Top 35 Goth Cartoon Characters: Must-See List

Delve into the monochromatic world of Goth cartoon characters, where mystery meets style and gloom takes on a fascinating charm. Over the years, gothic aesthetics have profoundly impacted the animation industry, creating a unique niche for enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you’re intrigued by the macabre, drawn to the dark elegance, or simply seeking a new animated experience, these Goth cartoon characters offer more than just pale complexions and black ensembles.

With a vivid blend of eccentricity, wit, and depth, they intrigue, challenge, and sometimes even make us laugh. So get ready to journey through shadowy alleyways and cobweb-filled castles as we reveal our top picks from the world of Goth animation!

Goth Cartoon Characters

This section introduces a lineup of standout Goth cartoon characters. Each one, with their distinctive appearance and unique traits, embodies the gothic culture while adding a new dimension to their respective narratives.

Let’s meet these dark, daring, and occasionally delightful personalities that have left an indelible mark on animated storytelling.

1. Death (D.C. Showcase: Death)

Death (DC Showcase: Death)

Death, a prominent figure in the D.C. Comics’ Sandman series, made her animated debut in the D.C. Showcase. Unlike conventional representations of death, this character is an empathetic, cheerful figure who helps souls transition from life to the beyond. Voiced by Jamie Chung, Death is not merely an ominous figure but a symbol of comfort and transformation.

With her all-black ensemble, signature ankh necklace, and faint Gothic makeup, her look is captivating yet soothing. Her personality, an intriguing blend of warmth and melancholy, challenges the traditional stereotypes around death, creating an unforgettable character that profoundly impacts viewers.

2. Creepella “Creepie” Creecher (Growing Up Creepie)

Creepella "Creepie" Creecher (Growing Up Creepie)

Creepie, the titular character of “Growing Up Creepie”, is an unconventional heroine with a gothic twist. Raised by insects after being left at the doorstep of an old Victorian house, her world is an intriguing mix of the human and the creepy-crawly. Creepie’s style is unmistakably gothic, from her black and purple attire to her sharp, pale features.

Her unique upbringing adds a surreal charm to her persona, making her simultaneously relatable and mysteriously fascinating. The adventures she embarks on strike a balance between humorous and eerie, offering viewers a captivating take on gothic animation.

3. Raven Queen (Ever After High)

Raven Queen (Ever After High)

Raven Queen, the protagonist of “Ever After High”, is the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White. Defying her pre-determined role as the next Evil Queen, Raven exudes a dark allure with her deep purple and black clothing, silver-streaked hair, and crown that exemplifies her gothic royalty status.

Her strong will and empathetic nature make her a relatable character. Raven’s journey is a vivid exploration of self-identity and defiance against expectations, making her a complex and engaging figure. The Gothic overtones in her appearance and character development add depth to her story, marking her as a standout in Gothic animation.

4. Ingrid Third (Fillmore!)

Ingrid Third (Fillmore!)

As a standout character in “Fillmore!”, Ingrid Third brings a touch of the goth scene to the Safety Patrol at X Middle School. Ingrid’s black attire, heavy eyeliner, and short hair contrast the colorful environment. Her deductive skills and profound sense of justice make her a dynamic character.

But her deep contemplative nature and a reflective personality set her apart. Ingrid’s design and characterization perfectly capture the essence of the gothic subculture, making her an intriguing figure in the realm of animated detectives.

5. Triana Orpheus (The Venture Bros.)

Triana Orpheus (The Venture Bros.)

Triana Orpheus, from “The Venture Bros.”, is the daughter of necromancer Dr. Byron Orpheus. Clad in purple and black with a choker necklace, Triana’s gothic appearance is both distinct and engaging. Her character embodies a blend of teen angst and a calm, mature understanding of her supernatural world.

As the series progresses, Triana’s character explores the themes of self-discovery and acceptance. Despite her gothic exterior, she exhibits an impressive balance of normalcy and the supernatural. Triana’s multidimensional persona serves as a beacon of relatability, anchoring the outlandish world of “The Venture Bros.” with her grounded presence.

6. Ruby Gloom and Team (Ruby Gloom)

Ruby Gloom and Team (Ruby Gloom)

“Ruby Gloom” is a masterclass in Goth animation featuring a delightful team of macabre characters led by Ruby herself. She resides in a Victorian mansion in Gloomsville, where the sun never seems to shine, yet the atmosphere is anything but depressing. With her red dress, black leggings, and ever-present smile, Ruby embodies a paradox of bright optimism wrapped in a gothic package.

