Anime Characters With Dreadlocks: Top 20 To Look For

Anime is known for its diverse characters, each with unique hairstyles and personalities. One of the most popular and unique hairstyles in anime is dreadlocks, which exude a sense of freedom, rebellion, and individuality.

From fierce warriors to laid-back musicians, plenty of anime characters sport dreadlocks and rock the style like no other.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 anime characters you should check out with dreadlocks. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed shonen anime or romantic comedies, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So, let’s dive in and discover some of the coolest and most iconic anime characters with dreadlocks!

Anime Characters With Dreadlocks

Several anime characters have dreadlocks, ranging from very popular to quite obscure. Here is a list of the top 20 most popular anime characters with dreadlocks, according to Google search data:

1. Nils Nielsen

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Nils Nielsen, better known as “Chief” in the popular anime series “Cowboy Bebop,” has long dreadlocks that flow down his back.

His character is a wise and experienced bounty hunter who often delivers humorous lines and intense confrontations with his enemies. Nielsen’s hairstyle is an iconic part of his persona and has spawned its fandom.

Nielsen’s dreadlocks have been a part of his look for over 20 years, and he originally grew them for religious reasons.

“I was raised Christian, so when I was getting baptized, they gave me this hairdresser to cut my hair,” he said in an interview with The Guardian. “And then I just kept growing it from there on out.”

Some may find Nielsen’s dreadlocks unattractive or outdated, but fans love them for their unique style and memorable personality. Many cosplayers imitate Nielsen’s hairstyle for costume parties or other events.

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2. Canary

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Canary is a dreadlocked anime character who first appeared in the 2010-2011 “Black Lagoon” series. Canary is the leader of mercenary lagooners living on the Black Lagoon.

Canary has long dreadlocks that hang down to her waist. She often wears nothing but a bikini, and her tattoos and piercings add to her rough appearance.

Canary is fiercely independent and doesn’t take kindly to anyone who tries to boss her around. She’s also fiercely protective of her friends and comrades and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Despite her rough exterior, Canary is quite compassionate. She’s always willing to help her friends and family, no matter what they may have done wrong.

Canary is also one of the most intelligent characters in the Black Lagoon cast, able to develop complex plans quickly.

Canary is an excellent combatant, holding her own against even the toughest opponents. She’s also a fast runner, able to outrun most attackers easily.

Canary is one of the few characters in the Black Lagoon cast who isn’t afraid of violence or bloodshed. She seems almost addicted to it.

3. Doug

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Doug is one of the most popular anime characters with dreadlocks, and for a good reason. His unique hairstyle is stylish and cool, standing on his head.

Doug is a strong and determined character who isn’t afraid to stand up for his beliefs. He’s also a bit of a jokester, which makes him enjoyable to watch.

If you’re looking for an anime character with a unique hairstyle that you can style yourself, look no further than Doug!

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4. Izumi Curtis

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Izumi Curtis is one cool character from the anime and manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. She’s a total badass who’s an alchemy and martial arts expert, but her dreadlocks make her stand out.

They’re long, thick, and braided into these cool strands, making her look even more formidable. Even though she’s tough as nails, she’s wise and caring towards the main characters, Edward and Alphonse Elric.

Fans love her for her no-nonsense attitude and sharp sense of humor. Izumi should be on it if you’re making a list of anime characters with dreadlocks.

5. Kaname Tosen

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Kaname Tosen is a character from the popular anime series, Bleach, known for his unique dreadlocked hairstyle.

His hair is long and thin, and it’s styled into these tight braids that run down his back. But what sets him apart is his character. Tosen is a complex figure who has a tragic backstory and is driven by a strong sense of justice.

He’s blind, so he relies heavily on his other senses to navigate the world around him. Despite his noble intentions, he can also be ruthless when necessary.

Overall, Tosen is a fascinating character worth checking out if you’re an anime fan with deep, complex characters. And, of course, his dreadlocks are pretty awesome too!

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6. Sid Barrett

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Let’s talk about Sid Barrett from Soul Eater, the grim reaper who looks like he just stepped out of a rock concert.

This dude has some seriously wild dreadlocks that add to his badass look. They’re long, and spiky and have this cool striped pattern that makes him stand out even more.

But don’t let his rockstar appearance fool you – Sid means business when fighting off the forces of evil.

