Meet The Top 30 Most Popular Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Moon is a groundbreaking and iconic anime and manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide since its debut in the early 1990s.

With its blend of magical girl action, romance, and relatable characters, Sailor Moon has left a lasting impact on popular culture and inspired countless other works in the genre.

One of the reasons for its enduring popularity is the extensive cast of colorful and engaging characters, each with unique personalities, abilities, and story arcs.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 30 most popular Sailor Moon characters, diving into their backgrounds, roles in the series, and why they have resonated with fans for decades.

From the titular heroine Sailor Moon to the enigmatic Tuxedo Mask and the vast array of friends, foes, and allies, these characters have made an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.

Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular anime franchises ever, and with good reason. The story is engaging, the characters are lovable, and the action is exciting.

While many great characters in Sailor Moon exist, some stand out. Here are the top most popular Sailor Moon characters ranked.

1. Aino Minako

Sailor Moon Characters

Aino Minako, commonly known as Sailor Venus, is one of the main characters in the Sailor Moon series. As a young teenager, she is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about her dreams.

Minako dreams of becoming a famous idol, pursuing this goal with determination and hard work. This ambition sometimes leads her to act impulsively, but her heart is always in the right place.

As Sailor Venus, she is the leader of the Inner Senshi, a group of four Sailor Soldiers who protect the solar system. Her powers are mainly associated with love and beauty, and heart-shaped symbols and the color gold characterize her attacks.

One of her most recognizable techniques is the “Crescent Beam,” in which she releases a powerful energy beam from her fingertips.

Minako is also known for her resourcefulness, quick thinking, and adaptability, making her an invaluable team asset. She has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to fight for her friends and loved ones.

Despite her lighthearted and sometimes ditzy personality, she is brilliant and can be pretty serious when the situation calls for it. Overall, Aino Minako is a beloved character who brings a unique charm and energy to the Sailor Moon series.

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2. Mizuno Ami

Sailor Moon Characters

Mizuno Ami, also known as Sailor Mercury, is the intellectual powerhouse of the Sailor Moon series. As the brains behind the team, she is responsible for devising strategies and analyzing enemy weaknesses.

Ami is incredibly intellectual, aspiring to become a doctor like her mother. Her immense intelligence is evident through her exceptional academic performance and programming and computer science skills.

As Sailor Mercury, she possesses the power to manipulate water and ice. Her attacks, such as “Bubble Spray” and “Shine Aqua Illusion,” are characterized by blue and her signature symbol, the planet Mercury.

Ami’s powers are invaluable in supporting her teammates by creating fog, freezing enemies, or providing crucial information through her Mercury computer.

Although she is often portrayed as shy and introverted, Ami is deeply caring and loyal to her friends. She is always willing to lend a helping hand or offer a shoulder to cry on.

Ami’s genuine kindness and empathy make her an essential member of the Sailor Soldiers, and her friendship with Usagi (Sailor Moon) is particularly heartwarming.

3. Chiba Mamoru

Sailor Moon Characters

Chiba Mamoru, known as Tuxedo Mask, is among the most popular Sailor Moon characters. He is a handsome, mysterious masked crusader who fights alongside Sailor Senshi to protect Earth from the forces of evil.

While he initially seems cold and aloof, he gradually warms up to Sailor Senshi and becomes an important ally and love interest for Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon).

Chiba Mamoru is a powerful fighter with exceptional martial arts skills and agility. He wields a cane, which he uses effectively in combat.

He can also harness the power of the Silver Crystal, making him one of the strongest fighters in the series. In addition to his physical prowess, Chiba Mamoru is a skilled strategist and planner, always thinking several steps ahead of his enemies.

Despite his cold exterior, Chiba Mamoru is a kind-hearted and compassionate person. He cares deeply for those close to him and is always willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect them.

He has a strong sense of justice and fights for his beliefs, even if it means going against orders or putting himself at risk. His dedication to his comrades and his sense of duty are some of the things that make him such an admirable character.

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4. Hino Rei

Sailor Moon Characters

Hino Rei, better known as Sailor Mars, is a character in the Sailor Moon series who exudes grace, strength, and spirituality.

