Top 30 Happiest Anime Characters: Ultimate Joy List

Anime’s allure often lies in the vibrant personalities of its characters and the ability to translate human emotions into compelling narratives. Who doesn’t get cheered up when watching the happiest anime characters?

These vibrant personalities, full of joy and infectious positivity, infuse every scene with life, lifting our spirits and often becoming our favorite characters.

Unveiling the top 30 happiest anime characters, we delve into the world of unceasing cheerfulness, exuberant smiles, and characters who teach us the invaluable lesson of finding joy in every situation.

This joy list invites you to rediscover these bundles of sunshine that have the power to make your day a little brighter. So, buckle up and get ready for an energizing dose of positivity!

Happiest Anime Characters

In this section, we’ll traverse the colorful landscapes of various anime universes, meeting characters who embody joy. From cheeky smiles to boundless optimism, these happiest anime characters light up the screen with their exuberance, turning even mundane moments into memorable ones. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Goku


Renowned for his unyielding spirit and infectious smile that can brighten any situation, Goku from the Dragon Ball series embodies joy. Goku is a Saiyan, a warrior race, but he is far from the stern stereotype. His childlike wonder, enthusiasm for martial arts, and zest for life make him one of the happiest characters in anime history.

Even in dire straits, Goku’s optimism never wavers. He takes every challenge as an opportunity to improve, smiling in adversity. His passion for fighting, love for his friends and family, and unshakeable belief in the goodness of people make Goku a beacon of positivity that continues to inspire millions worldwide.

2. Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata

Known as the “Million Hero,” Mirio Togata from “My Hero Academia” epitomizes unending positivity. With his sunny disposition and an ever-present smile, Mirio lights up every room he enters. His positive outlook is infectious, influencing everyone around him. Despite having a difficult quirk to master, Mirio never let this challenge dampen his spirit.

His perseverance, joyful demeanor, and a strong sense of duty make him an inspiring character. He faces each challenge with a grin, showing us that happiness is often found in the journey, not just the destination.

3. Tsukasa Hiiragi

Tsukasa Hiiragi

Tsukasa Hiiragi from “Lucky Star” personifies sweetness and positivity. Known for her bright blue eyes, always full of joy, and a smile that never fades, Tsukasa brings a lighthearted touch to every situation.

Even though she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, Tsukasa’s charm lies in her optimistic and cheerful personality. She’s always eager to help, often stumbling adorably in the process. Her loving nature and her innocent humor make Tsukasa a delight to watch, reminding us to take pleasure in the simple things in life.

4. Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest, the lovable slime protagonist from “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” embodies a unique blend of joy and wisdom. Despite being a slime, Rimuru’s zest for life is contagious.

He navigates through challenges with an optimistic outlook, never allowing difficulties to dim his spirits. Rimuru’s carefree attitude, matched with his ability to enjoy every aspect of his new life, makes him an incredibly joyful character. His interactions are filled with mirth as he befriends monsters and humans alike, showcasing a cheerfulness that transcends species.

5. Souma Yukihira

Souma Yukihira

Souma Yukihira from “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” is an emblem of sheer positivity. Souma’s passion for cooking and relentless determination to improve is commendable, but his unwavering cheerfulness truly sets him apart. Even in the high-pressure world of competitive cooking, his grin seldom fades.

He accepts each culinary challenge with a gleeful spark in his eyes, turning the kitchen into his playground. Souma’s joy is infectious, spreading to everyone he encounters, proving that happiness can indeed be found in doing what we love.

6. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Edward, the eccentric hacker from the iconic series “Cowboy Bebop,” is one of the most joyful characters in anime. Her high-spirited personality is magnetic, and her boundless energy spreads a contagious delight. Despite her mysterious past, Edward maintains an optimistic and lighthearted attitude, regularly seen pulling pranks or simply having a good time.

Her quirky mannerisms, infectious laughter, and uncanny ability to find joy in the smallest things make her a ray of sunshine. Edward’s endless enthusiasm and joyful nature bring a unique spark to the motley crew of bounty hunters she works with, reminding us to dance to our own tune.

