Top 40 Yuri Animes: Ultimate Recommendations

Unravel the enchanting universe of Yuri Animes, a unique genre that celebrates the delicate and intense connections between female characters. With compelling narratives, mesmerizing visuals, and complex characters, these series offer an exquisite exploration of romance and friendship.

Our handpicked selection of the top 40 Yuri animes will introduce you to this intimate genre and provide ultimate recommendations for both seasoned fans and newcomers.

Whether it’s the soft whispers of emerging love or the turbulent tides of deep-set emotions, these Yuri animes will sweep you off your feet. So, prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Yuri, where every frame is a celebration of love and camaraderie.

Yuri Animes

In this section, we delve into the heart of Yuri Animes, exploring its rich tapestry of themes and diverse portrayals of female relationships. From sweet slice-of-life stories to thrilling dramas, we will unfold why this genre has captivated viewers worldwide and why it deserves a place on your watchlist.

1. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

“Bloom Into You” is an enthralling Yuri Anime that touches the soul with its profound exploration of self-discovery and love. The story revolves around Yuu Koito, a high school student who finds herself unable to understand the concept of love, despite the numerous shoujo manga she has read. Her world turns when she meets the charismatic student council president, Touko Nanami, who confesses her love for Yuu.

The beauty of this series lies in its earnest portrayal of the characters’ journey toward understanding their emotions. As Yuu grapples with her feelings for Touko, viewers are given a beautifully nuanced look at the complexities of love and self-identity.

The character development, stunning animation, and poignant storytelling make “Bloom Into You” an enchanting Yuri series that is both heart-warming and thought-provoking.

2. Maria-sama ga Miteru

Maria-sama ga Miteru

Set in the all-girls Lillian Catholic school, “Maria-sama ga Miteru” depicts sisterhood, friendship, and blossoming love. The narrative primarily focuses on Yumi Fukuzawa, a normal student who gets involved with the prestigious Yamayurikai council.

Through the intimate relationship between Yumi and her “soeur,” Sachiko Ogasawara, the anime examines the complex dynamics of the ‘sœur system’, a mentor-mentee tradition at the school.

Along with the breathtaking visuals, this Yuri anime offers a profound exploration of its characters’ emotional growth and struggles. It’s a tranquil and melodious journey that reveals the many layers of female relationships, weaving them into a rich tapestry of bonds that are as delicate as they are strong.

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Don’t be deceived by the cutesy, magical girl aesthetic of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” This anime series is a groundbreaking Yuri masterpiece that redefines the magical girl genre with its gritty themes and riveting storyline. The series follows Madoka Kaname, an ordinary girl who is offered the chance to become a magical girl with an accompanying wish of her choice.

However, beneath the glittering surface lies a cruel twist, exploring the themes of sacrifice, despair, and the true cost of wishes. The intricate relationships between the characters, particularly the profound bond between Madoka and her friend Homura, add depth to the narrative. Madoka Magica’s potent mix of vivid artwork, compelling narrative, and dark themes make it an unmissable part of the Yuri genre.

4. Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! School Idol Project

“Love Live! School Idol Project” is a whirlwind of music, friendship, and dreams, set against the backdrop of a school threatened by the shutdown. As a last-ditch effort, the bubbly Honoka Kousaka rallies a group of students to form an idol group. A vibrant journey ensues with trials, triumphs, and unyielding bonds.

Though not a traditional Yuri anime, the series is beloved for its strong emphasis on the deep and complex relationships between the characters. Their camaraderie, mutual support, and shared dreams paint a beautiful picture of young girls striving together. Coupled with infectious music, stellar performances, and a story that tugs at the heartstrings, “Love Live!” is a charming addition to the Yuri landscape.

5. Kannazuki no Miko

Kannazuki no Miko

“Kannazuki no Miko” takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a narrative that perfectly blends romance, mecha, and Shinto mythology. The story follows Chikane Himemiya and Himeko Kurusugawa, two girls bound by fate to become the Lunar and Solar Priestesses to save the world from evil. The intense bond between Chikane and Himeko is the series’ heart, adding emotional weight to their shared destiny.