Rei is a shrine maiden at her family’s Hikawa Shrine, where she practices Shinto rituals and participates in traditional ceremonies. This spiritual background grants her unique abilities, such as psychic premonitions, fire manipulation, and purification powers.

As Sailor Mars, her elemental association is fire. Her attacks, such as “Mars Fire Ignite” and “Burning Mandala,” are characterized by red and her signature symbol, the planet Mars.

Sailor Mars is a fierce and powerful warrior, and her fiery personality often leads to passionate outbursts and occasional clashes with her teammates, particularly Usagi (Sailor Moon).

Rei is a multifaceted character who demonstrates a perfect balance between her strong sense of duty and her softer, more vulnerable side. She is a talented singer, pianist, and songwriter and has a secret crush on the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.

Rei’s determination, elegance, and sense of justice make her a beloved character among Sailor Moon fans, and her growth throughout the series is both inspiring and empowering.

5. Luna


In Sailor Moon, Luna is a bit of an outlier. She’s not a sailor scout, and she doesn’t have any magical powers. But what she lacks in superpowers, she makes up for in spades with her loyalty, intelligence, and wit.

As Usagi’s faithful companion, Luna always offers a helping hand – or paw. She may not be able to transform into a human-like her fellow cats, but she more than holds her own against the forces of evil.

Luna is also one of the few characters in the series who isn’t afraid to tell Usagi when she’s being unreasonable or acting impulsively. Her level-headedness is a breath of fresh air in the often chaotic world of Sailor Moon.

It’s no wonder that Luna is one of the most popular characters in the franchise. She may not have flashy abilities, but her heart and friendship are gold.

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6. Kino Makoto

Kino Makoto

Kino Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, is one of the five original Sailor Senshi in the Sailor Moon metaseries. She is strong and tomboyish, with a love of nature and a talent for cooking.

In the manga and anime series, she is tall and muscular, with brown eyes and dark green hair. Her personality traits reflect those of the planet Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter is introduced in the early stages of the first arc as a student at Usagi’s school who quickly becomes her best friend.

The two share a close bond throughout the series, with Makoto always there to support and encourage Usagi. She is also shown to be fiercely protective of those she cares about, often putting herself in danger to defend them.

Makoto possesses powerful electrical attacks, which she uses to battle enemies as a sailor, Senshi, and civilian. In addition to her fighting skills, she is also an excellent cook, often making meals for her friends and family.

Her kind-hearted nature and a strong sense of justice make her a valuable member of the team and a beloved character among fans.

7. Artemis


Artemis, one of the beloved characters in the Sailor Moon universe, is an essential part of the Sailor Moon story. As a loyal and intelligent talking feline companion, Artemis aids the Sailor Scouts in their mission to save the world from evil forces.

Originally from the planet Mau, Artemis is a guardian and mentor to the Sailor Scouts, especially Sailor Venus.

Artemis’s role in the series is multifaceted, as he provides valuable advice, guidance, and support to the Sailor Scouts throughout their adventures. Artemis is a skilled tactician, often developing plans and strategies to help the team succeed in their battles against the enemies.

With a calm and collected demeanor, Artemis is always ready to support the Sailor Scouts emotionally, allowing them to overcome their fears and doubts.

In addition to being a wise mentor, Artemis also has a playful side, providing comic relief to balance out the show’s more dramatic moments.

His gentle and kind nature makes him a lovable character, and his devotion to the Sailor Scouts is unwavering. Artemis remains an integral part of the Sailor Moon narrative as a symbol of trust and loyalty.

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8. Zoisite


Zoisite is Sailor Moon’s arch-nemesis and the primary antagonist of the anime’s first arc. He is a member of the Dark Kingdom, serving under Queen Beryl.

Zoisite is cruel, sadistic, and power-hungry; he stops at nothing to achieve his goals. He is fiercely loyal to Queen Beryl and willing to die for her.

