Top 17 Zebra Cartoon Characters: Ultimate List

Embarking on a magical journey through the vibrant world of animation, it’s impossible to ignore the charming diversity of characters that color the landscape. Among the plethora of personas, a particular stripe-clad group captures our attention – zebra cartoon characters.

These black and white enigmas are more than just a classic representation of wildlife in the cartoon universe; they’re unique figures that entertain and inspire us with their distinct personalities and often humorous stories.

Packed with a captivating blend of mischief, wisdom, and heart, the top zebra characters in animation are truly unforgettable. So let’s embark on this animated adventure, exploring the diverse world of these compelling characters.

Zebra Cartoon Characters

This section delves into the wonderful realm of zebra cartoon characters. From timeless classics to modern animation gems, these characters come with their own distinctive charm, each offering unique experiences to viewers. Our journey will uncover the stories behind their stripes, unforgettable moments, and lasting impact on animation.

1. Zecora – My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Zecora – My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Zecora is a strikingly mysterious character from the enchanted universe of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. A zebra shamaness, she hails from a far-off land, adding a global touch to the series. She instantly captivates her audience with her exotic charm and thickly accented rhymes. Zecora is well-versed in the world of potions and magical brews, making her a go-to guide for anypony seeking answers to mystical problems.

Despite her initial daunting exterior, Zecora is exceptionally kind-hearted, proving that appearances can be deceiving. Her character subtly teaches young viewers about embracing diversity and understanding different cultures. Her black and white stripes add to her visual appeal and symbolize the balance she brings to the Ponyville community.

2. Zebra-Man – DC Universe

Zebra-Man – DC Universe

A relatively obscure yet intriguing character from the DC Universe, Zebra-Man is a villainous persona with a startling appearance. His body, radiating with magnetic lines of force, resembles a human-sized zebra, making him stand out among his counterparts. Initially an ordinary scientist, he gained his unique powers after an accident involving magnetic fields, which also altered his appearance.

Armed with magnetic abilities, Zebra-Man can attract or repel objects and create magnetic force fields. His character is a fascinating exploration of the dichotomy of science: a tool of progress that can also lead to devastating consequences when misused.

3. Zebstrika – Pokémon

Zebstrika – Pokémon

Zebstrika, the electrifying zebra Pokémon from the expansive Pokémon universe, is a force to be reckoned with. As the evolved form of Blitzle, Zebstrika is characterized by its lightning-fast speed and electric attacks, making it a formidable opponent in any Pokémon battle. With its thunderbolt-patterned stripes and fierce personality, Zebstrika is a captivating creature.

Despite its aggressive combat demeanor, Zebstrika exhibits loyalty to its trainer, showcasing the deep bond that can form between Pokémon and humans. Its design ingeniously combines the natural world with imaginative elements, illustrating the charm of the Pokémon franchise.

4. Khumba


Khumba, the eponymous character from the animated film “Khumba,” is a young zebra born with only half his stripes. Khumba’s distinctive look mirrors his journey as an outsider striving to fit in his herd. His courageous adventure searching for the mythical waterhole, where the first zebras supposedly received their stripes, delivers an enchanting story about self-acceptance and bravery.

With his quirky charm and heartfelt determination, Khumba leaves an indelible mark on the viewer’s heart. His story is a beautiful allegory that encourages audiences, especially children, to embrace their uniqueness.

5. Zuzu and Zaza Zebra – Peppa Pig

Zuzu and Zaza Zebra – Peppa Pig

Zuzu and Zaza Zebra are delightful twin characters from the beloved children’s series “Peppa Pig.” They bring a distinctive sibling dynamic to the show, often seen engaging in playful banter and activities with Peppa and her friends. Their characters portray a charming innocence and curiosity, typical of their preschool-age audience.

Zuzu and Zaza’s stories involve simple yet engaging plotlines, often highlighting the values of friendship, cooperation, and understanding. They are instantly recognizable with their characteristic black and white stripes, making them a visual delight for the young viewers of this charming series.

6. Ray Razzle – Chip and Potato

Ray Razzle – Chip and Potato

From the heartwarming show “Chip and Potato,” Ray Razzle is a friendly zebra character teaching children the importance of kindness and helpfulness. His black and white stripes may stand out, but his big heart truly shines.

As a delivery driver, Ray makes his rounds in his yellow delivery van, ensuring all the inhabitants of their adorable world receive their packages on time. Ray’s character embodies responsibility and diligence, portraying the significance of these virtues in daily life. His cheerful demeanor and lively interactions add to his charm, making him a beloved figure among the show’s young viewers.

7. Marty – Madagascar

Marty – Madagascar

Marty, the quick-witted zebra from the hilarious and adventure-filled “Madagascar” series, is an unforgettable character. Bursting with curiosity and a love for adventure, Marty dreams of a life beyond the zoo. His bold escape from New York’s Central Park Zoo sets the stage for a series of comic misadventures with his friends.

Marty’s charismatic personality and his unique blend of optimism and humor make him a joy to watch. His story underscores the importance of friendship and the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone.

8. Zigby – Zigby the Zebra

Zigby – Zigby the Zebra

Zigby is the lead character in the animated series “Zigby the Zebra.” Known for his creative ideas and readiness for adventure, Zigby can often be found devising fun and sometimes crazy plans. However, these plans often lead to unintended trouble, teaching young viewers about problem-solving and responsibility.