7. Naruto


Naruto Uzumaki, the titular character of “Naruto,” is a living embodiment of happiness and determination. Born with a tumultuous past, Naruto could have been bitter, but instead, he chose to face every challenge with a grin. His dream of becoming the Hokage fuels his perseverance, and his unwavering faith in himself and his friends add a layer of cheerfulness to his character.

Always ready with a joke or a playful trick, Naruto’s resilience and infectious spirit inspire everyone he encounters. His boundless optimism and boisterous personality serve as a beautiful reminder that true happiness is found in overcoming adversity.

8. Kamina


Kamina, the fearless leader from “Gurren Lagann,” is renowned for his unending optimism and fiery spirit. His charismatic personality and unwavering confidence bring infectious happiness that inspires his comrades to believe in themselves. Kamina is the epitome of the phrase ‘carpe diem’, seizing every moment with such exuberance that it’s impossible not to get swept up in his joy.

His impassioned speeches and his trademark grin make Kamina an unforgettable character who radiates positivity. His larger-than-life persona is a compelling reminder that happiness can also be a product of sheer willpower and unyielding determination.

9. Bulat


Bulat from “Akame ga Kill” is a beacon of cheerfulness amidst the otherwise grim world of Night Raid. Known for his warm-hearted nature and welcoming smile, Bulat’s positivity shines through, even in the face of danger. Despite being a fierce warrior, Bulat maintains an optimistic outlook and a constant readiness to encourage his comrades.

His kindness and unwavering loyalty, paired with his bright demeanor, add a layer of warmth to his persona. Bulat is a testament to the fact that joy can persist even in the darkest circumstances.

10. Aladdin


Aladdin, the jovial protagonist from “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic,” brings unparalleled joy and wonder to the series. His curious nature and appetite for adventure make him a delightful character to follow. With his trademark turban and flute, Aladdin’s smile is a source of comfort and positivity.

Despite the series’ intense battles and complex politics, Aladdin never lets the world’s harsh realities dampen his spirit. His unwavering optimism and sense of humor shine brightly, bringing fresh air to the genre. Aladdin reminds us of the boundless joy and wonder of experiencing the world for the first time.

11. Shinji and Ryuujirou

Shinji and Ryuujirou

Shinji and Ryuujirou, the comedic duo from “Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts,” truly embody joy. Cheerful pranks, playful banter, and an unending sense of mirth characterize their friendship. Shinji’s innocent gullibility, paired with Ryuujirou’s mischievous nature, creates an atmosphere of constant hilarity.

Their laughter never fades, Whether in the middle of a class, walking around campus, or embroiled in a summoning war. These two characters show us the power of friendship and the happiness that comes from just being silly and enjoying each other’s company.

12. Yato


Yato, the ‘Delivery God’ from “Noragami,” is a character whose unyielding optimism in the face of adversity is inspirational. Despite his tough past and uncertain future, Yato finds joy in the little things in life, like making people happy or finding a five-yen coin.

His positivity and carefree personality shines brightly, showing us that happiness is not always about achieving grand goals but rather about cherishing the journey. Yato’s joyful demeanor despite his circumstances is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

13. Isaac and Miria

Isaac and Miria

Isaac and Miria, the lovable pair from “Baccano!”, are a whirlwind of positive energy. Their constant laughter, mischievous pranks, and endless enthusiasm paint every scene they’re in with colors of joy. The duo’s optimistic worldview, where every setback is merely a stepping stone to a grand adventure, is truly infectious.

Their love for each other and their carefree attitude, even in the face of danger, make them a beacon of positivity. Isaac and Miria remind us that true happiness often comes from sharing life’s journey with someone who makes every moment feel like a grand adventure.

14. Might Guy

Might Guy

Might Guy from “Naruto” is the epitome of vitality and energy. This Taijutsu Master’s boundless enthusiasm, unending optimism, and sense of humor bring contagious joy to the series. Despite the intense and often grim narrative, Guy remains a constant source of positive energy.

His vibrant spirit, “youthful” catchphrases, and expressive emotions infuse the series with laughter and cheer. Whether he’s training his beloved student Rock Lee or fighting powerful adversaries, Guy’s infectious spirit and ever-present smile continue to inspire, showing us the power of perseverance and positivity.