Zoisite first appears in episode 14, “An Unforgettable Nightmare.” In this episode, he brainwashes Tuxedo Mask into doing his bidding. Tuxedo Mask leads Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians into a trap set by Zoisite, but they can escape.

Zoisite continues to be a thorn in the side of Sailor Moon and her friends throughout the series. Queen Beryl eventually kills him for his failures, but not before putting up a good fight.

Even though he is evil, there is no denying that Zoisite is one of the most popular characters in Sailor Moon. He is complex, multifaceted, and one step ahead of the heroes.

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Zoisite is one of the most iconic characters in Sailor Moon history.

9. Nephrite


Nephrite is one of the iconic characters in the Sailor Moon series, serving as one of the main antagonists during the first season. As a member of the Dark Kingdom and one of Queen Beryl’s Four Kings of Heaven, Nephrite’s initial goal is to gather energy for the evil Queen Metaria.

He is a cunning, intelligent, and powerful adversary, using his manipulative tactics to deceive and drain energy from unsuspecting humans.

Nephrite’s story arc in Sailor Moon is one of redemption and transformation. As the series progresses, Nephrite becomes emotionally attached to Naru Osaka, a human girl who eventually changes his perspective on humanity.

This connection with Naru catalyzes Nephrite’s growth as he begins questioning his loyalty to the Dark Kingdom and the purpose of his existence.

His character development climaxes when he sacrifices himself to protect Naru from the enemy. This selfless act humanizes Nephrite, showcasing the complexity and depth of his character.

Nephrite’s journey from a ruthless villain to a redeemed hero is a memorable and influential aspect of the Sailor Moon series.

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10. Tsukino Usagi

Tsukino Usagi

Tsukino Usagi, also known as Sailor Moon, is the Sailor Moon anime and manga series protagonist. She is a teenage girl who transforms into a superheroine to protect the world from evil.

Usagi is depicted as an immature, emotional, and crybaby girl who often fails her tests in school and is always late for her appointments. However, she has a kind heart and strong willpower, allowing her to triumph in difficult situations.

As Sailor Moon, she fights against villains such as the Dark Kingdom, the Black Moon Clan, and the Death Busters.

Usagi’s love interest is Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba. In the anime series, they eventually married and had a child named Chibiusa.

If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, then chances are you’ve got a soft spot for Tsukino Usagi. She may not be the strongest or most intelligent sailor scout, but her determination and pure heart make her a hero that everyone can root for!

11. Jadeite


Jadeite, the first of the Dark Kingdom’s four generals, is Sailor Moon’s arch-nemesis in the series’ first arc. He is tasked with finding the Legendary Silver Crystal and uses several underhanded methods to try and obtain it.

These include brainwashing humans, energy-draining, and summoning youma to do his bidding. While Sailor Moon ultimately defeats him, he does succeed in taking the Silver Crystal for a time.

Jadeite is a powerful enemy, but his downfall is his overconfidence. He consistently underestimates Sailor Moon and her friends, which leads to his defeat time and again. However, his loyal devotion to Queen Beryl means he always returns for another try.

Fans love Jadeite for his suave demeanor and evil schemes. He’s the perfect foil for Sailor Moon’s heroism, and their battles are always exciting. While he may not be the strongest general, Jadeite is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the series.

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12. Osaka Naru

Osaka Naru

Osaka Naru is a unique character in the Sailor Moon universe, best known for her friendship with the series’ protagonist, Usagi Tsukino.

As Usagi’s best friend and confidante, Naru is often involved in the events surrounding the Sailor Scouts, even though she is not a Sailor Scout herself. Her kind-hearted and empathetic nature makes her a perfect friend and support system for Usagi.

Naru’s role in the series is crucial, as she serves as a grounding force for the Sailor Scouts and a connection to their everyday lives.

Despite not possessing any supernatural powers, Naru is courageous and resilient, often finding herself caught in the crossfire of battles between the Sailor Scouts and their enemies. Her determination and strong will enable her to persevere through difficult situations.

Naru’s relationship with Nephrite is a significant plot point in the series, as it highlights the potential for change and redemption in even the darkest characters.

