Exploring The 30 Best Trolls Characters

The Trolls Characters has captured the hearts of both kids and adults with its colorful and upbeat animation, catchy songs, and lovable characters.

Each character brings something unique and special, from the adventurous and optimistic Poppy to the grumpy yet endearing Branch. With so many beloved characters, narrowing down a list of the best Trolls characters can be challenging.

This blog post will explore the 30 most unforgettable and entertaining Trolls characters that have made us laugh, cry, and sing along. So grab your dancing shoes, and let’s dive into the beautiful world of Trolls!

Trolls Characters

There are many troll characters worldwide, but which are the best? In this list, we’ll be ranking the top 30 best trolls characters of all time.

These characters are known for their outrageous and often disruptive behavior on social media and elsewhere.

1. Branch

Trolls Characters

Branch is the protagonist of the story. He is an antagonist that opposes Poppy and her vision to save their rogue colony. Branch survived a near-death experience that showed him how his world would have turned out with no one to protect it, and he has a deep scar on his soul from it.

The Branch is the only Troll among the townsfolk who does not share their rituals or wisdom and believes that singing and dancing won’t change anything to save their kingdom.

He’s over-cautious, pessimistic, and always worried, so he stays prepared for any scenario. Branch secretly likes Poppy because of her optimistic spirit and believes she’s willing to try new things, such as hugs if necessary.

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2. Guy Diamond

Trolls Characters

Guy Diamond is a troll who has been around for quite some time. He started as a small-time troll but soon grew in popularity and notoriety. Guy Diamond is one of the Internet’s most clever and fast-talking trolls. He is also known for his sense of humor and ability to make people laugh.

Guy Diamond is one of the few genuinely funny and entertaining trolls. He has an uncanny ability to get under people’s skin and loves to taunt them mercilessly. Guy Diamond is also known for his witty insults, which can be incredibly hurtful.

Guy Diamond is undoubtedly one of the funniest trolls on the Internet and deserves to be ranked among the best characters in history.

3. King Gristle Jr.

Trolls Characters

Known for his outrageous and often outlandish behavior, King Gristle Jr. is one of the most notorious trolls in online history. A self-proclaimed “king of trolls,” he has been known to post inflammatory comments on various Websites, often to provoke other users’ responses.

Born in 1967, King Gristle Jr. first became well-known on the Internet during the early 1990s, when he began posting inflammatory remarks on Usenet forums.

Over the years, he has become one of the most prolific and notorious trolls in online history, posting comments on various topics to provoke other users’ reactions. His controversial and often outlandish behavior has made him one of the most popular troll characters ever.

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4. Poppy / Queen Poppy

Trolls Characters

Poppy is the main female protagonist of the Trolls film series. She is the daughter of King Peppy, who was a good and approachable ruler who often protected his people from the evil Bergans.

The day her toddler self was to be sacrificed, her father came in time to save her, launching a rescue mission and keeping her in the nick of time. Sometimes she can be perceived as naive because Poppy believes every problem can be solved with song, dance, and a hug.

She faces her biggest challenge when she realizes that only some things can be solved with a song or a dance. Initially, Poppy has a crush on Troll Creek but soon realizes he has switched loyalties and gets disheartened.

Later, she develops an important bond with Branch and has many friends. For both the films and the holiday specials, Anna Kendrick voiced Poppy.

5. Creek

Creek is an incredibly calm and collected troll among the residents of the Trolls Village. He is a fun-loving, friendly troll like the others. But despite his big personality, he is also too good to be true. He always steals the limelight with his wise words and zen-like attitude.

Creek was the most trusted member of the Snack Pack team, making his betrayal in the first Trolls film appear all the more shocking.

It shows that all his wise words and attitude were a facade to hide his selfish and cowardly nature. Initially, Creek had the love and respect of Queen Poppy – but once her trust in him was broken, he was kicked out of the group.

After that happened, Branch took his place as Queen Poppy’s second-in-command instead of staying close to them after their betrayal came to light.

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6. Chef

Chef is a Bergan royal chef, the main antagonist of the first Trolls movie. She is light purple-skinned in Bergen and always wears her chef’s uniform. Chef is an arrogant and proud bully who lost everything when Poppy escaped with the Trolls from their court as a toddler.

She went from being highly esteemed to being exiled. This causes Chef to resent the trolls deeply and plan her revenge. Chef wanders the forests hunting for the troll village and plotting her comeback. Because of her bullying nature and hateful attitude, she has no friends, and all Bergens are her enemy.

7. Queen Barb

Queen Barb is a Rock Goddess with red hair and a rocker chick outfit. She’s the daughter of King Trash, and her main ambition is to unite all trolls under the Rock Tribe, so she becomes Queen Poppy’s arch-nemesis.