He’s a skilled combatant with a severe love for his job, and his dreadlocks add to his relaxed vibe. Sid is one to look out for if you’re a fan of anime characters with dreadlocks.

7. Gem AKA Mr. 5

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Gem AKA Mr. 5 is one of the more eccentric characters from the popular anime and manga series, One Piece.

He’s a member of the Baroque Works organization, and his ability to turn his body into bombs makes him quite the formidable opponent.

But what makes him stand out is his hair – Gem’s got some serious dreadlocks. They’re thin and twisted into these cool little ropes, adding a layer of badass to his overall look.

His style is unique, and it reflects his carefree and quirky personality. If you’re a fan of anime characters with dreadlocks, you must check out Gem, AKA Mr. 5 from One Piece!

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8. Kyosuke Takakura

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Kyosuke Takakura is one of the coolest dreadlocked anime characters you’ll ever meet. He is a key character in the anime series Nana, and he is noted for his easygoing nature and love of music.

Kyosuke’s dreadlocks are long and wavy, giving him a distinguishing appearance that distinguishes him from other characters. He’s a superb guitarist in his band Trapnest, and his dreadlocks contribute to his cool rockstar aura.

Despite his laid-back demeanor, Kyosuke is a complex guy with a turbulent history and interpersonal issues. He’s the character you can’t help but cheer for, and his dreadlocks only add to his appeal.

9. Ermes Costello

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Have you seen Ermes Costello from the anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? She’s one of the coolest characters out there with her fierce fighting skills and amazing dreadlocks.

Her hair is long, braided, and adorned with golden rings that give her a more badass look. Ermes is not just a pretty face, though – she’s tough as nails and isn’t afraid to take down anyone who crosses her path.

But what makes her even more interesting is her backstory and how she fits into the series’ complex plot. Trust me, if you’re a fan of anime characters with dreadlocks, Ermes is one to watch out for!

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10. Rei Houomaru

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Rei Houomaru from Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime characters with dreadlocks, and for a good reason.

His character design is rugged and exotic, with a cool edge that makes him stand out. Plus, his appearance is perfect for anime fans with a strong African theme.

While Rei Houomaru may not be the first anime character you think of when it comes to dreadlocks, he’s one of the most popular.

He’s appeared in several manga and anime series, including Attack on Titan and Samurai Champloo. He also has his spin-off series called Black Clover.

His popularity means that plenty of products are available featuring him, including figurines and clothing.

11. Amahare

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Let’s talk about Amahare, an awesome anime character with killer dreadlocks. Amahare is a musician from the anime series Carole & Tuesday.

He’s got long, brown hair twisted into these thick, wild-looking dreadlocks that match his free-spirited personality.

Amahare is a laid-back guy who’s always down for a jam session with his friends. He’s got a cool, chill vibe that makes him an easy character to root for.

And his dreadlocks are just the icing on the cake! They make him stand out in a sea of other anime characters with more conventional hairstyles. So if you’re a fan of anime and dreadlocks, give Amahare a look. He won’t disappoint!

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12. Latarza

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Have you heard of Latarza, the anime character with the coolest dreadlocks? She’s a character from the Fairy Tail anime series, and her dreadlocks are incredible.

They’re long and curly, with colorful beads and ribbons woven in. She’s a tough fighter who uses her hair as a weapon, whipping it around to take down her opponents.

But what’s even cooler about Latarza is her personality. She’s sassy, confident, and always ready to fight for what she believes in.

Fans love her for her unique style and fierce attitude. If you’re looking for a badass anime character with some seriously cool dreadlocks, Latarza is your girl!

13. Don Kanonji

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Don Kanonji is a popular anime character with dreadlocks. He first appeared in the 2001 anime series “Cowboy Bebop.”

Kanonji was a member of the space pirates known as the Red Dragon Syndicate. Kanonji was also known for his skills as a firearms specialist and pilot.

Kanonji was killed in an airplane crash in 2014 but has since been resurrected as a cyborg. In 2016, Kanonji starred in his television series, “Cyborg Don.”

The show is set several years after the “Cowboy Bebop” events and follows Kanonji as he attempts to rebuild his life and overcome his past sins.

Kanonji has become one of the most popular anime characters with dreadlocks in recent years. His popularity is likely due to his complex and compelling character arc from criminal to a law-abiding citizen and his signature dreadlocks.