Through her unwavering kindness and love, Naru brings out the humanity in Nephrite and ultimately plays a role in his transformation. As a symbol of friendship and compassion, Osaka Naru remains a fan favorite and an essential character in the Sailor Moon series.

13. Umino Gurio

Umino Gurio

Umino Gurio, also known as Melvin in the English adaptation, is a prominent character in the Sailor Moon series. A classmate and friend of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), Umino is lovable, quirky, and knowledgeable.

His passion for learning and his prodigious academic achievements make him stand out from the crowd. With his signature large, round glasses, Umino’s appearance is just as memorable as his personality.

As the story unfolds, Umino is crucial in providing support and information to Usagi and her friends. He is an invaluable source of intelligence and insight, often supplying the Sailor Guardians with vital data about their enemies and their latest threats.

Despite his seemingly nerdy and socially awkward demeanor, Umino has a big heart and deeply cares for his friends. Umino’s relationship with Naru Osaka, Usagi’s best friend, is another notable aspect of his character.

Through their shared experiences, the two form a strong bond and eventually become a couple—Umino’s devotion to Naru and his willingness to protect her showcase his courage and strength of character.

Throughout the series, Umino Gurio proves that intelligence, kindness, and loyalty are just as important as physical prowess in the fight against evil.

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14. Kunzite


Kunzite is one of the most formidable and complex characters in the Sailor Moon universe. As one of the Four Kings of Heaven, he serves as a general under the command of Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom.

Originally, Kunzite was one of the loyal guardians of Prince Endymion (Tuxedo Mask) in the Silver Millennium but was corrupted by the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom.

Kunzite’s character is marked by his cunning, strategic thinking, and ruthless determination. As a highly skilled tactician, he masterminds several schemes to collect energy for the Dark Kingdom and to eliminate the Sailor Guardians.

His cold and calculating nature often contrasts with the other Four Kings of Heaven members, who display a broader range of emotions and motivations.

Despite his allegiance to the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite’s love for his fellow general, Zoisite, is a defining element of his character.

The two share a deep bond, and their love story transcends the boundaries of good and evil. When Zoisite dies in battle, Kunzite’s grief and anger only fuel his dedication to the Dark Kingdom’s cause.

In the end, Kunzite is defeated by the Sailor Guardians and his memories of his past life as one of Prince Endymion’s guardians are restored. His character arc serves as a reminder of the power of love and redemption, even in the face of darkness and corruption

15. Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity is a truly iconic and central figure within the Sailor Moon universe. As the ruler of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium, she is the mother of Princess Serenity (Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon) and the original wielder of the Silver Crystal.

Her benevolent reign was characterized by peace, love, and harmony, but it ended abruptly when the Dark Kingdom launched an attack on the Moon Kingdom.

Queen Serenity remains a symbol of hope, love, and sacrifice throughout the series despite the tragic circumstances surrounding her reign. In her final moments, she uses the power of the Silver Crystal to send the souls of her daughter and the other Sailor Guardians to Earth, where they are reincarnated in the modern era.

Even in her absence, Queen Serenity’s wisdom, grace, and power continue to guide her daughter and the Sailor Guardians. Through her spirit, she offers advice and guidance to Sailor Moon and her friends, helping them navigate the complexities of

their battles against evil. Queen Serenity’s influence can be seen in the values and principles that Sailor Moon and her fellow guardians embody and in the strong bonds of friendship and love that define the series.

As a maternal figure, Queen Serenity’s love for her daughter is unwavering and transcends time and space. Throughout the series, her connection to Sailor Moon is a source of strength and inspiration for the young heroine. Sailor Moon often draws upon her mother’s wisdom and courage when faced with insurmountable challenges.

Queen Serenity’s character also highlights the theme of rebirth and the cyclical nature of life. Through her actions, she ensures that the Moon Kingdom’s legacy lives on, even after its destruction.

This theme is further reinforced by the eventual rebirth of the Moon Kingdom, Neo-Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon’s future self), and the new era of peace and harmony.

