Pirates Ahoy! Discover the Top 20 Best Pirate Animes

Pirate anime has been a beloved genre for decades, capturing the imaginations of fans with its tales of daring sea voyages, legendary treasures, and larger-than-life characters.

Whether you’re a seasoned anime fan or new to the world of Japanese animation, there’s something truly captivating about pirate anime that keeps fans coming back for more.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best pirate anime to help you navigate the choppy waters of this exciting genre. Our list includes classic and modern anime, all featuring captivating characters, epic battles, and thrilling plotlines that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Pirate Animes

This list will look at the best pirate animes of all time. So whether you’re looking for a new anime to watch or just curious about what’s out there, this list will surely have something for you.

1. One Piece

Pirate Anime

“One Piece” is a long-running anime series that has captured the hearts of anime fans worldwide. The show follows the journey of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate with the power to stretch his body like rubber.

Luffy and his crew, known as the Straw Hat Pirates, travel the Grand Line in search of the fabled treasure, One Piece. Along the way, they face off against dangerous enemies, form alliances with other pirates, and uncover dark secrets about their world.

With its vibrant animation, engaging characters, and thrilling battles, “One Piece” is a must-watch for any pirate anime fan.

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2. Elemental Gelade

Pirate Anime

Elemental Gelade is a 2005 Japanese animated television series based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Mayumi Azuma. The series was produced by Xebec, directed by Shōji Kawamori, and aired on T.V. Tokyo from April 5 to September 27, 2005. It spanned 25 episodes.

The story of Elemental Gelade is set in a world where people with special abilities called “Erements” live. These Elements can be used to power machines or used as weapons.

One day, a young boy named Coud Van Giruet stumbles upon a girl named Ren, who pirates are chasing. He soon discovers she is an Elemental user and decides to help her find the man who kidnapped her friend Rowen.

As they journey together, they meet new friends and discover more about Ren’s past and the secrets of the Elemental Users. Along the way, they uncover the truth behind the war between the pirates and the government forces.

Elemental Gelade is an action-packed anime with great characters and an intriguing plot. If you’re looking for a pirate anime different from the rest, this is one to check out!

3. Queen’s Blade

Pirate Anime

If you’re a fan of both pirates and anime, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of the top best pirate anime of all time, so you can sit back and enjoy some great entertainment.

Queen’s Blade is an anime that aired from 2009 to 2010. It tells the story of Leina Vance, a young woman who enters a tournament called the Queen’s Blade to become the next queen. The Queen’s Blade is full of strong contenders, each with their reasons for wanting to win.

Leina must use all her strength and skill to come out on top. Along the way, she’ll make new friends and enemies and learn what a queen being means. Queen’s Blade is an action-packed anime with plenty of fighting and intrigue. If you’re looking for a pirate anime full of adventure, this is the one for you!

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4. Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet

Pirate Anime

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is a 2013 Japanese anime television series produced by Production I.G. The series was directed by Kazuya Murata, written by Gen Urobuchi, and features character designs by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. The story is set in the future, where the human race has left Earth and lives in space on giant ships.

One day, a young man named Ledo wakes up from cryogenic sleep to find that his ship has been attacked and is now stranded on an unknown planet. Ledo soon learns that the planet is Gargantia, and its residents have developed their unique way of life.

While Ledo is initially hostile towards the residents of Gargantia, he slowly starts to understand their way of life and even comes to care for them. However, Ledo’s past catches up to him, and he must face the consequences of his actions. Gargantia on the Verdurer’s Planet is an intriguing story exploring what human means being.

LedobyUrobutchiis a great example of this, as he must confront his own prejudices and learn to empathize with those who are different from him. The series also has some amazing action sequences and beautiful animation, making it a joy to watch.

5. Vandread

Pirate Anime

“Vandread” is a unique anime that combines sci-fi, mecha, and romance elements. The show follows Hibiki Tokai, a male pilot stranded on a spaceship that women exclusively inhabit.

As he tries to find a way back to his own ship, he discovers secrets about the women’s society and the larger conflict between men and women in the galaxy. With its complex themes, engaging characters, and impressive mecha battles, “Vandread” stands out in the pirate anime genre.

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6. Tenchi Muyo

Pirate Anime

Tenchi Muyo is one of the top best pirate anime of all time. The story follows the adventures of Tenchi Masaki, a young man who accidentally releases space pirate Ryoko from a cave she was sealed in.