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14. Mira Nygus

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

If you like anime and cool hairstyles, check out Mira Nygus from Soul Eater. She’s a formidable meister who teaches at the Death Weapon Meister Academy and has some cool dreadlocks.

Mira’s dreadlocks are thick and curly, and they give her a distinct and memorable appearance. Mira isn’t just a gorgeous face; she’s also a powerful fighter who can hold her own against even the fiercest foes.

Mira’s dreadlocks are always on point, whether fighting a witch or advising her students. Thus, if you’re seeking anime characters with killer haircuts, add Mira Nygus to your list.

15. Cassim

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Cassim is a dreadlocked anime character popular among fans of the genre. He is described as the city’s coolest and most stylish young man, thanks to his love of style and music.

Cassim’s hair is often styled creatively, whether pulled back into a low ponytail or left loose and flowing down his back. His clothing is also very flashy and always on trend, reflecting his eclectic taste in music and fashion.

Cassim’s personality is equally as interesting as his appearance. He is often mischievous and playful, preferring to have fun rather than take things seriously.

He also has a strong sense of justice, which he uses to help others despite the risks involved. Despite his rebellious nature, Cassim cares deeply for those he loves, especially his sister Nikiya.

16. Snipe

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Snipe, have you heard of him? He’s from the popular anime series My Hero Academia and has some extremely awesome dreadlocks.

Snipe is a skilled marksman with exceptional accuracy, making him an invaluable heroes team member. But it’s his distinct style that sets him apart.

His dreadlocks are thick and wild, and they seem to match his laid-back demeanor perfectly. Despite his talent as a combatant, he never takes himself too seriously and is always up for a good laugh.

Fans adore Snipe for his cool personality, wonderful humor, and dreadlocks add to his allure. If you’re seeking an anime character with a serious style, Snipe is a must-see.

17. Carole Stanley

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Carole is one of the most popular anime characters with dreadlocks, and for a good reason. She has an empowered and fierce outlook on life, making her a force to be reckoned with.

She’s also got a sense of humor that keeps things fun, whether joking about her mutant powers or dishing out tough love to her allies.

Her character arc throughout the show is compelling, and she remains a fan favorite.

18. Tom Tanaka

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Tom Tanaka is one of the most popular anime characters with dreadlocks, and for a good reason. His character designs are incredibly stylish, and he always looks fresh and modern.

Tanaka first rose to prominence in 2009 when he played the role of Jubei Yagyu in the popular anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Since then, his work has appeared in various shows and films, including Attack on Titan, Wolf’s Rain, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Tanaka’s style is uniquely his own. He doesn’t shy away from incorporating bold colors and intricate patterns into his outfits, which gives him a fashion-forward edge that sets him apart from many other anime characters with dreadlocks.

Whether he’s striking a pose on the set of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or casually slouching around Tokyo Ghoul: re, Tom Tanaka always looks like a stylish badass.

19. Bob Makihara

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Bob Makihara, or Bob the Cucumber as he is commonly referred to due to his characteristic long dreadlocks, is one of the most popular anime characters with dreadlocks.

He has been a staple character in several popular anime series, most notably “Gurren Lagann” and “Akira.”

Born and raised in Hawaii, Makihara began wearing dreadlocks at age 20 after becoming frustrated with how people treated him because of his hair.

He says that the dreadlocks have helped him connect more with his African heritage and have given him a more authentic identity.

Makihara has appeared in numerous music videos and commercials and has even released an album of Hawaiian reggae music under the name Kalaa Maha Noi. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

20. Yuuto Kidou

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

If you’re a fan of sports anime, you might have heard of Yuuto Kidou from the popular series Inazuma Eleven. He’s a soccer player with a unique look – he sports these cool dreadlocks that make him stand out on the field.

But Yuuto isn’t just about his appearance; he’s also an incredibly talented player who serves as the team’s captain. He’s known for his leadership skills and ability to develop creative strategies on the fly.

Fans love him for his confidence and determination, and his dreadlocks add to his overall coolness. If you’re making a list of anime characters with dreadlocks, Yuuto is one to consider!


After looking at the list of top 20 anime characters with dreadlocks, it seems this hairstyle is definitely in style.

Whether you’re looking for someone to represent your beliefs or want to rock a trendy new look, these anime characters will make an impression.

So if you ever feel like the Dreadlock Style isn’t cutting it anymore, try one of these popular anime characters!