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16. Usagi’s Friend

Usagi's Friend

Naru Osaka is one of Usagi Tsukino’s closest friends in the Sailor Moon series, first introduced in the manga and later portrayed in the original anime and Crystal adaptations.

Naru is a kind-hearted and loyal friend to Usagi, often providing emotional support and encouragement throughout the series. As a civilian, she attends Juuban Municipal Junior High School alongside Usagi and their other friends.

Naru is notable for her compassionate and understanding nature, which is demonstrated on several occasions when she becomes a target for villains seeking to harness her energy.

She often finds herself involved in the conflicts between Sailor Moon and various enemies, but her strong will and determination help her remain resilient. Naru’s vulnerability and genuine care for others make her an endearing character to fans of the series.

A particularly significant story arc involving Naru is her relationship with Nephrite, one of the Dark Kingdom’s Four Heavenly Kings.

This subplot showcases Naru’s capacity for empathy and forgiveness and her unwavering belief in the inherent goodness of people. Her friendship with Usagi is further strengthened through shared experiences and hardships, and she remains a steadfast companion throughout the series.

17. Tsukino Shingo

Tsukino Shingo

Tsukino Shingo is the younger brother of Usagi Tsukino, the protagonist of the Sailor Moon series. He is an intelligent and resourceful character depicted as having a typical sibling relationship with Usagi, often teasing and bickering with her.

Despite their occasional squabbles, Shingo deeply cares for his sister and supports her in her struggles as Sailor Moon. Throughout the series, Shingo demonstrates intelligence and bravery, which often helps him in dangerous situations.

One notable example is when he forms a bond with a small alien named Rini and helps her escape from the clutches of an enemy. Although Shingo is not directly involved in the main storylines, his presence and actions serve as a reminder of the everyday life that Usagi and her friends are fighting to protect.

Shingo’s character development includes forming friendships with other young characters in the series, such as Ami Mizuno’s brother, Shingo Mizuno, and learning essential life lessons about responsibility and trust. His unwavering support and love for his family, particularly for his sister, make him a necessary part of the Sailor Moon story.

18. Rhett Butler

Rhett Butler

Rhett Butler is among the top most popular Sailor Moon characters, ranked highly by fans for his calm and collected demeanor.

First appearing in the Sailor Moon R movie, Rhett Butler was a brief but essential character in the series. He worked as a bodyguard for Sailor Moon and helped her to protect Sailor Venus from the evil Zoisite.

Rhett Butler was always calm and collected, even in danger. He was a skilled fighter and was never afraid to harm himself to protect those he cared about.

He had a strong sense of justice and believed everyone deserved a fair chance, regardless of who they were. This made him a natural ally of Sailor Moon and her friends.

Although he only appeared in one movie, Rhett Butler left a lasting impression on fans of the series. His selfless nature and dedication to justice won him many admirers, cementing his place as one of the topmost popular Sailor Moon characters.

19. Amade Yusuke

Amade Yusuke

Amade Yusuke is a popular Sailor Moon universe character introduced in the anime’s second season. Sailor Moon R. Yusuke is a talented musician, pianist, and composer well-known for his romantic ballads. He is depicted as kind, humble, and deeply passionate about his music.

Yusuke plays a significant role in one episode of the series when he falls in love with Makoto Kino, also known as Sailor Jupiter. Their shared passion for music creates a bond between the two characters, and Makoto becomes inspired by Yusuke’s dedication to his craft.

The storyline involving Yusuke and Makoto explores love, vulnerability, and the importance of following one’s dreams.

Amade Yusuke’s character is an example of how the Sailor Moon series often introduces characters with unique talents and dreams, allowing the main characters to learn and grow through their interactions.

Yusuke’s brief appearance in the series leaves a lasting impact on both Makoto Kino and the viewers, demonstrating the power of love and music in shaping one’s life.

20. Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl

One of the most recognizable and powerful villains in the Sailor Moon universe, Queen Beryl is a complex character with a captivating backstory. As the ruler of the Dark Kingdom and the commander of the Four Kings of Heaven, Beryl’s primary goal is to take over Earth and re-establish the Dark Kingdom.

