anime character that is quite popular. He is from the series One Piece and is the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a very large man, measuring in at over 9 feet tall and weighing over 850 pounds.

He has an extremely long nose, which he can use to store food, and his body is almost entirely covered in hair. He is an incredibly strong fighter, able to take on multiple opponents at once and come out victorious. He is also known for his love of food, often eating entire feasts by himself.

9. Nikuko (Oshiete! Galko-Chan)

Fat Anime Characters

Galko-chan is a popular anime character who is known for her large size. She is often seen as a source of comic relief but also has a kind and caring personality. Nikuko is a great example of a plus-size character who is not defined by her size.

Nikuko, or “Oshiete! Galko-Chan” as she’s known in Japan, is a popular fat anime character. She’s often seen as the comic relief in many scenes, but she’s also a lovable and kind person. Her weight doesn’t stop her from being active, and she’s always up for a good time.

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10. Yukino Ito (RD Sennou Chousashitsu)

Fat Anime Characters

Yukino Ito is a popular character from the anime series RD Sennou Chousashitsu. She is known for her large size and her love of food. Yukino is a kind and caring person, always looking out for her friends and family.

She is also a skilled cook, often making meals for her loved ones. Despite her size, Yukino is very active and enjoys playing sports and other physical activities.

11. Hanako Ohtani (Persona 4 The Animation)

Fat Anime Characters

Hanako Ohtani is one of the main characters from Persona 4, The Animation. She is a chubby girl who is always seen eating. She is also very strong and can fight off enemies with her fists. Hanako is very friendly and always helps out her friends in need.

 She is a chubby girl who is always seen eating, and her classmates often tease her because of her weight. However, Hanako is a kind and caring person, and she is always there for her friends when they need her. She is also a talented singer and often sings to cheer people up.

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12. Itaru Hashida (Steins; Gate)

Fat Anime Characters

Itaru Hashida is the overweight scientist and self-proclaimed mad scientist of the anime Steins; Gate. He is an eccentric individual who often speaks very lewdly, much to the discomfort of those around him.

Despite his lecherous nature, he is a brilliant inventor and has created many amazing gadgets, including the infamous time machine. He is also a great cook and often uses his skills to make food for his friends. While he may not be the most conventional of characters, he is definitely one of the most popular fat anime characters ever!

13. Tarou Sakamoto (Sakamoto (Days))

Fat Anime Characters

If you are looking for a chubby anime character that is also extremely popular, look no further than Tarou Sakamoto from the anime series Sakamoto (Days). He is an extremely overweight first-year high school student, but this doesn’t stop him from being one of his school’s most popular and well-liked students.

He is always surrounded by friends and willing to help others, no matter the situation. While he may not be the most athletic or physically fit character out there, he more than makes up for it with his kind personality and overall goodness.

14. Fat Gum (Boku No Hero Academia)

Fat Anime Characters

Fat Gum is a Pro Hero who specializes in stopping criminal acts. He’s large and intimidating, but he’s also kind and caring. He’s always looking out for others, and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

Fat Gum is a great role model for anyone who wants to be a hero. He proves you don’t have to be skinny to be strong. He’s also proof that being fat doesn’t mean you’re lazy or stupid. Fat Gum is smart, brave, and fearless. He’s everything a hero should be.

15. Natsumi “L” Asaoka (The Kabocha Wine)

Fat Anime Characters

Natsumi “L” Asaoka from The Kabocha Wine is a curvaceous and vivacious young woman who enjoys life’s finer things. A self-proclaimed foodie, she loves nothing more than indulging in her favorite dishes, often to the detriment of her waistline.

While her love of food may make her seem like a glutton, Natsumi is quite picky regarding what she eats. She only enjoys the best cuisine and is willing to pay top dollar. This has led her to become something of a gourmet, always looking for new and exciting flavors.

Despite her love of food, Natsumi is also fiercely independent and has a strong sense of self-worth. She doesn’t take kindly to being bossed around or told what to do, and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself. This fiery personality makes her popular with those who know her, but it can also lead to conflict.

Natsumi’s ample figure is one of her most defining features, and she is not shy about flaunting it. She knows that she looks good in tight-fitting clothes and isn’t afraid to show off her curves. This confidence is part of what makes her so attractive to others in terms of her physical appearance and personality.

16. Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)

Fat Anime Characters

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is one of the most popular fat anime characters ever. He is a powerful pirate captain who commands the Whitebeard Pirates. He is also one of the Yonko, or Four Emperors, who rule over the New World.

Blackbeard is a large man with an obese build. He has black hair and a beard that covers his entire face. He generally wears a black jacket and pants. He is often seen carrying a large saber.

Blackbeard is a ruthless and cruel pirate captain. He is known for his sadistic tendencies and for being willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. He is also known for his immense strength and power.

Despite his villainous nature, Blackbeard is a popular character with fans. His imposing figure and great strength make him an impressive character. His cruelty also intrigues him, as fans wonder what drives him to do such terrible things.

17. Biscuit (Gundam)

Fat Anime Characters

If you are an avid fan of the Gundam series, then you would know that Biscuit is one of the franchise’s most popular and lovable characters. He is a young boy who pilot’s the titular mecha in the series and is known for his skills in mobile suit combat.