Ruby’s friends, including a cyclops cat, a nervous little bat, and a banshee girl, each have their unique Gothic traits, adding layers to this world. The animation delivers important life lessons with a darkly humorous twist, turning the traditional notion of gloominess on its head.

7. Gwen (Total Drama Island)

Gwen (Total Drama Island)

Gwen, from “Total Drama Island,” is a Goth contestant known for her black-and-teal color scheme, choker, and her reserved demeanor. With a natural affinity for horror movies and an offbeat sense of humor, Gwen’s character stands out in the competitive environment.

Her storyline is a balance of sarcasm, teenage angst, and surprising moments of vulnerability. Gwen’s personality and Gothic style make her an intriguing character in the animated reality show world.

8. Gothitelle (Pokémon)

Gothitelle (Pokémon)

Gothitelle, in the “Pokémon” universe, is a humanoid Pokémon that exudes a distinct gothic charm. With her dark, ribbon-like attire, gothic architecture-inspired structure, and celestial powers, Gothitelle is a fascinating figure. Her abilities to manipulate time and predict the future add an element of mysticism to her character.

Despite her seemingly cold exterior, Gothitelle is known to be extremely loyal, showing a soft side that contrasts beautifully with her dark aesthetics. This dynamic makes her a captivating part of the diverse Pokémon realm.

9. Ravencrow Neversmiles (The Simpsons)

Ravencrow Neversmiles (The Simpsons)

Ravencrow Neversmiles is a minor character from “The Simpsons” who appears as a gothic version of herself in Lisa’s dream. Dressed in a black Victorian-era dress, with pale skin, and a haunting gaze, Ravencrow embodies the gothic dream.

Although her screen time is limited, her striking appearance and somber demeanor make her a memorable character. As Lisa’s gothic alter-ego, Ravencrow represents a fascinating exploration of a different facet of Lisa’s personality, adding a dash of darkness to the vibrant world of “The Simpsons.”

10. Lucy L. Loud (The Loud House)

Lucy L. Loud (The Loud House)

Lucy Loud, from “The Loud House,” is an endearing gothic character in a family of eleven children. Dressed in a long black dress, with her eyes concealed behind her hair, Lucy’s appearance is gothic to the core. Despite her morbid interests in poetry, ghost stories, and funeral practices, Lucy exhibits an innocent charm that contrasts beautifully with her gothic persona.

Her unique take on the world around her offers comic relief, and her penchant for unexpectedly appearing and disappearing adds an element of surprise to the show. Lucy’s character is a brilliant portrayal of gothic innocence, making her a standout character in the animated sitcom.

11. Dylan Beekler (Golan the Insatiable)

Dylan Beekler (Golan the Insatiable)

In the darkly comedic series “Golan the Insatiable,” Dylan Beekler is a six-year-old goth girl who summons a god lord from an alternate dimension. This character’s charm lies in the way she embodies her gothic persona with youthful enthusiasm. Her dyed-purple hair, all-black outfit, and distinct eye makeup contribute to her unique look.

Dylan’s relationship with Golan is both fascinating and endearing as they navigate the everyday world with their dark humor and unusual predicaments. Her unapologetically honest and often morbid outlook on life provides a fresh, gothic spin on the animated series.

12. Eeyore (Winnie-the-Pooh)

Eeyore (Winnie-the-Pooh)

Eeyore, the perennially gloomy donkey from “Winnie-the-Pooh,” may not fit the traditional goth look, but his pessimistic perspective and melancholic demeanor earn him a place on this list. His constant moping, underplayed wit, and somber tone add a dash of gloomy charm to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Despite his dour outlook, Eeyore’s character is endearing, providing depth and balance to the otherwise cheerful setting. His character subtly teaches the importance of empathy and understanding toward different moods and personalities.

13. Marceline (Adventure Time)

Marceline (Adventure Time)

Marceline, the Vampire Queen from “Adventure Time” is a goth icon with her rocker style and vampire powers. As a thousand-year-old vampire, her experiences give her a complex and multi-layered personality. Marceline’s distinct appearance, with her pale skin, pointy teeth, and black clothing, highlights her gothic theme.