Initially a sorceress from Earth, Queen Beryl’s lust for power led her to be consumed by the dark energy of Queen Metalia. Her unrequited love for Prince Endymion, who was in love with Princess Serenity, fueled her jealousy and rage. This ultimately caused her to betray Earth and align herself with Queen Metalia, destroying the Silver Millennium.

Throughout the series, Queen Beryl masterminds various schemes to gather energy for Queen Metalia and to locate the Silver Crystal. She is a cunning and ruthless antagonist, able to manipulate and control her followers, even turning the Four Kings of Heaven against their former comrades, the Sailor Senshi.

Queen Beryl’s obsession with power and revenge ultimately leads to her demise. Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi eventually defeat her, sealing away the Dark Kingdom and restoring peace to the Earth.

21. Kumada Yuuichirou

Kumada Yuuichirou

Kumada Yuuichirou, also known as Chad, is a popular supporting character in the Sailor Moon series. He is a gentle giant with a pure heart and a strong sense of loyalty.

Yuuichirou is introduced as a wandering musician who decides to work at the Hikawa Shrine after falling in love with its resident priestess, Rei Hino, also known as Sailor Mars.

Yuuichirou is a kind, hardworking individual who is always ready to help others. His unique skill set as a musician and his physical strength make him a valuable asset to the Hikawa Shrine.

Throughout the series, he is shown to be fiercely devoted to Rei, constantly trying to protect and support her, even though she often seems indifferent to his feelings.

Yuuichirou’s character adds a lighthearted and endearing element to the series, providing comic relief and emotional depth. His interactions with the other characters, particularly Rei and Grandpa Hino, make for entertaining and heartwarming scenes highlighting the importance of love and friendship in the Sailor Moon universe.

22. Grandpa Hino

Grandpa Hino

Grandpa Hino, the grandfather of Rei Hino, is another famous character in the Sailor Moon series. As the head priest of the Hikawa Shrine, he is a spiritual figure who provides guidance and wisdom to the other characters throughout the series.

Grandpa Hino is a lively, humorous character deeply devoted to his granddaughter and the shrine. Despite his advanced age, Grandpa Hino is a skilled martial artist and spiritualist.

He is also an enthusiastic and dedicated priest, committed to maintaining the Hikawa Shrine and helping others. His fun-loving personality and eccentric behavior often make him the center of attention, whether he is sparring with Yuuichirou or entertaining visitors to the shrine.

Although Grandpa Hino may appear to be a comic character, he has a strong sense of responsibility and plays a crucial role in the series. He is instrumental in Rei’s growth as a Sailor Senshi, providing her with support and guidance as she navigates the challenges of her dual life.

23. Tsukino Ikuko

Tsukino Ikuko

Tsukino Ikuko is a beloved character from the popular anime and manga series Sailor Moon. As the protagonist’s mother, Tsukino Usagi, also known as Sailor Moon, Ikuko plays a pivotal role in the series.

Her character embodies love, kindness, and warmth, providing a safe and nurturing environment for her daughter and their family.

Ikuko is a caring and devoted mother who always prioritizes her family’s well-being. Throughout the series, she is portrayed as a strong, wise, and supportive figure for Usagi, guiding her through the various challenges she faces in her quest to protect the world as Sailor Moon.

Ikuko is also a patient and understanding mother, tolerating Usagi’s clumsiness and often-late arrival home due to her superhero duties.

Aside from her role as a mother, Ikuko is also depicted as a talented homemaker, taking great pride in her culinary skills and keeping the family’s home in order. She is also shown to be a compassionate individual, extending her kindness to others in need.

Her wholesome character has made her a beloved figure among Sailor Moon fans. She serves as a reminder of the importance of family and love in adversity.

24. Thetis


Thetis is a fascinating character from the Sailor Moon anime series, known as one of the Seven Great Youma, the strongest monsters that serve Queen Beryl.

Specifically, Thetis is the reincarnation of the water-based Youma Gesen. She appears in the series as an antagonist disguised as a human woman working for the Dark Kingdom.