Ryoko then wreaks havoc on Tenchi’s life, but he eventually comes to care for her. Together, they fight off the forces that seek to capture Ryoko and return her to prison. Tenchi Muyo is an excellent example of a pirate anime done right. The characters are compelling, and the action is top-notch. If you’re looking for a great pirate anime, you can’t go wrong with Tenchi Muyo.

7. Outlaw Star

Pirate Anime

“Outlaw Star” is a classic anime that combines sci-fi, westerns, and action-adventure elements. The show follows Gene Starwind, a space adventurer who a mysterious woman hires to pilot a spaceship called the Outlaw Star.

Along with his crew, Gene sets out on a journey to find the Galactic Leyline, a legendary treasure that is said to grant wishes. With its diverse cast of characters, epic space battles, and intricate world-building, “Outlaw Star” is a fan favorite among pirate anime enthusiasts.

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8. Black Lagoon

Pirate Anime

“Black Lagoon” is a dark and gritty anime that follows a group of mercenaries who operate in the criminal underworld. The show is set in the fictional city of Roanapur, a lawless den of thieves and pirates.

The main character, Dutch, leads his team on various missions, ranging from kidnapping to smuggling to assassination. With its intense action, complex characters, and mature themes, “Black Lagoon” is not for the faint of heart, but it is a must-watch for fans of the pirate anime genre.

9. Bodacious Space Pirates

Pirate Anime

The Bodacious Space Pirates, also known as the Pirate Galaxy or the Cat Planet Cuties, is a Japanese light novel series written by Tatsuhiro Yoshida and illustrated by Susumu Matsushita. The series follows the adventures of Marika Kato, a high school student who inherits her late father’s title of “Pirate King” and takes command of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru.

The series was first published in 2009 by Shueisha under their Super Dash Bunko imprint. As of March 2020, twenty-one volumes have been released in Japan. The series has been licensed for English release by Yen Press. An anime television series adaptation by Satelight aired between January and March 2012. A sequel anime series, Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace, aired between April and June 2014.

The story of Bodacious Space Pirates focuses on the exploits of Marika Kato, a high school girl living on the planet Aqua who discovers that her late father was once the captain of a space pirate ship called the Bentenmaru.

After inheriting her father’s title, Marika sets out to command the Bentenmaru herself with the help of its crew. The anime series has been praised for its strong characters and exciting action sequences. It has also been praised for its positive portrayal of women in leadership roles.

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10. The Enemy’s The Pirate

Pirate Anime

“The Enemy’s The Pirate” is a lesser-known pirate anime that follows a group of space pirates who the government hires to take down a rival pirate crew. The show is notable for its intricate plot twists, dynamic characters, and unique take on the pirate genre.

The series explores themes such as loyalty, betrayal, and the cost of war. Although not as well-known as some other pirate anime, “The Enemy’s The Pirate” is worth checking out for its unique story and engaging characters.

11. Space Pirate Mito

Pirate Anime

“Space Pirate Mito” is a lighthearted pirate anime that follows the adventures of a young boy named Aoi and his mother, who is secretly a space pirate. With its colorful animation and humorous tone, “Space Pirate Mito” is a fun and entertaining watch.

The show explores themes such as family, friendship, and the power of love. Although it may not have the same level of intensity as some other pirate anime, “Space Pirate Mito” is a refreshing change of pace in the genre.

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12. Cosmo Warrior Zero

Pirate Anime

Cosmo Warrior Zero is a space opera anime that follows the adventures of a ragtag group of pirates. The series is set in the year 3001 and follows the pirate ship Cosmo Warrior Zero crew as they travel across the galaxy for adventure.

The series is known for its large cast of colorful characters, exciting space battles, and lighthearted tone. Suppose you’re looking for an anime full of action and adventure. In that case, Cosmo Warrior Zero is definitely worth checking out!

13. Coyote Ragtime Show

Pirate Anime

Coyote Ragtime Show is a 2006 steampunk pirate anime series produced by Bandai Entertainment. The story takes place in the year A.D. 2071 on the planet Maria, where a group of pirates led by the titular character Coyote Starrk travels the galaxy in search of treasure and adventure.

While the series was not commercially successful, it was praised for its unique setting and characters. The art style and music also received acclaim. If you’re looking for an unconventional pirate anime with interesting characters and a cool setting. In that case, Coyote Ragtime Show is definitely worth checking out!

14. One Piece: Episode Of Nami

Pirate Anime

Nami is one of the most popular characters in the One Piece franchise, and it’s no wonder why. The Episode Of Nami OVA tells how Nami came to be a member of the Straw Hat crew, and it’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.