This series offers more than just an enchanting Yuri romance. It presents an intriguing blend of genres, accompanied by an art style that beautifully complements the narrative’s emotional resonance. As the series unfolds, the relationship between Chikane and Himeko becomes a profound exploration of love and sacrifice, cementing “Kannazuki no Miko” as a classic in the Yuri genre.

6. Strawberry Panic!

Strawberry Panic!

Dive into “Strawberry Panic!”, a Yuri anime that perfectly captures the ebb and flow of romantic relationships amidst school life. Set in the interconnected world of three prestigious all-girls academies, the anime explores the rich dynamics of friendship, rivalry, and love among its diverse characters. The main storyline centers on Nagisa Aoi, a new student who quickly finds herself entangled in the complex relationships within the schools.

With drama, comedy, and romance elements intertwined in its narrative, “Strawberry Panic!” captivates its audience with captivating characters and the intense emotions they experience in their journey of love and self-discovery. Its beautifully drawn backdrop and mesmerizing soundtrack contribute to the heartfelt allure of this classic Yuri anime.

7. YuruYuri


“YuruYuri” brings a lighthearted touch to the Yuri genre with its comedic, slice-of-life storytelling. The series follows four middle school friends who form the “Amusement Club” in their school’s old tea ceremony room.

Their daily shenanigans, innocent crushes, and blossoming friendships provide a charming and humorous look at adolescent life. The anime subtly weaves in Yuri elements through the characters’ interactions and affections, creating an endearing, often hilarious atmosphere.

The characters’ diverse personalities, relatable dynamics, and the series’ lighthearted humor make “YuruYuri” a delightful watch. The colorful animation and catchy music further add to its charm, making it an enjoyable journey into the everyday life of these lovable characters.

8. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

In “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” a slice-of-life comedy series is injected with a dose of fantasy, resulting in a unique, heartwarming Yuri anime. It all begins when the titular Kobayashi saves Tohru, a dragon from another world. To repay her kindness, Tohru becomes a human (mostly) and becomes Kobayashi’s maid.

Despite the whimsical premise, the anime explores deep themes of acceptance, belonging, and unexpressed love, particularly between Kobayashi and Tohru. The series is filled with humor, endearing characters, and touching moments, perfectly wrapped with stunning animation. Its exploration of human-dragon relationships gives a fresh perspective on the Yuri genre, making it a must-watch series for anime enthusiasts.

9. Maria†Holic


“Maria†Holic” offers a unique spin on Yuri tropes with its unconventional characters and comedic undertones. The story revolves around Kanako Miyamae, a girl who breaks out in hives whenever she touches a boy.

She transfers to the all-girls Ame no Kisaki Catholic school, hoping to find her true love, only to find herself drawn to the charming Maria Shidou, who, surprisingly, turns out to be a cross-dressing boy.

With its humor and unexpected plot twists, “Maria†Holic” provides an entertaining and refreshingly different take on the Yuri genre. It’s a vivid blend of comedy, romance, and intrigue that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

10. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena

An iconic classic, “Revolutionary Girl Utena” is a trailblazing Yuri anime that captivates with its symbolic storytelling and complex characters. Utena Tenjou, the titular character, is a tomboyish girl who vows to become a prince after a mysterious encounter in her childhood. She is entangled in a series of duels to win the “Rose Bride,” Anthy Himemiya.

The show brilliantly deconstructs gender roles and societal norms while delving deep into identity, ambition, and love themes. Its rich symbolism, intricate plot, and subtly woven Yuri elements set “Revolutionary Girl Utena” apart in the genre. This anime is not just a story; it’s an experience that leaves you pondering long after the final episode.

11. Noir


“Noir” is an enthralling Yuri anime filled with suspense, action, and deep emotional undertones. It follows the lives of two skilled assassins, Mireille Bouquet and Yuumura Kirika, who form an unlikely partnership while unraveling the mysteries of their pasts. Amidst deadly missions and the dark world of crime, the duo develops a subtle yet profound relationship, giving the series its Yuri elements.