In her human form, Thetis is depicted as a beautiful, confident woman with an air of sophistication. As a cunning and ambitious character, she seeks to rise through the ranks of the Dark Kingdom by capturing Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians.

To accomplish this, she devises a clever plan to lure them into a trap under the guise of a luxurious cruise ship party.

Thetis is an adept manipulator, using her charm and wit to deceive others while hiding her true intentions. However, her character is also vulnerable, as she profoundly loves Jadeite, one of Queen Beryl’s Four Kings of Heaven.

This unrequited love adds an emotional layer to her character, making her more complex and relatable to the audience.

In her proper form as the Youma Gesen, Thetis has powerful water-based abilities and uses them to battle the Sailor Guardians. Ultimately, she is defeated and purified by Sailor Moon, revealing the vulnerability and humanity beneath her villainous façade.

25. DD Girls

DD Girls

The DD Girls are a group of five female Youma who appear in the Sailor Moon anime and manga series as servants of the Dark Kingdom. They are unique in that they work together as a team, using their powers and abilities to carry out the orders of their superiors.

This group of villains is often remembered for their unique and visually striking designs, which make them stand out among the many adversaries faced by the Sailor Guardians.

Each member of the DD Girls has a distinct appearance and power set, including abilities such as energy projection, shapeshifting, illusions, and electrokinesis. This diversity in their powers makes them a formidable force capable of challenging the Sailor Guardians in unique and unexpected ways.

Throughout their appearances in the series, the DD Girls employ various strategies to try and defeat the Sailor Guardians, often using their powers in creative and dangerous combinations.

The DD Girls are mainly known for their role in the final battle against the Sailor Guardians in the anime’s first season.

26. Tsukino Kenji

Tsukino Kenji

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular anime series of all time, and it has a large and passionate fanbase. One of the things that fans love about the series is its strong and well-developed characters. Tsukino Kenji is one of those characters.

Kenji is Usagi’s father and a loving and supportive father figure. He is always there for his daughter when she needs him and is always quick to offer her advice or comfort. He is also a very caring husband to his wife, Naru.

Fans love Kenji because he is such a warm and compassionate character. He is the perfect example of a good father and provides essential emotional support for Usagi.

He is also relatable to many fans, as he deals with the same issues they do (such as being worried about his daughter’s safety).

Kenji is an essential part of the Sailor Moon cast, and he is one of the reasons why fans so love the series.

27. Grape


Grape is a fascinating Sailor Moon universe character known for her unique appearance and enthralling personality. She belongs to the elite group of Sailor Guardians known as the Sailor Starlights, who hails from the distant planet Kinmoku.

Grape and her fellow Starlights are on a mission to find their lost princess, Kakyuu, and save their home planet from the evil forces that have taken over.

Grape’s civilian identity is that of a high school student named Sayuri Sano. In this guise, she is a talented violinist, admired by many for her musical prowess.

She epitomizes grace and poise, always conducting herself with elegance and refinement. However, her true power and determination are revealed when she transforms into Sailor Grape.

As Sailor Grape, she possesses the power of the grapevine, which she uses to create powerful energy-based attacks. Her primary attack is the “Grape Vortex,” a whirlwind of energy resembling a tornado, which she uses to trap and incapacitate her enemies.

She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can use her vines to create a shield for defense. In addition to her fighting abilities, Grape possesses keen intuition and the power of empathy, which allows her to sense the emotions of others and offer them comfort and guidance when they are in need.

28. Murid


Murid is another memorable character from the Sailor Moon universe, known for his charm and cunning. As a member of the Dark Moon Clan, he is initially introduced as an antagonist. Still, his story takes an unexpected turn as he develops a complicated relationship with Sailor Moon and her friends.

In his civilian form, Murid is an attractive and popular high school student named Daisuke Yamamoto. He is intelligent and resourceful, often using his wit to manipulate situations to his advantage. However, his true identity is that of a skilled sorcerer and a formidable opponent to the Sailor Guardians.

As a member of the Dark Moon Clan, Murid’s primary objective is to aid in conquering Earth and the eventual destruction of the Silver Crystal.