However, her character extends beyond just her gothic look. Her history reveals a deep, emotional character with a love for music and a strong sense of friendship. Marceline’s intriguing blend of vulnerability, toughness, and journey of personal growth make her a standout character in the series.

14. Rogue (X-Men Evolution)

Rogue (X-Men Evolution)

Rogue in “X-Men Evolution” presents a softer side of goth. Donning streaked hair, a green-hooded cloak, and gloves, her appearance reflects her gothic tendencies. But her ability to absorb the memories, strengths, and abilities of others with just a touch adds a tragic depth to her character.

Her struggle to maintain personal connections due to her powers makes her story engaging and relatable. Through Rogue, the series explores themes of isolation and identity, making her a multifaceted character who embodies gothic elements in a superhero setting.

15. Nergal Jr. (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Nergal Jr. (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Nergal Jr., from “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,” is the goth son of the underworld entity Nergal. His dark, shadow-like form, red eyes, and shapeshifting ability stands out. His character faces the classic goth struggle of being an outsider trying to fit in.

Despite his dark origins, Nergal Jr. exhibits a softer side and a yearning for friendship, adding layers to his character. The duality of his nature, gothic appearance, and underlying innocence makes him an interesting figure in the animated series.

16. Shego (Kim Possible)

Shego (Kim Possible)

Shego, the unforgettable antagonist from “Kim Possible,” is a gothic character with a twist. A former hero turned villain, Shego sports a black and green catsuit that symbolizes her dual nature. Her dark humor, sardonic wit, and formidable fighting skills make her a fan favorite.

Despite her villainous activities, Shego showcases moments of empathy and complexity, adding depth to her character. Her interactions with Kim Possible are a highlight of the series, their rivalry tinged with mutual respect, making her one of the most compelling gothic characters in the animated series.

17. Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)

Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)

Mavis Dracula, the protagonist of “Hotel Transylvania,” is a vampire who embodies the youthful, spirited side of the gothic genre. Her black dress, pale complexion, and big eyes are perfectly gothic, while her loving nature and adventurous spirit offer a unique twist to the conventional gothic stereotype.

Mavis navigates her journey of self-discovery, exploring the world beyond her castle and navigating the complex relationships between humans and monsters. Her character’s mix of innocent charm, teenage rebellion, and gothic aesthetics offers a refreshing take on animated vampire lore.

18. Sam Manson (Danny Phantom)

Sam Manson (Danny Phantom)

Sam Manson from “Danny Phantom” is the goth friend and eventual love interest of the titular character. Sam’s purple-black hair, dark attire, and outspoken personality make her an endearing goth character. An environmental activist and a vegetarian, Sam’s character challenges stereotypes, making her stand out in the series.

Her friendship with Danny forms the show’s emotional core, and her commitment to her beliefs makes her a relatable and engaging character. Sam’s strong, independent persona is an excellent portrayal of a modern gothic heroine in the world of animation.

19. Kevin Levin (Ben 10)

Kevin Levin (Ben 10)

Kevin Levin, originally an antagonist and later an ally in “Ben 10,” displays a distinctive style that blends gothic and punk elements. Sporting a black shirt, black hair, and often seen with a dark trench coat, Kevin embodies a brooding charm. His ability to absorb energy and matter lends him an edge over danger and unpredictability.

Over the series, Kevin develops a significant character, evolving from a solitary delinquent to a loyal friend, making his journey engaging. His rebellious, brooding persona and his transformation make him a captivating gothic figure in the series.

20. Andrea (Daria)

Andrea (Daria)

Andrea, the goth classmate in “Daria,” is a minor character with a memorable presence. Her minimal dialogue and distinct appearance – black clothing, heavy makeup, and long, messy hair – exemplify the classic gothic look. Despite her limited screen time, Andrea leaves an impact with her stoic demeanor and occasional sharp wit.

She serves as an interesting background character, subtly highlighting the diversity and complexities of high school social dynamics. Andrea’s enigmatic presence leaves viewers curious, making her a fitting representation of the silent, mysterious gothic trope.

21. The Addams Family (The Addams Family)

The Addams Family (The Addams Family)

“The Addams Family” has been the quintessential representation of Gothic aesthetics in animation for decades. This eccentric family, residing in a gloomy mansion amidst a perpetual thunderstorm, is delightfully macabre. The family consists of a myriad of unforgettable characters, from the kooky, bewitching Morticia to the excitable, energetic Pugsley.