What truly sets “Noir” apart is its balance between fast-paced action sequences, intriguing plot, and the delicate emotional exploration of its characters. The superbly crafted narrative and atmospheric soundtrack provides a thrilling experience that draws viewers into its dark yet enticing world.

12. Whispered Words

Whispered Words

“Whispered Words,” or “Sasameki Koto,” a Yuri anime beautifully captures unrequited love and friendship complexities. The story follows Sumika Murasame, a smart and athletic girl secretly in love with her best friend, Ushio Kazama. However, Ushio prefers cute, petite girls — everything Sumika believes she’s not.

The series sensitively portrays Sumika’s struggle to reconcile her feelings for Ushio while staying true to herself. Its brilliant depiction of the characters’ emotions and well-timed humor make “Whispered Words” a heart-touching addition to the Yuri genre.

13. Sweet Blue Flowers

Sweet Blue Flowers

Delve into the world of “Sweet Blue Flowers,” a Yuri anime that thoughtfully explores young love and self-discovery. It revolves around the lives of Fumi Manjoume, an introverted girl, and Akira Okudaira, her cheerful childhood friend. As their paths cross again in high school, they navigate the tumultuous journey of adolescence, love, and friendship.

The anime perfectly captures the complexities of Fumi’s feelings as she discovers her love for another girl. The serene art style, layered characters, and the sensitive portrayal of Fumi’s journey make “Sweet Blue Flowers” a compelling watch in the Yuri genre.

14. Riddle Story of Devil

Riddle Story of Devil

“Riddle Story of Devil,” also known as “Akuma no Riddle,” is a thrilling blend of action and Yuri elements. The plot centers around Haru Ichinose, a student at a prestigious boarding school who becomes the target of twelve assassins, including the mysterious Tokaku Azuma. However, Tokaku finds herself drawn towards Haru, complicating their deadly relationship.

The anime brilliantly intertwines love, loyalty, and survival themes, creating an exhilarating viewing experience. Its unique premise, well-executed action sequences, and the evolving relationship between Haru and Tokaku make “Riddle Story of Devil” an intriguing Yuri anime.

15. Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi and Shimamura

“Adachi and Shimamura” is a heartwarming Yuri anime that masterfully explores friendship and burgeoning love. The story focuses on the eponymous characters — Adachi and Shimamura, two high school girls who form an unlikely friendship. As they spend more time together, their relationship evolves into something more.

The series excels in its subtlety, slowly building up the romance between the characters with sensitivity and depth. The relatable characters, beautiful animation, and soothing soundtrack create an immersive viewing experience. The series’ sincere depiction of adolescent love and friendship makes it a must-watch in the Yuri genre.

16. Valkyrie Drive

Valkyrie Drive

“Valkyrie Drive” is a unique Yuri anime that combines action, fantasy, and romance elements into one thrilling package. The plot is set on five artificial islands where girls who the Armed Virus has infected are sent. They can be classified into two groups: Exters, who can transform into weapons when aroused, and Liberators, who have the power to wield these weapons.

The relationship between the main characters, Mirei and Mamori, is at the heart of the series. As they face off against numerous challenges, their bond deepens, bringing a heartfelt touch to this action-packed series. “Valkyrie Drive” delivers high-octane action, intricate character dynamics, and a unique plot, making it an enticing watch for Yuri anime fans.

17. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Also known as “A Kiss For The Petals,” this OVA is a deeply intimate portrayal of a blossoming relationship between two girls, Mai and Reo. This Yuri anime stands out with its explicit focus on their romance, their daily lives, and the hurdles they face.