He possesses the power of illusion, which enables him to create realistic projections and manipulate the perceptions of others. This power often serves as a double-edged sword, as Murid’s illusions can sometimes spiral out of control and cause unintended consequences.

Over time, Murid’s character undergoes a significant transformation. He begins to question the motives of the Dark Moon Clan and is increasingly drawn to the warmth and compassion of the Sailor Guardians.

His redemption arc sees him ultimately renouncing his allegiance to the Dark Moon Clan and joining forces with Sailor Moon and her friends to fight against evil.

29. Balm


Balm, also known as Berthier in the original Japanese version, is a character from the Sailor Moon series created by Naoko Takeuchi.

As a member of the Black Moon Clan, specifically the Spectre Sisters, Balm is an essential antagonist in the Sailor Moon R season. Her main goal, along with her sisters, is to conquer Earth on behalf of the Black Moon Clan, a group led by Prince Demande.

The Balm is characterized by her blue hair and her ice-based abilities. She is the second oldest of the four Spectre Sisters, including Koan, Calaveras, and Petz.

The Balm is known for her calm and collected demeanor, contrasting with her more impulsive and fiery sister, Koan. As the group’s intellectual, Balm is a master strategist and often uses her intelligence to gain the upper hand in battle.

Her primary weapon is the Dark Water, which she can use to freeze her enemies or create ice barriers. Balm’s attacks include “Dark Water” and “Dark Water Full Power,” which she uses to manipulate ice and water to her advantage.

In addition to her powerful abilities, Balm is a skilled manipulator and often uses her charm and beauty to deceive others. Throughout the Sailor Moon R season, Balm constantly engages in intense battles against the Sailor Guardians.

However, her character transforms when Sailor Moon’s Silver Crystal purifies her. After her redemption, Balm, along with her sisters, opens a cosmetic shop called the “Sisters Beauty Salon” and helps the Sailor Guardians on various occasions

30. Furuhata Motoki

Furuhata Motoki

Furuhata Motoki, known as Andrew in the English adaptation, is a supporting character in the Sailor Moon series. He is a kind-hearted, friendly young man who works at the Crown Game Center, a popular arcade hangout for the Sailor Guardians.

Motoki often advises and guides the characters, particularly Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) and her friends.

Although Motoki is not a central character in the series, his role as a friend and confidant to the main characters is significant. He is well-liked by his peers for his cheerful and easy-going personality.

Motoki is also known for his ability to remain calm in stressful situations, which makes him a valuable ally to the Sailor Guardians throughout the series.

Motoki’s relationships with the characters are diverse and exciting. He has a close friendship with Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask), and the two often discuss their personal lives and romantic relationships.

Motoki is also romantically involved with Reika Nishimura, a university student who eventually leaves for Africa to pursue her research. However, their relationship remains strong despite the distance.

Motoki’s connection to the Sailor Guardians is further solidified when his younger sister, Unazuki Furuhata, is revealed to be a close friend of Chibiusa Tsukino (Sailor Chibi Moon). This connection adds depth to Motoki’s character, showcasing his supportive nature and willingness to help those around him.


The Sailor Moon universe is vast and filled with memorable characters, each contributing to the series’ enduring charm and appeal. As we have seen through the exploration of the top 30 most popular Sailor Moon characters, the series is a testament to the power of friendship, love, and the importance of believing in oneself.

These characters, with their unique abilities, diverse backgrounds, and compelling storylines, have not only shaped the Sailor Moon narrative but have also left a lasting impact on the hearts of fans across the globe.

The series’ success can be attributed to its ability to create relatable and aspirational characters and its willingness to tackle themes like self-discovery, empowerment, and redemption.

Sailor Moon’s characters have resonated with fans for decades, and it’s no wonder that their popularity continues to endure. Through their trials and tribulations, they inspire us to face our challenges, believe in the power of love, and always fight for justice.

So, as we celebrate these 30 beloved characters, let us not forget the magic they have brought into our lives and the lessons they have taught us, proving that Sailor Moon will forever hold a special place in the hearts of fans around the world.