Zigby’s stripes aren’t just for decoration – they represent his unique ability to turn everyday events into exciting adventures. His enthusiasm and kind-hearted nature make him an endearing character for children.

9. Zeek – The Lion Guard

Zeek – The Lion Guard

Zeek is a minor character in “The Lion Guard,” but his impact on the story is far from small. As a Back Lands zebra herd member, Zeek brings a different perspective to the series’ Pride Lands-centered narrative.

His occasional interactions with the Lion Guard often involve his herd’s safety, emphasizing teamwork and unity. Despite his limited appearances, Zeek’s character contributes to the rich tapestry of personalities that populate the show’s universe.

10. Stripes – Racing Stripes

Stripes – Racing Stripes

Stripes, from the film “Racing Stripes,” is an ambitious young zebra with a heartwarming story. Mistakenly left behind by a traveling circus and found by a former horse trainer, Stripes grows up believing he’s a racehorse.

His journey to race alongside thoroughbreds is a tale of determination and self-belief. Stripes’ endearing naivety and spirit captivate audiences, proving that with enough courage and perseverance, even a zebra can make a name for himself in a horse’s world.

11. Zed – Skipper & Skeeto

Zed – Skipper & Skeeto

Zed is a captivating character from the interactive children’s series “Skipper & Skeeto.” As a clever, kind-hearted zebra, Zed is a source of wisdom and guidance in the animated park world where the series unfolds. Despite his visually striking black and white stripes, his intellect and helpful nature make him stand out.

Whether helping Skipper and Skeeto solve problems or providing them with valuable insights, Zed plays an essential role in their adventures. His character teaches young viewers about the importance of critical thinking and compassion in everyday life.

12. Zoe – Sesame Street

Zoe – Sesame Street

Zoe is a charming three-year-old Muppet from the world-renowned educational series “Sesame Street.” She is not a zebra, but her character’s importance in the series is undeniable. Known for her vivid imagination and bright orange fur, Zoe loves ballet, cannot resist a good play session, and is fond of her pet rock, Rocco.

She promotes creative play through her activities and interactions and helps children understand and express various emotions. Zoe’s character provides young viewers with a relatable figure as they navigate their own world of learning and discovery.

13. Zara – The Backyardigans

Zara – The Backyardigans

Zara is a minor character in the imaginative children’s series “The Backyardigans.” Featured as a guest in the episode “Catch that Train!”, Zara is a zebra train engineer who skillfully navigates the twists and turns of the Wild West’s railways.

Her character showcases competence, self-assuredness, and perseverance, traits valuable for young viewers to see and learn from—Zara’s brief role adds a dose of excitement to the Backyardigans’ inventive adventures.

14. Zed Zeppelin – Rocket Monkeys

Zed Zeppelin – Rocket Monkeys

Zed Zeppelin is a striking character from the crazy universe of “Rocket Monkeys.” As a zebra and a rock star, Zed combines an iconic look with an exuberant personality. With his electrifying performances and over-the-top antics, Zed embodies the fun and excitement of the show.

His character serves as a symbol of confidence and flair, teaching viewers the importance of expressing oneself. Though his appearances are sporadic, Zed Zeppelin’s persona adds more fun to the Rocket Monkeys’ space adventures.

15. Zula – Jungle Cubs

Zula – Jungle Cubs

From the Disney animated series “Jungle Cubs,” Zula is a zebra character known for her lively and bold nature. As one of the main characters’ friends, she often finds herself entangled in their juvenile adventures in the jungle. Her character represents a balance between caution and curiosity, a trait that resonates with her young audience.

Despite her caution, Zula never shies away from an adventure, teaching young viewers the value of bravery and friendship. Her distinctive black and white stripes symbolize her adventurous spirit in the lush green jungles of the show.

16. Zippy – Rainbow

Zippy – Rainbow

Zippy, from the British children’s series “Rainbow,” is not a zebra but a distinctive orange puppet with a zip for a mouth. Despite his non-zebra status, Zippy’s vibrant character is worthy of recognition.

Known for his boisterous personality and endless chatter, he often finds himself in amusing predicaments, offering plenty of laughs for young viewers. His stories teach children about the importance of patience, good manners, and considerate communication, making Zippy a memorable character in children’s television.

17. Zebby – Doc McStuffins

Zebby – Doc McStuffins

Zebby is a delightful toy zebra from the imaginative world of “Doc McStuffins.” As one of Doc’s many toy friends, Zebby’s stories often revolve around themes of health and care. Like her toy companions, she comes to life when Doc is around and becomes her usual playful self.

Her character teaches children about empathy, kindness, and the importance of caring for oneself and others. At the same time, her black and white stripes stand as a cheerful emblem of her in the colorful McStuffins Toy Hospital.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this exploration into the world of zebra cartoon characters has taken us through diverse animation landscapes, introducing us to characters that have touched hearts and sparked imaginations.

From the enchanting realms of “My Little Pony” and “Madagascar” to the quirky galaxies of “Rocket Monkeys” and “The Zula Patrol,” these zebra characters embody a variety of virtues like bravery, kindness, and creativity.

Each character, with its unique charm and stories, illustrates how impactful animation can be in both entertaining and educating viewers. Here’s to celebrating these fantastic zebra characters and the joy they continue to bring to our screens!