We see Nami’s backstory, including her tragic childhood and time spent with the pirate Arlong. We see her strength and determination as she stands up to him, even at her lowest. And we see her resolve never to let anyone control her again.

Episode Of Nami is a must-watch for any fan of the series, and it’s a great introduction to the character for those who haven’t had a chance to read the manga or watch the anime.

15. Arcadia Of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX

Pirate Anime

“Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX” is a 1982 Japanese anime film directed by Isao Takahata. The film tells the story of Captain Harlock, a space pirate who leads a band of renegades against the forces of the corrupt Earth government.

While “Arcadia of My Youth” is not as well-known as some of Takahata’s other works, fans highly regard it. The film has a complex and detailed plot with themes of betrayal, loss, and hope. The animation is beautiful, and the characters are well-developed. “Arcadia of My Youth” is a must-see for fans of Isao Takahata’s work.

16. Harlock Saga

Pirate Anime

“Harlock Saga” is a space opera anime that follows the adventures of Captain Harlock, a notorious space pirate who battles against the corrupt government and fights for freedom. The show is notable for its epic battles, sweeping soundtrack, and rich mythology.

“Harlock Saga” explores themes such as honor, duty, and sacrifice, as well as the question of what it truly means to be a pirate. With its complex characters and thought-provoking themes, “Harlock Saga” stands out in the pirate anime genre.

17. Queen Emeraldas

Pirate Anime

In the world of pirate anime, few characters are as iconic as Queen Emeraldas. She first appeared in Leiji Matsumoto’s 1977 manga Galaxy Express 999 and later in the 1978 anime adaptation. She is a fierce and independent woman who has devoted her life to fighting against the tyrannical rule of the Space Pirates.

Queen Emeraldas is a potent fighter, capable of taking on entire fleets of pirates single-handedly. She is also a skilled strategist, often using her enemies’ own strengths against them. Her fiery personality and unyielding determination make her a force to be reckoned with, both on the battlefield and in the political arena.

Despite her great power, Queen Emeraldas is not without her vulnerabilities. She is fiercely independent and sometimes dismissive of those who try to help her. This can lead to her underestimating her opponents and getting herself into trouble.

However, she always finds a way out of difficult situations through sheer force of will and determination. Queen Emeraldas is one of the most popular characters in pirate anime, thanks to her strong personality and impressive combat skills.

She has inspired many other characters in subsequent pirate anime, such as Nami from One Piece and Shiki from Log Horizon. If you’re looking for a powerful and inspiring female character in your pirate anime adventures. In that case, Queen Emeraldas is undoubtedly worth checking out!

18. One Piece: Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack

Pirate Anime

One Piece: Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack is one of the best pirate anime of all time. In this anime, the Straw Hat pirates must face off against the evil Pirate Ganzack and his band of thugs.

This is one of the most action-packed and exciting pirate anime out there. The Straw Hat pirates are some of the most lovable and badass characters in all of anime. They always fight for what’s right, even if it means taking on a powerful enemy like Ganzack.

Watch One Piece: Defeat Him if you’re looking for an awesome pirate adventure with great characters and non-stop action! The Pirate Ganzack.

19. Cobra The Animation: The Psycho Gun

Pirate Anime

“Cobra, The Animation: The Psycho Gun” revises the classic “Cobra” anime series from the 1980s. The show follows the adventures of Cobra, a space pirate with a powerful weapon known as the Psycho Gun.

With its retro aesthetic and fast-paced action, “Cobra The Animation: The Psycho Gun” is a fun watch. The show explores themes such as freedom, rebellion, and the power of technology. While it may not have the same level of depth as some other pirate anime, “Cobra The Animation: The Psycho Gun” is a nostalgic trip back to the golden age of anime.

20. Angel Links

Pirate Anime

If you’re looking for a good pirate anime, you can’t go wrong with Angel Links. The story follows the crew of the space pirate ship Angel Links as they travel the galaxy searching for treasure and adventure.

The anime is filled with action, comedy, and suspense and keeps you entertained from beginning to end. The characters are all likable and well-developed, and the animation is top-notch. If you’re a fan of pirate stories or want a good anime to watch, I highly recommend checking out Angel Links.


In conclusion, the world of pirate anime is vast and full of adventure. Whether you’re looking for epic battles on the high seas, intergalactic space battles, or even time-traveling pirates, there is something for everyone in this genre.

The shows we’ve listed here are some of the best that the pirate anime genre offers, and each One is worth checking out. So hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail on a journey full of excitement, danger, and treasure with these top 20 best pirate animes.