He is also known for his voracious appetite, which has led to him being nicknamed “Biscuit Krueger.”
Biscuit is a well-rounded character who is both brave and determined. He has a strong sense of justice and always puts others before himself.

He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and teammates. His cheerful personality endears him to everyone he meets, even his enemies. Despite his young age, Biscuit is an excellent Mobile Suit pilot. His skills have been honed through years of training and experience.

He can think on his feet and make split-second decisions that can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Biscuit’s huge appetite often gets him into trouble, but it is also one of his biggest strengths. His ability to eat vast amounts of food gives him the energy he needs to push himself to the limit during battle.

If you are looking for a fat anime character that is both lovable and badass, then Biscuit Krueger from Gundam is a perfect choice!

18. Choji Akimichi (Naruto Shippuden)

Fat Anime Characters

One of the most popular chubby anime characters is Choji Akimichi from the anime series Naruto Shippuden. Choji is a member of the Akimichi clan, known for its unique physical abilities and its love of food.

Choji is often seen munching on chips or other snacks and is always ready for a big meal. He is also one of the strongest members of Konoha’s team 10, using his massive size and strength to protect his friends and defeat his enemies.

Despite his love of food, Choji is a skilled ninja who is always ready to fight for what he believes in. He is a loyal friend; his courage and determination have helped him overcome many challenges.

Choji is one of the most popular fat anime characters because he embodies many positive qualities that are often associated with overweight people.

He is strong, brave, loyal, and never gives up on his friends or himself. His love of food makes him relatable to many viewers, and his positive attitude is infectious.

19. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki (Fairy Tail)

Fat Anime Characters

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is a popular fat anime character from the Fairy Tail series. He is known for his love of food and his large body size.

Ichiya is a skilled wizard and is always ready to help out his friends in need. He is also very loyal to the Fairy Tail guild and is always willing to go on missions with them.

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and one of its most popular members. He is known for his flamboyant personality and his love of all things beautiful, especially women.

He is also known for his skills as a tailor, which he uses to make outfits for the other members of Fairy Tail. Ichiya is a carefree individual who loves nothing more than to have a good time. He is always surrounded by beautiful women and enjoys spending time with them.

His outgoing personality makes him popular with everyone in the guild, even those who don’t particularly like him. Ichiya’s main goal in life is to find the most beautiful woman in the world and marry her. He has been searching for years but has yet to find the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Even though Ichiya can sometimes be annoying, he is still a valuable member of Fairy Tail. His skills as a tailor are second to none, and he always puts 100% effort into everything. He may never find the woman of his dreams, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life to the fullest every day.

20. Tamako Inada (Silver Spoon)

Fat Anime Characters

Tamako Inada, also known as the “silver spoon,” is a popular fat anime character. She is known for her large appetite and love of food. Tamako is often seen eating large amounts of food, and her weight often fluctuates. However, she always seems to remain around the same size.

Tamako first appeared in the anime series “Silver Spoon,” which aired from 2013 to 2014. In the series, Tamako is a student at an agricultural high school. She comes from a family of farmers and is determined to become a successful farmer. However, she soon discovers that she knows very little about farming.

Tamako is kind and caring, always willing to help others. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and family. Despite her love of food, Tamako is actually quite athletic and has a strong competitive streak.

21. Ozeki Shinya (Hinomaru Sumo)

Fat Anime Characters

Ozeki Shinya is one of the most popular fat anime characters ever. He is best known for his role in the hit anime series Hinomaru Sumo. Ozeki is a large and obese character but also incredibly strong and athletic.

He can use his size to his advantage in sumo matches, and he is often able to defeat much smaller opponents. Ozeki is also known for his kind and friendly personality, making him a favorite among fans of the series.

22. Reiji Andou (Prison School)

Fat Anime Characters

Reiji Andou from Prison School is a character that many people can relate to. He’s overweight and constantly being made fun of because of it. However, Reiji is also one of the most popular characters in the series.

He’s outgoing and always up for a good time, no matter what others think of him. Reiji is a great example of how you can be popular even if you’re not the slimmest person around. Reiji Andou from Prison School is one of the most popular fat anime characters ever. He’s a big guy with a big personality and is unafraid to let his true self shine through.

Reiji is a loyal friend and an unstoppable force when it comes to getting what he wants. He’s also got a heart of gold and is always ready to help out anyone in need. Whether he’s eating his way through a mountain of food or taking on a group of bullies, Reiji is always ready to take on whatever comes his way.

23. Boa Marigold (One Piece)

Fat Anime Characters

Boa Marigold is one of the most popular fat anime characters. She is a very curvy woman with an hourglass figure. Her tight clothing emphasizes her body, which includes a corset and stockings.

Boa has long blonde hair, which she often keeps in a ponytail. Marigold is also known for her large breasts, which are a source of much fan service throughout the series.

24. Minamo Aoi (RD Sennou Chousashitsu (Real Drive))

Fat Anime Characters

Aoi is a popular character from the Japanese anime series RD Sennou Chousashitsu (Real Drive). She is known for her large build, which has led to her being nicknamed “Mamo-chan” by fans.