Outwardly, she’s tough with the poise and command of a leader. But in her heart, she’s a softie who loves kids and her tribe’s people–especially Carol, Riff, and Debbie.

She has many friends in the Rock Tribe (including Carol and her pet Jenny) but is closest to Poppy and Val Thundershock, who are close to her.

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8. Cooper

Cooper is a Funk Troll living in the Village of Pop Trolls. He’s a member of the Snack Pack, just like all Pop Trolls, and you can tell by his attitude and appearance. Cooper is a goofy guy who loves fun like any other troll in the village.

Cooper might also be more happy-go-lucky than any other mammal in the Forest of Impossibility. Cooper has large eyes, pink skin, and blue legs. He wears a green hat to cover his wild hair and give him privacy.

It’s apparent that he’s not from the Village of Pop Trolls, and later on, it’s revealed that he is one of their princes! Cooper lives with his mom Queen Essence. His brother Prince Darnell is also one of their royals, but they’re not twins because they’re both different colors!

9. Biggie

Biggie is a big blue troll with short periwinkle hair. At the film’s beginning, Biggie is often targeted by his opponents and bullied. He doesn’t shy away from expressing his emotions, which might be noted through tears.

Biggie enjoys giving hugs to those he loves and taking them in return. At the film’s beginning, Biggie is the only one speaking with a distinctly British accent. Still, near the end of it, BB emerges as one of Poppy’s friends as well.

He dotes on Mr. Dinkles, his pet worm that travels around on his antennae, until she puts him inside a protective bracelet for safety. He eventually eats him to help aid digestion when Mr. Dinkles starts giving her advice with benefits.

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10. Bridget

Bridget, the sweet-natured scullery maid from Bergen Town, is one of the most endearing characters in the Trolls franchise.

Despite being a member of the Bergens, known for their love of eating Trolls, Bridget is kind-hearted and compassionate. She falls in love with the fugitive Troll King, Gristle, and helps him and his friends to escape from the clutches of the evil Chef.

Bridget’s beautiful singing voice and gentle spirit make her a fan favorite, and her transformation into Lady Glitter Sparkles at the end of the first film is a true highlight. Bridget is a testament to the fact that love and kindness can prevail even in the darkest places.

11. King Gristle Sr.

King Gristle Sr. is a troll who first appeared in the 1987 album “The Troll King” by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. He is a large, green troll with bushy eyebrows and a long beard. He wears a crown, a cape, and a robe, and he has a staff in his hand.

King Gristle Sr. is sometimes referred to as the “Troll King”. He is the leader of the trolls in the forest outside of town. He is also the father of King Gristle Jr., who first appeared on the album “Atomica” by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

King Gristle Sr. is known for his unpredictable behavior and fondness for mischief. He often involves himself in petty disputes between the townspeople and the trolls, playing along with whichever side he feels like supporting at the moment. He enjoys making people laugh, even if it’s at their expense.

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12. Cloud Guy

The Internet is a breeding ground for trolls. And the characters that troll the best are the Cloud Guys. These guys thrive on causing havoc and do it with such ease that you might not even realize they’re doing it until it’s too late.

But who are these Cloud Guys? They’re a rogues’ gallery of internet personalities that use their trolling skills to entertain and insult others.

Whether they’re making people laugh or getting under their skin, these guys are at the top of their game when messing with others.

And let’s be honest – who can resist a good troll? Especially when they make us think twice about what we say online.

So whether you’re looking for some laughs or want to see someone get taken down a peg, these are the Cloud Guys you must watch out for.

13. Fuzzbert

Fuzzbert is one of the more mysterious characters in the Trolls world, as he is a Troll that is completely covered in hair. Fuzzbert is a lovable and loyal friend to his fellow Trolls despite his unusual appearance.

He is known for his contagious laughter, represented by the colorful fuzz that shoots out of his mouth whenever he giggles. Fuzzbert’s playful nature and infectious spirit make him a delight to watch, and he will surely put a smile on anyone’s face.

14. King Peppy

When it comes to trolling, few characters can rival King Peppy. Created for the online game World of Warcraft, this cunning and mischievous Troll quickly became a fan favorite.

Over the years, his antics have continued in other games and even real life. He has become notorious for his often crass and disruptive behavior.

No matter what he does or says, King Peppy is always entertaining and sure to get under someone’s skin. In this list of the top best trolls characters of all time, we rank him at number 14.

15. Smidge

Smidge may be small in size, but she is big on personality! This feisty little Troll is always ready for a fight and is not afraid to speak her mind. Smidge is recognizable by her hot pink hair and signature red bandana, which she wears as a symbol of her toughness.