Each family member embodies different gothic traits, providing a rich, layered view into this unconventional family life. Their peculiarities and unyielding love for each other challenge societal norms and make them compelling. Their distinctive charm lies in their unapologetic embrace of their dark, quirky lifestyle, making them a beloved gothic family in animation.

22. Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

Morticia Addams is the captivating matriarch of “The Addams Family,” embodying the essence of gothic charm and sophistication. Morticia is the epitome of gothic elegance with her long black hair, pale skin, and striking black gown. Her character is marked by her alluring demeanor, a bewitching calmness, and steadfast devotion to her family.

Morticia’s unconventional parenting style, her dark sense of humor, and her unwavering love for her eccentric family, coupled with her impeccable gothic style, make her a standout character in the animated series.

23. Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

Wednesday Addams is a cherished gothic figure in animation. As the young daughter of the Addams family, Wednesday’s character stands out with her twin braids, white-collared black dress, and her stoic, emotionless demeanor. She has a peculiar fascination with the macabre and morbid, revealing her dark humor.

Despite her somber appearance, Wednesday exhibits a sharp intelligence and an independent spirit. Her endearing relationship with her family, particularly her brother Pugsley, adds a softer edge to her otherwise austere persona. With her deadpan humor and unorthodox interests, Wednesday Addams is a timeless gothic character.

24. Henrietta Biggle (South Park)

Henrietta Biggle (South Park)

Henrietta Biggle is the goth character of “South Park,” showcasing the gothic subculture in a satirical light. With her all-black attire, heavy eye makeup, and messy hair, Henrietta embodies the goth aesthetic. Her character is known for her angsty poetry, pessimistic views, and dismissive attitude towards conformists, making her an authentic representation of the teenage goth.

Despite her outwardly bitter demeanor, Henrietta showcases moments of vulnerability, reflecting the nuances of her character. Her portrayal provides a comedic yet insightful exploration of the goth subculture within the larger narrative of “South Park.”

25. Joan of Arc (Clone High)

Joan of Arc (Clone High)

In the animated series “Clone High,” Joan of Arc stands as a goth character with a unique twist. As a clone of the historical figure, Joan brings depth and complexity to her character. Her short black hair, goth-style clothing, and intense eye makeup distinguish her. Her character is known for her strong beliefs, unrequited love for Abe Lincoln, and struggle with her identity.

Her dry humor and underlying emotional depth make her a relatable and multifaceted character. With her unique struggles, Joan of Arc’s portrayal as a modern goth teenager brings a fresh perspective to the gothic archetype in animation.

26. Yumi Ishiyama (Code Lyoko)

Yumi Ishiyama (Code Lyoko)

Yumi Ishiyama, one of the lead characters in the French animated series “Code Lyoko,” embodies a more understated, casual goth style. Yumi’s character stands out with her long black hair, her Asian heritage, and her preference for dark-colored clothing.

As a formidable warrior in the virtual world of Lyoko, she’s known for her independence, mature demeanor, and strategic thinking. Yumi’s multifaceted character, her struggles balancing real life with the mission to protect Lyoko, and her unique gothic style make her a remarkable character, adding a layer of depth and intrigue to the series.

27. Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Zuko from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” represents a brooding, gothic character. As the banished prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko is marked by his distinctive scar, dark wardrobe, and relentless pursuit of honor. He embodies the tortured soul, wrestling with his past mistakes and his identity.

Throughout the series, Zuko’s character undergoes a compelling transformation, evolving from a ruthless pursuer to an empathetic ally. His journey toward redemption, complex personality, and gothic charm make Zuko an unforgettable character in animation history.

28. Jinx (Teen Titans)

Jinx (Teen Titans)

Jinx from “Teen Titans” is a unique goth character with her magical abilities, pink hair, and a black dress adorned with a cat emblem. As a member of the villainous group, H.I.V.E., Jinx is known for her mischievous personality and her power to manipulate luck.

However, her character evolves over the series, from a villain to a reformed heroine, adding depth and complexity. Jinx’s distinctive gothic appearance, playful personality, and fascinating journey of self-discovery make her an engaging character in goth cartoons.

29. Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

In “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Mai showcases a unique goth aesthetic with her dark attire, monotone voice, and apathetic demeanor. Skilled in knife-throwing, she embodies a deadly grace that complements her outwardly detached persona. However, beneath her icy exterior lies a deeply emotional character wrestling with loneliness and a longing for freedom.

Mai’s character beautifully encapsulates the themes of emotional repression and personal liberation. Her stoic exterior, surprising emotional depth, and gothic style make her a standout character in the series.

30. Emily (Corpse Bride)

Emily (Corpse Bride)

Emily, also known as the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride,” is a gothic character in the literal sense. Her character is depicted as a beautiful, blue-skinned bride with a tattered wedding gown and a melancholic yet kind-hearted personality. Her tragic backstory of love and betrayal adds a poignant depth to her character.

Emily’s story is a heartbreaking yet hopeful exploration of love, loss, and liberation, embodying the macabre charm that is often associated with gothic narratives. With her haunting beauty and soulful character, Emily offers a compelling portrayal of the gothic archetype in animation.

31. Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)

Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)

Lydia Deetz, the young protagonist in “Beetlejuice: The Animated Series,” embodies the unconventional charm of the gothic subculture. With her distinctive dark attire, large hat, and a camera often hanging around her neck, Lydia is the perfect blend of teenage rebellion and gothic allure.

Her friendship with Beetlejuice, the mischievous ghost, forms the crux of the series. Despite the eerie circumstances she often finds herself in, Lydia showcases courage, intelligence, and compassion. Her intriguing bond with the supernatural and unique style make her a memorable gothic cartoon character.

32. The Grinch (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

The Grinch (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

The Grinch, the titular character from “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” is a somewhat unconventional goth figure. Living in solitude atop Mount Crumpit and despising the jubilant Whos of Whoville, the Grinch initially embodies a grumpy, brooding persona reminiscent of gothic tropes.

His physical appearance – green fur and a distinctive scowl – adds to his unique charm. Despite his gloomy disposition, the Grinch’s character undergoes a heartwarming transformation, reminding us of the power of empathy and love. This duality makes him a complex and engaging figure in gothic animation.

33. Daria Morgendorffer (Beavis and Butt-Head & Daria)

Daria Morgendorffer (Beavis and Butt-Head & Daria)

Daria Morgendorffer initially introduced in “Beavis and Butt-Head” and later the protagonist of her own series “Daria,” represents a more subtle interpretation of the gothic aesthetic. Distinguished by her thick-rimmed glasses, monotone voice, and deadpan humor, Daria is a portrait of teenage cynicism and intellectual depth.

Her sarcastic remarks often mask a keen social insight and genuine care for those close to her. Daria’s character, marked by her subdued style and sharp wit, offers a refreshing representation of modern goth sans the usual stereotypes.

34. Thorn (Scooby-Doo)

Thorn (Scooby-Doo)

Thorn, the lead singer of the Hex Girls in “Scooby-Doo,” is an intriguing goth character. Her red hair, pale makeup, and black dress complete her gothic appearance, while her passion for eco-goth music adds to her uniqueness. Thorn is depicted as caring, sensible, and talented despite her outwardly dark demeanor.

Her character showcases a harmonious blend of the gothic subculture with environmental consciousness, making her stand out in the series. Thorn’s character beautifully exemplifies how the gothic aesthetic can coexist with diverse interests and personalities.

35. Raven (Teen Titans)

Raven (Teen Titans)

Raven from “Teen Titans” is one of animation’s most iconic goth characters. With her dark cloak, purple hair, and her ability to control dark energy, Raven exhibits an undeniable gothic allure. Her character is marked by her struggle to control her powers and emotions, adding depth and intrigue.

Raven is often the voice of reason within the Teen Titans, showcasing her maturity and intelligence. Her struggle with her dark past, quest for peace, and distinctive style make her a captivating gothic heroine in the world of cartoons.

Final Thoughts

In this deep dive into the world of gothic animation, we’ve explored a diverse array of goth cartoon characters, each offering a unique take on the gothic aesthetic.

From the charmingly macabre Addams Family to the brooding complexity of Zuko in “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” goth characters lend richness and depth to animated storytelling.

We’ve seen how these characters navigate their worlds with distinctive style, wit, and strength, making them compelling figures in their respective series. Ultimately, these goth cartoon characters embody a blend of darkness and light, underlining the multifaceted nature of the gothic subculture in the vibrant realm of animation.