Mai’s outgoing personality contrasts well with Reo’s tsundere character, resulting in a dynamic and engaging relationship. Despite being a single-episode OVA, “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o” beautifully captures the essence of a Yuri romance, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

18. Kin-iro Mosaic

Kin-iro Mosaic

“Kin-iro Mosaic,” also known as “Golden Mosaic,” is a delightful slice-of-life Yuri anime that focuses on the everyday adventures of a group of five girls. The story begins when Shinobu Omiya befriends Alice Cartelet while in England, and later, Alice transfers to Shinobu’s Japanese high school.

While not explicitly Yuri, the series subtly explores the strong bonds and affection between the characters, adding depth to their interactions. The anime’s charm lies in its cheerful humor, adorable characters, and the heartwarming depiction of friendship that transcends cultural barriers.

19. My-HiME


In “My-HiME,” action, fantasy, and Yuri elements combine to create a compelling narrative. The story revolves around Mai Tokiha, a seemingly ordinary girl who, along with her brother, gets invited to the prestigious Fuka Academy. However, Mai soon discovers she’s a HiME, one of the chosen girls with special powers.

As the plot unfolds, various relationships develop, including the subtle Yuri relationship between Shizuru and Natsuki. With its intriguing premise, complex characters, and engaging storyline, “My-HiME” stands as a notable entry in the Yuri genre.

20. NTR: Netsuzou Trap

NTR: Netsuzou Trap

“NTR: Netsuzou Trap” explores the complexities of love, desire, and betrayal in an intense, dramatic narrative. It follows the lives of two close friends, Yuma and Hotaru, who start a secret relationship despite being involved with other partners. This anime delves into mature themes, exploring the characters’ inner turmoil and the complications of their secret romance.

The series stands out with its raw emotional portrayal of the characters’ relationships, making it an engaging, albeit controversial, Yuri anime. The sharp animation style complements the narrative’s intensity, contributing to its overall appeal.

21. Kase-san


“Kase-san and Morning Glories” is a tender and heartwarming OVA that beautifully depicts the budding romance between two high school girls, Yui Yamada and Tomoka Kase. Yamada, a shy girl with a love for gardening, is captivated by the athletic and outgoing Kase—their relationship blossoms against the backdrop of their contrasting personalities.

With its sensitive portrayal of young love, the anime delivers a genuine, emotional narrative that will surely touch the viewers’ hearts. The detailed animation and delicate soundtrack further enhance the overall viewing experience, making it a gem in the Yuri genre.

22. Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

“Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl” stands out in the Yuri genre with its unique premise. Hazumu, initially a boy, is transformed into a girl following an encounter with an alien spacecraft. Now as a girl, she finds herself caught in a love triangle between two of her best friends, Tomari and Yasuna.

The series provides a fresh take on gender and relationships, intriguingly exploring love and friendship. With its strong characters, innovative plot, and engaging narrative, “Kashimashi” is a must-watch for fans of the Yuri genre.

23. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

“Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san” is a delightful Yuri anime that playfully explores the dynamic between two high school girls, Suzu Nekoyama and Yachiyo Inugami. Despite her surname meaning ‘cat’, Nekoyama is a dog lover, while Inugami, whose surname means ‘dog’, loves cats.

Their shared love for animals brings them together, and their contrasting personalities lead to many amusing situations. The anime is a lighthearted, humorous take on the Yuri genre, making it a charming watch for those who enjoy slice-of-life comedies.

24. Yurikuma Arashi

Yurikuma Arashi

“Yurikuma Arashi,” also known as “Yuri Bear Storm,” is a symbolic and imaginative anime that offers a unique perspective on love and social exclusion. The series takes place in a world where bears have become human-eating creatures and humans have isolated themselves behind a wall for protection.

The story primarily revolves around Kureha, a human girl, and Ginko, a bear disguised as a human. Their forbidden love story is a social commentary criticizing society’s tendency to alienate what it doesn’t understand. It’s a thought-provoking Yuri anime, full of symbolic imagery and metaphors that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

25. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

“Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” combines magical girl elements with a touching Yuri subplot, resulting in a compelling narrative. The story follows Nanoha Takamachi, an ordinary third-grader who stumbles upon a magical ferret named Yuuno Scrya. She then becomes a magical girl to help him collect Jewel Seeds, powerful artifacts from another dimension.