Despite her brash exterior, Smidge has a heart of gold and is a loyal friend to the other Trolls. Her bravery and determination make her an inspiration to anyone who has ever felt underestimated.

16. Mr. Dinkles

Few TV characters have had as profound an influence on trolling as Mr. Dinklebot from The Simpsons. Introduced in Season Four’s “Thirty-Eight Short Films About Springfield,” this lovable loser is a frequent target of Homer Simpson’s anger and frustration.

Mr. Dinklebot is an inventively cruel troll, using his limited vocabulary to insult everyone around him. He became an iconic character for his trolling and his sadistic sense of humor – he enjoys making people laugh while they’re simultaneously suffering pain or humiliation.

Mr. Dinklebot remains one of the most popular and influential trolls in history. His influence can be seen in countless subsequent iterations of the character across different media platforms.

17. Tiny Diamond

Are you looking for a fun and exciting character? In the diamond-shaped world of Gilded Jewel, Guy Diamond is that character. Tiny is his son, just like father and son is mirror images. Like his father, Tiny also has silver-blue skin covered in glitter.

Tiny is concerned about his weaknesses and shortcomings because he is self-aware. He idolizes his dad, Queen Poppy, and his other friends, CJ Suki, Priscilla, and Keith.

18. Chenille

Chenille is half of the dynamic design duo known as the Fashion Twins. With her sister Satin, she is responsible for creating the fabulous costumes and accessories that the Trolls wear.

Chenille is known for her bold fashion choices, which include neon colors and wild patterns. Her bubbly personality and infectious energy make her a joy to be around, and her creativity and artistic talent are truly impressive.

19. Satin

Satin is the other half of the Fashion Twins, and she is just as talented and fashionable as her sister Chenille. Satin is known for her sleek and sophisticated style, which often includes metallic accents and intricate beading.

She is the more reserved of the two sisters, but her quiet strength and determination make her a force to be reckoned with.

Satin’s attention to detail and ability to bring her ideas to life is truly impressive, and she is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to be a fashion designer.

20. DJ Suki

DJ Suki is the resident DJ at Troll Village. She has all the skills to play the music that everyone will enjoy, and she’ll keep the party going with beats taken from natural insects and animals.

She also uses her DJ set of natural insects, animals, and whatnot to create amazing music. DJ Suki is a worry-wart because she doesn’t like putting on a show that doesn’t please the crowd- concerned only about making people happy!

However, she’s also compassionate, close to those around her, and a sweet friend. That said, she’s one of the most dedicated members of the Snack Pack team!

21. Grandma Rosiepuff

Grandma Rosiepuff is one of the most iconic trolls on the Internet. She’s been around for over 20 years, and she’s still going strong. She’s always up for a good laugh and loves to troll people in her comments section.

Some of her best-known trolling moments include calling feminists “fat bitches”, harassing pregnant women online, and making fun of disabled people. But even beyond her funny comments, Grandma Rosiepuff is an inspiration to all trolls everywhere.

She’s never stopped using her wit and humor to stand up against injustice and shown us that it’s never too late to be yourself – no matter how old you are.

22. Riff

Riff is a new addition to the Trolls franchise, debuting in the 2020 film Trolls World Tour. He is a smooth-talking, hip-hop-loving Troll from the Funk tribe who loves to breakdance and show off his moves.

Riff is a loyal friend to Queen Barb, the leader of the Rock tribe, and is willing to do whatever it takes to help her achieve her goal of uniting all of the tribes under rock music.

Despite his tough exterior, Riff has a soft side and is shown to care deeply about his friends. His fun-loving personality and impressive dance skills make him a standout character in the Troll’s world.

23. Todd

Todd is one of the most popular trolls on the Internet. He has been trolling people for years and knows how to get under people’s skin.

Some of his famous quotes include, “I’m not a troll; I’m a real person with feelings,” and “No one likes a sore loser.”

Todd is also known for being incredibly unpredictable. For example, he once trolled Justin Bieber by sending pictures of dead animals. Overall, Todd is an amazing troll character and will always be remembered for his hilarious antics.

24. Holly Darlin

Holly Darlin is a charming and friendly country Troll known for her gift-giving and her ability to chat endlessly. She is a delegate in the tribal council, representing the interests of her fellow Trolls.

Holly is a perfectionist who always strives to improve, making her a valuable asset to any team. Despite her busy schedule, Holly always makes time for her friends, and she is particularly close to Queen Poppy, Branch, Val Thundershock, Gust Tumbleweed, and the Snack Pack.

Holly is a simple person who values the simple things in life and doesn’t like to complicate matters unnecessarily. Her cheerful personality and kind-hearted nature make her a beloved member of the Trolls community.

25. Chad

Chad is a dark green Bergen and the bodyguard of King Gristle Jr. He is often seen accompanying the king on his travels, along with his fellow bodyguard, Todd.