15. Koro-Sensei


Koro-Sensei, the yellow octopus-like teacher from “Assassination Classroom,” is a character brimming with happiness and positivity. Despite the rather grim premise of being the assassination target of his own students, Koro-Sensei constantly exudes cheerfulness and humor.

His comedic antics, heartfelt lessons, and constant encouragement lighten up the classroom and bring joy to his students’ lives. Even though he’s marked for death, Koro-Sensei’s love for teaching and dedication to his students remain unwavering. Even in the face of adversity, his constant smile and positive attitude make Koro-Sensei a symbol of the power of happiness.

16. Sasha Blouse

Sasha Blouse

Sasha Blouse from “Attack on Titan” is a beacon of cheerfulness amidst a grim narrative. Known affectionately as “Potato Girl,” Sasha’s love for food and her carefree, humorous nature uniquely charm her character. Despite the harsh realities of her world, Sasha’s positive spirit never dwindles.

Her simple pleasures, like a freshly baked potato or a well-cooked meal, are a refreshing reminder of the joy in everyday life. Sasha’s infectious laughter, spirited personality, and knack for finding happiness even in the smallest moments make her a character who embodies the essence of joy.

17. Ms. Joke

Ms. Joke

Ms. Joke, the chuckling hero from “My Hero Academia,” is always seen with a smile on her face. Known for her incessant joking, infectious laughter, and quirk that forces people to laugh, Ms. Joke infuses every scene with cheerfulness.

Her high-spirited demeanor and her love for humor make her the epitome of positivity. Even in serious situations, Ms. Joke finds a reason to chuckle, reminding us of the importance of laughter and how it can lighten even the most stressful of situations.

18. Ritsu Tainaka

Ritsu Tainaka

Ritsu Tainaka, the lively drummer from “K-On!,” is a character that personifies joy. Her energetic personality, infectious enthusiasm for music, and constant pranks fill every episode with mirth.

Whether she’s practicing with her band, planning a tea party, or just goofing around, Ritsu’s sunny disposition and ceaseless optimism lighten the atmosphere. Her love for her friends and music and her knack for joy in every moment make Ritsu a vibrant character, embodying the sheer happiness of living in the present.

19. Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia from “Black Clover” is known for his ever-present grin, even in the face of danger. Known for his love of fighting, Luck’s enthusiasm often translates into an infectious and inspiring joyful demeanor.

His excitement for every battle, his thrill in overcoming powerful adversaries, and his unwavering positivity in adversity contribute to his cheerful persona. Despite his tough past, Luck’s laughter and joy remain undimmed, making him a character that symbolizes resilience and the power of positivity.

20. Naotsugu


Naotsugu, the gallant tank from “Log Horizon,” is known for his easy-going nature and constant cheerfulness. This skilled Guardian’s sense of humor, carefree attitude, and unwavering loyalty bring a touch of joy and fun to the series.

Whether he’s in a fierce battle, strategizing with his guild, or simply enjoying an in-game meal, Naotsugu’s good-natured banter and infectious laugh add a layer of positivity. His love for the game and his companions and his relentless optimism make Naotsugu an unforgettable character, reminding us of the joy of camaraderie and the thrill of adventure.

21. Minori Kushieda

Minori Kushieda

Known for her infectious cheerfulness and relentless positivity, Minori Kushieda from “Toradora!” is a character that truly encapsulates joy. Whether it’s her work at a family restaurant, her sports activities, or her interactions with friends, she faces everything with a spirited energy and a constant smile on her face.

Minori’s happiness is contagious, lifting the spirits of those around her. Her playful humor, paired with her optimistic outlook on life, makes her a delight to watch. Her ability to find joy in the mundane and maintain her cheerfulness even in adversity is truly inspirational.

22. Tooru Honda

Tooru Honda

Tooru Honda from “Fruits Basket” is a beacon of positivity in a world marred by curses and tragic pasts. Despite her own hardships, Tooru consistently maintains an optimistic outlook and an endearing kindness that can soften any heart.

Her genuine happiness comes from helping others, seeing her friends smile, and cherishing the simple joys in life. Her resilience and unwavering spirit serve as a reminder that even amidst trials and tribulations, one can always choose to remain positive.