Along the way, she crosses paths with Fate Testarossa, another magical girl. Their rivalry gradually evolves into a deep bond that brings a subtle yet significant Yuri element to the series. With its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and stunning visuals, “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” is a remarkable entry in the Yuri genre.

26. El Cazador de la Bruja

El Cazador de la Bruja

“El Cazador de la Bruja” weaves a fascinating story around two female leads – the bounty hunter Nadie, and Ellis, a girl with a mysterious past and strange powers. Their journey across Latin America unfolds as a thrilling adventure filled with bounty hunters, witches, and secrets.

As they grow closer, their relationship deepens, bringing a strong Yuri undertone to the series. With its engaging blend of action, mystery, and character development, “El Cazador de la Bruja” presents a captivating exploration of friendship and trust that stands out in the Yuri genre.

27. Canaan


“Canaan” is a gripping Yuri anime with a perfect blend of action, drama, and subtle romance. The story follows a skilled assassin named Canaan and her complex relationship with Maria, a photojournalist.

Amidst intense action sequences and political intrigue, their bond adds a touch of softness, providing depth to the storyline. The anime delivers an action-packed narrative and a meaningful exploration of its main characters, making “Canaan” an exciting watch for fans of the Yuri genre.

28. Simoun


“Simoun” presents a unique take on gender and relationships. Set in a world where everyone is born female and chooses a gender at 17, it follows a group of priestesses who pilot ancient flying machines in war.

Among the rich tapestry of relationships within the team, the bond between Neviril and Aer is the central Yuri element of the series. With its distinctive premise, complex characters, and captivating storyline, “Simoun” provides a thought-provoking viewing experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

29. Kuttsukiboshi


“Kuttsukiboshi” is a heartfelt Yuri anime that explores the relationship between two girls, Kiiko and Aaya. The two-part OVA deals with themes of love, guilt, and forgiveness. Kiiko, who possesses telekinetic powers, and Aaya, who discovers her secret, grow close and eventually develop romantic feelings for each other.

The series beautifully portrays the complications of their relationship, leading to a touching and intense narrative. Despite its short run, “Kuttsukiboshi” delivers an emotionally engaging story that leaves a lasting impact.

30. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

“Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru,” also known as “Otoboku: Maidens Are Falling For Me,” provides a unique spin on the Yuri genre. The series follows Mizuho, a boy who cross-dresses as a girl to attend an all-girls school in honor of his late grandfather’s wish.

Among the various relationships he forms at the school, the bond between him and Shion stands out as the major Yuri element of the series. Through a blend of comedy, drama, and romance, this anime offers an unconventional but engaging take on the Yuri genre.

31. Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan

“Konohana Kitan” is a delightful Yuri anime that takes you on a whimsical journey into the spirit world. The story is centered around Yuzu, a fox girl who begins to work at Konohanatei, a hot spring hotel for gods and spirits. As Yuzu gets acquainted with her fellow fox-girl co-workers, the viewers are treated to various heartwarming tales.

The series subtly explores the relationships between the girls, adding depth to their interactions. With its enchanting setting, endearing characters, and gentle exploration of love and friendship, “Konohana Kitan” is a charming addition to the Yuri genre.

32. Candy Boy

Candy Boy

“Candy Boy” delves into the lives of twin sisters Kanade and Yukino Sakurai and their complex relationship. This Yuri anime is both intimate and dramatic, revealing the sisters’ emotions as they navigate high school life and their feelings for each other.

With its thoughtful narrative, interesting characters, and nuanced portrayal of sibling dynamics, “Candy Boy” is a must-watch for anyone seeking a deep and captivating Yuri story.

33. Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood

Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood

“Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood” is a lighthearted slice-of-life Yuri anime. It follows the life of Akari, a human girl fond of dolls who becomes infatuated with Sophie, a vampire who lives nearby.