Chad has black hair and moles covering his face and neck, giving him a distinctive appearance. While Chad lacks special abilities or much dialogue in the Trolls franchise, he is a loyal and reliable bodyguard who takes his job seriously.

He is always on the lookout for potential threats to the king’s safety and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect him. Despite his fearsome appearance, Chad is known to have a soft spot for some of the Trolls, particularly Bridget, whom he becomes friends with during the Troll movies.

26. King Trollex

King Trollex is the wise and benevolent ruler of the Techno Trolls, a tribe of Trolls who love to dance to electronic music. He first appears in Trolls World Tour as a key ally to Queen Poppy and the other Trolls in their fight against Queen Barb and the Rock Trolls.

King Trollex has a distinctive appearance, glowing neon colors, and towering height. He is highly intelligent and always thinks strategically, making him a valuable ally in any battle.

Despite his serious demeanor, King Trollex is also known to be kind and caring towards his fellow Trolls, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. His passion for music and ability to unite people through dance make him a beloved leader in the Troll’s world.

27. Val Thundershock

Val Thundershock is a rockin’ Troll who first appears on Trolls World Tour as a member of the Rock Trolls. She is a tough and confident Troll who loves rock and roll.

Val is known for her impressive electric guitar skills, which she uses in the battle against the other tribes. Despite her tough exterior, Val has a softer side and is shown to care deeply for her friends, particularly her bandmate, Hickory.

She is also fiercely loyal to Queen Barb, the leader of the Rock Trolls, and is willing to do whatever it takes to help her achieve her goals.

Val is a standout character in the Trolls franchise, with her tough attitude, impressive musical abilities, and undeniable coolness making her a fan favorite among viewers.

28. Legsly

Legsly is a member of the Snack Pack, a group of Trolls who love singing and dancing. She is a lively and friendly Pop Troll with a unique ability to control the length of her legs. This ability has earned her the name Legsly.

Despite her short stature and plump figure, Legsly is a talented dancer and singer who brings energy and joy to every performance. She has bright orange hair and a purple-colored skin tone, making her stand out among the other Trolls.

Legsly is known for her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm, making her a beloved Snack Pack member. Her ability to change the length of her legs is just one of the many things that make her a unique and memorable character in the Trolls franchise.

29. Prince D

Prince D is one of the unique trolls on the Internet. He is a cross between a troll and an artist, and his antics are unparalleled.

Prince D started trolling in 2003 when he created a website called lolocaust.com, a satire of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. Prince D has since made other websites, including princed.com and charlieissocoollesttrolls.com.

Prince D’s unrivaled trolling skills and his artistry truly stand out. He has even been commissioned to create art for businesses and events.

Prince D is beloved by many trolls because of his sense of humor and unique approach to trolling. His websites are full of hilarious images and clever text that will make you laugh on the floor! If you want an entertaining online experience, check out Prince D’s sites!

30. Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn is a beloved character in the Trolls franchise, known for her role as the Queen of Country music Trolls and her duties as the mayor and sheriff of Lonesome Flats.

Her most unique feature is her centaur-like body, which consists of a white horse bottom half and an orange-skinned upper body with red hair.

Delta Dawn wears a big round buckle and a white hat, iconic accessories for a country music Troll.

As a proud defender of her townsfolk, Delta Dawn initially harbors resentment toward Queen Poppy, Branch, and Biggie for being Pop Trolls.

However, she eventually becomes a key ally to the Pop Trolls and helps them in their quest to save all the music in the world. Delta Dawn is also known for her impressive singing voice, which reflects her love for all things country.

Despite her tough exterior, Delta Dawn has a kind heart and cares deeply for her fellow Trolls, particularly her young protege, Hickory.

Her unique appearance and feisty personality have made her a fan favorite and a memorable character in the Trolls franchise.


In conclusion, the Trolls franchise has captured the hearts of both children and adults alike with its colorful and diverse characters.

From the main protagonists, Queen Poppy and Branch, to the quirky and lovable supporting characters like Bridget, Fuzzbert, Smidge, Chenille, Satin, King Trollex, Val Thundershock, and Legsly, each character brings their unique personality and charm to the story.

The Trolls characters not only entertain us with their singing and dancing but also teach valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and the importance of embracing diversity.

The Trolls franchise has also inspired numerous spin-offs, including a television series and a movie sequel, Trolls World Tour, which introduced even more diverse characters and cultures.

Overall, the Troll’s characters have become a beloved part of popular culture, and their enduring popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the franchise, there’s always something to love about these colorful and charming characters.

So let’s continue to celebrate the magic of the Trolls and all their adventures in the vibrant and musical world they inhabit.