23. Asta


Asta from “Black Clover” is known for his unyielding optimism and fiery spirit. Born without magic in a world where magic is everything, Asta could have been bitter, but instead, he chose to face every challenge with a grin.

His dream of becoming the Wizard King fuels his relentless determination and unwavering cheerfulness. Asta’s loud and lively persona and his never-give-up attitude embody positivity and testament to the power of hard work and resilience.

24. Happy


As his name suggests, Happy from “Fairy Tail” is a cat-like creature known for his constant cheerfulness and positive attitude. His adorable expressions, unwavering loyalty to his friends, and humorous interactions bring happiness to every episode.

Happy’s joy is truly infectious, spreading warmth and positivity among his Fairy Tail companions. His penchant for finding fun in every situation and his resilient spirit make Happy a delightful character that embodies his name.

25. Popura Taneshima

Popura Taneshima

Popura Taneshima, the petite waitress from “Working!!,” is a bundle of joy and energy. Despite her worries about her height, Popura maintains a cheerful attitude that instantly brightens the atmosphere of the Wagnaria restaurant.

Her friendly demeanor, hardworking spirit, and sunny disposition make her an absolute delight to watch. Popura’s adorable antics and her unyielding desire to bring happiness to others serve as a reminder to find joy in helping others and doing one’s best.

26. Naru Kotoishi

Naru Kotoishi

Naru Kotoishi, the adorable young girl from “Barakamon,” is a bundle of endless energy and infectious joy. Her playful antics, endless curiosity, and innocent outlook on life bring warmth and happiness to every episode.

Even though she lives in a simple rural setting, Naru finds joy in the smallest things – a newly found seashell, a bug on a leaf, or a new word she learned. Her laughter, constant merriment, and her innocent wonder at the world make Naru a character embodying childhood’s purity and unbounded joy.

27. Kafuka Fuura

Kafuka Fuura

Kafuka Fuura from “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei” is the epitome of positivity in a despondent class. Her ceaseless optimism, unwavering cheerfulness, and ability to turn every negative into a positive are infectious.

Whether it’s a seemingly hopeless situation or an everyday problem, Kafuka faces it with a wide smile and an upbeat attitude. Her unique worldview, where everything has a silver lining, is fascinating and inspiring. Kafuka is a testament to the power of positivity and the joy it can bring.

28. Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku from “Kill la Kill” is a whirlwind of energy, humor, and happiness. Her over-the-top antics, lively expressions, and animated speeches bring a touch of joy to even the most intense scenes.

Mako’s unwavering friendship, boundless energy, and knack for finding fun in every situation make her a truly endearing character. Her contagious enthusiasm and positive spirit, whether she’s cheering on her best friend Ryuko or munching on her favorite croquettes, add a layer of joy and warmth to the series.

29. Hawk


Hawk, the talking pig from “The Seven Deadly Sins,” is a source of constant comic relief and joy. His sarcastic remarks, brave (often overconfident) demeanor, and humorous interactions with the Sins make him a truly delightful character.

Despite being a pig, Hawk carries a larger-than-life persona that never fails to bring smiles. His love for leftovers and constant banter with Meliodas add to his charm. Hawk’s energetic personality, unwavering loyalty, and sheer comic timing make him a character that truly brings happiness to every episode.

30. Akari Mizunashi

Akari Mizunashi

Akari Mizunashi from “Aria” is a character whose happiness is truly contagious. As a gondolier in Neo Venezia, she enjoys the beauty of her surroundings, her passengers’ satisfaction, and her friends’ companionship.

Akari’s optimism, heartfelt appreciation for the world around her, and ability to find joy in the simplest things make her an embodiment of happiness. Her infectious cheerfulness and her love for her job remind us that happiness can be found in the everyday wonders of life.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve embarked on a joy-filled journey through anime, spotlighting some of the happiest characters who’ve charmed us with their infectious laughter, unwavering optimism, and inspiring resilience.

From Goku’s joyful spirit to Akari Mizunashi’s appreciation for everyday wonders, these characters embody happiness in their many forms.

Each character’s unique backgrounds and stories testify to the power of positivity and the beauty of joy. As we bid adieu, let’s remember to find our own joy, much like these characters, in the ups and downs of our everyday lives.