The anime is filled with charming and comedic moments as it explores their unique friendship, subtly hinting at a deeper affection between the two. With its blend of supernatural elements, humor, and hints of Yuri romance, the series offers a unique and enjoyable viewing experience.

34. Dear Brother

Dear Brother

“Dear Brother,” also known as “Oniisama e…,” is a classic in the Yuri genre that delves into the emotional turmoil and intricate relationships among a group of girls in a prestigious all-girls school. The series stands out for its intense drama, complex characters, and its exploration of themes such as love, envy, and betrayal.

Its major Yuri element lies in the deep bond and affection between the characters Nanako and Rei. Though the anime is a bit older, its compelling narrative and emotional depth make it a timeless entry in the Yuri genre.

35. Vampire in the Garden

Vampire in the Garden

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, “Vampire in the Garden” is an upcoming anime series announced by Netflix and produced by Wit Studio. The exact nature of relationships or presence of Yuri elements in the series is unknown. The premise involves a friendship between a human girl and a vampire girl in a world where a war between humans and vampires has divided them.

If updated information about this series suggests strong Yuri elements or lesbian relationships, it may be considered part of the Yuri genre. As always, watching the series to understand its themes and narrative elements fully is best.

36. RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne

RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne

“RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne” uniquely blends mystery, action, and Yuri elements. The series follows Rin Asogi, an immortal private investigator, as she tackles various cases while dealing with her own mysterious past. The major Yuri element lies in Rin’s complex relationship with her partner, Mimi, who is also immortal.

Their bond evolves throughout the series, providing a compelling narrative thread amid the action and intrigue. With its striking animation, mature themes, and rich character development, “RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne” offers a bold and enthralling viewing experience for Yuri fans.

37. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

“Sakura Trick” stands out in the Yuri genre with its explicit focus on a girls’ love narrative. It revolves around Haruka and Yuu, two girls who share a kiss to keep their friendship unique as they enter high school.

Their relationship deepens, creating a sweet and genuine depiction of young love. This anime is lighthearted, charming, and filled with cute moments, making it a feel-good watch for anyone seeking a heartwarming Yuri story.

38. Kanamemo


“Kanamemo” is a delightful slice-of-life anime that subtly introduces Yuri elements through the relationships among its diverse cast. It follows Kana, a 13-year-old girl, who starts working at a newspaper delivery office and lives with its all-female staff.

The series shines in its comedic timing and lighthearted take on the daily lives and relationships of the girls. Among the relationships, the one between Yuuki and Yume stands out as a significant Yuri element, adding an extra layer to the overall story.

39. citrus


Based on the popular manga of the same name, “Citrus” is one of the more well-known Yuri animes. The story revolves around Yuzu Aihara, a fashionable city girl, and Mei Aihara, her new stern step-sister.

The dramatic narrative explores their complicated relationship as they navigate the trials of adolescence, family issues, and their growing feelings for each other. With its intense emotional drama, complex characters, and a focus on a girls’ love story, “citrus” has significantly impacted the Yuri genre.

40. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

“Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya” is a magical girl spin-off of the popular “Fate” series with strong Yuri undertones. It follows Illyasviel von Einzbern, a regular girl who becomes a magical girl and embarks on a mission to collect Class Cards.

Along the way, her relationship with her rival and laterally, Miyu, develops, adding a significant Yuri element to the series. This anime skillfully combines elements of magic, action, and Yuri, providing an enjoyable viewing experience for fans of these genres.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the depth and variety of the Yuri genre, this article has guided you through 40 distinct anime series, each offering its unique take on girls’ love.

From intense drama to heartwarming slice-of-life, from action-packed thrillers to magical realms, Yuri anime offers a wide array of narratives, celebrating the beauty and complexity of female relationships.

Whether you are new to this genre or a seasoned fan, the diverse recommendations provided here promise a rich and engaging viewing experience, enhancing your appreciation for Yuri anime. Here’s to many hours of immersive and emotional anime journey!