Aoi is cheerful and upbeat, always looking to help others. She is also very intelligent and can easily hack into computers and other electronic devices. Her large size is handy, as she can use her weight to crush enemies or break through barriers.

While Aoi may not be the slim and sexy type that some people prefer, she has still managed to become one of the most popular characters in the series. This is due to her kind personality and willingness to help others, no matter the situation.

25. Mitsuyoshi Anzai (Slam Dunk)

Fat Anime Characters

Mitsuyoshi Anzai is the captain and point guard of the Shohoku High School basketball team. He is known as a “slam dunk specialist” and can perform powerful slam dunks that often surprise his opponents.

Anzai is a talented player but not a natural athlete like some of his teammates. He has to work hard to keep up with them, but his dedication and determination make him a valuable team member.

Anzai is also one of the few players on the team who is unafraid to take on bigger and stronger opponents. He may not be the biggest or strongest player on the court, but he is not afraid to battle against anyone who stands in his way.

While Anzai can be serious and intense on the court, he is also known for being funny and easygoing. He is a loyal friend and teammate and always has time for a good laugh.

26. Kohta Hirano (High School Of The Dead)

Fat Anime Characters

Kohta Hirano is a character from the hit anime series High School of the Dead. He is a tall, muscular teenager with short black hair and a stoic demeanor. He is an excellent marksman and is often seen carrying a sniper rifle.

Kohta is a powerful fighter and is very protective of his friends and allies. He has a strong sense of justice and will go to great lengths to defend the innocent.

27. Senor Pink (One Piece)

Fat Anime Characters

There are many great fat anime characters out there, but one that always stands out is Senor Pink from One Piece. He’s a fierce fighter with a big heart, and his large size only makes him more impressive.

He’s also got a great sense of style, always dressing in pink and looking sharp. Whether he’s battling enemies or relaxing with his friends, Senor Pink is always a pleasure to watch.

None of the fat anime characters are as popular as Senor Pink from One Piece. A member of the Roger Pirates, Senor Pink is an impressive fighter with a unique style. He’s also one of the funniest characters in the series, always cracking jokes and making everyone laugh.

Despite his large size, Senor Pink is incredibly fast and agile. He’s a master of using his weight to his advantage and is unafraid to get dirty in a fight. He’s also got a sharp tongue, which he uses to great effect against his opponents.

Senor Pink may be a bit overweight, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most popular characters in One Piece. He’s strong, funny, and can take down his enemies. If you’re looking for a fat anime character to love, Senor Pink is a perfect choice!

28. Yoshinobu Kubota: Sakamoto Desu Ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

Fat Anime Characters

Yoshinobu Kubota is a character in “Sakamoto Desu Ga?” who is chubby and lacks confidence. He looks up to the excellent and popular titular character, Sakamoto, and tries to emulate him.

Kubota’s struggles with self-esteem are relatable, and his interactions with Sakamoto add to the show’s humor. In the end, Kubota learns to accept himself for who he is. His character reminds us to love and accept ourselves, regardless of body type.

29. Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin (One Piece)

Fat Anime Characters

There are a lot of popular fat anime characters out there, but Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin from One Piece definitely takes the cake (pun intended). Big Mom is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Four Emperors.

She’s also the only female pirate in the world who can match up to her male counterparts regarding power and influence. What makes Big Mom so popular? Well, for starters, she’s absolutely massive. At 832 pounds, she towers over most other characters in the series (and in all of anime, for that matter).

But despite her size, she’s incredibly agile and powerful, able to take down opponents easily. She’s also got a bit of a maternal side, which endears her to many fans. Of course, it helps that Big Mom is voiced by none other than Mayumi Tanaka, one of Japan’s most popular and prolific voice actresses.

Tanaka has lent her talents to countless iconic characters over the years, including Luffy from One Piece, Krillin from Dragon Ball Z, and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z Kai. She brings a certain charm to Big Mom that helps make her even more likable.

All in all, it’s easy to see why Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin is one of the most popular fat anime characters of all time. She’s got everything you could want in character: size, strength, charisma, and a whole lot of heart.

30. Takeo Gouda (My Love Story)

Fat Anime Characters

Takeo Gouda is a tall and handsome high school student who has trouble finding a girlfriend because all the girls fear his intimidating appearance. However, Takeo’s good-natured personality shines through, and he’s really just a big sweetheart.

He falls in love with the cute and diminutive Rinko Yamato, and despite some bumps in the road, they end up together. Takeo is the perfect example of a lovable fatty – he’s got a heart of gold, is funny, and loves to eat!

He’s always game for a food challenge, and his friends know they can always count on him to finish whatever they start. No matter what life throws at him, Takeo always tries his best with a smile on his face.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 30 popular fat anime characters of all time! We love these larger-than-life characters for their big hearts and even bigger appetites. From the lovable glutton Majin Buu to the always-hungry Umaru-chan, these anime stars will surely make you smile (and maybe even make you a little hungry)!

These are the top 30 popular fat anime characters of all time! What do you think of our list? Did your favorite make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!