Fishy Favorites: Top 25 Most Popular Fish Pokémon

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon franchise, then you know that the world of Pokémon is full of fascinating and unique creatures.

Fish Pokémon has always been a popular choice among these creatures for trainers and fans alike. From the fierce Gyarados to the cute and cuddly Luvdisc, fish Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, each with unique abilities and characteristics.

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the world of fish Pokémon and explore the top 25 most popular fish Pokémon that have captured the hearts of trainers and fans worldwide. So get ready to cast your net wide and discover some fishy favorites!

Fish Pokémons

This list will count down the top 25 most popular fish Pokémon. From classics like Magikarp to newer additions like Wishiwashi, there’s sure to be a favorite on this list for everyone.

1. Sharpedo

Fish Pokémon

Sharpedo is a dark blue, shark-like Pokémon with a white underbelly. It has two small fangs on the lower jaw and three-gill slits on each side. It has red eyes and a fin on its back.

There are two dorsal fins: the main one is red with a white tip, and the second is smaller and entirely white. Sharpedo can swim at speeds of up to 75 mph (120 km/h).

Sharpedo is a notoriously vicious Pokémon known for attacking anything that moves. It is said that once Sharpedo begins to attack, it will not stop until its prey is completely devoured.

In the wild, Sharpedo lives in Packs led by the strongest member. Trainers who wish to capture a Sharpedo must first weaken it in battle before throwing a Poké Ball, as they are otherwise too aggressive to be caught.

Despite its aggression, Sharpedo can be trained to become loyal partners. When properly cared for, they can be very affectionate towards their Trainers. When Mega Evolution is activated, Mega Sharpedo’s skin hardens and takes on a darker hue.

The fins on its back grow larger and sharper, and it gains two more dorsal fins down its sides. Its teeth grow larger and sharper, and Mega Sharpedo’s aggression increases greatly.

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2. Kingdra

Fish Pokémon

Kingdra may not be the first Water/Dragon-type Pokémon to exist, but it is one of the most popular. It was introduced in Generation II and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Kingdra is a large sea dragon Pokémon that can stand on its hind legs. It has a long neck and tail, and its body is covered in blue scales. It has two horns on its head and a fin on its back.

Kingdra is a very powerful Pokémon, capable of learning some of the most powerful water and dragon-type moves. It can also learn the “Hydro Pump” move, one of the game’s strongest water-type moves.

Kingdra is often used in competitive battling, thanks to its great stats and Ability to learn powerful moves. If you’re looking for a strong water-type Pokémon, Kingdra is definitely one to consider!

3. Mega Sharpedo

Fish Pokémon

Mega Sharpedo is a massive, shark-like Pokémon with a sleek, dark blue body. It has large, red eyes and a white underbelly. Its teeth are sharp and pointed, and it has two dorsal fins and a long tail fin.

Sharpedo can reach up to 60 mph speeds, and its Bite attack is incredibly powerful. When Mega Evolved, its body became even more streamlined, and its teeth grew sharper. Its Attack and Speed stats increase significantly, making it an even more formidable opponent.

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4. Magikarp

Fish Pokémon

Magikarp is a fan-favorite Pokémon for many reasons. First, it’s unique among fish Pokémon because it can learn various moves, making it a versatile fighter.

Second, its signature move, Splash, is not only incredibly powerful but also very visually appealing. Finally, Magikarp is just plain adorable, and its Evolution into Gyarados is one of the most satisfying in all of Pokémon.

5. Dragalge

Fish Pokémon

Dragalge is a Poison/Dragon-type Pokémon introduced in Pokémon X and Y. It evolves from Skrelp starting at level 48. Dragalge is a large, orange, and green Pokémon with an elongated body.

Its back is covered in sharp, poisonous spines that it uses for defense. It has two long, tentacle-like arms with suction cups on the ends. Dragalge’s eyes are red with yellow sclerae and yellow pupils. There are two green spots on its cheeks, and its mouth is full of sharp teeth.

Dragalge prefers to live in murky swamps and will attack anything that enters its territory. It can fire a poisonous liquid from its mouth that can cause paralysis or even death. Dragalge can also camouflage itself against rocks and plants to ambush its prey.

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6. Seadra

Fish Pokémon

Seadra is a water-type Pokémon that made its debut in generation one. It is the Evolution of Horsea and can be found in the wild or evolved from Horsea with a water stone. Seadra is a blue dragon Pokémon with a long body and a horn on its head.

It is a powerful swimmer and can shoot water jets from its mouth to attack enemies. Seadra can also learn to move Dragon Pulse, making it a valuable addition to any dragon-type team.

7. Eelektross

Fish Pokémon

Eelektross is a powerful Electric-type Pokémon that first appeared in the fifth generation of Pokémon games. This Pokémon is known for its long, serpentine body and a large mouth lined with razor-sharp teeth.

Eelektross can shock opponents with up to 100,000 volts of electricity and can also discharge electricity through its skin to paralyze prey. Despite its fearsome appearance, Eelektross is a gentle giant that loves eating sweet fruits.

This Pokémon can be found near rivers and lakes, where it often lazes about in the sun. When battle calls, however, Eelektross is more than ready to fight with its fellow Electric-types. If you’re looking for a powerful Electric-type Pokémon to add to your team, then be sure to check out Eelektross!

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8. Horsea

Fish Pokémon

Horsea is a small, blue Pokémon with a long snout and a fin on its back. It is known to be very friendly and is often seen near the shores. Horsea can shoot powerful water jets from its mouth and swim up waterfalls. It is also known to be a very fast swimmer.

9. Lanturn

Fish Pokémon

Lanturn is a Pokémon that first appeared in the second generation of Pokémon games. It is a dual-type Water/Electric-type Pokémon and is known for being able to emit a bright light from its antennae, which it uses to attract prey.

It can also create an electrical field around itself, which it uses to shock predators or enemies. Lanturn is popular for trainers who want a versatile and powerful water-type Pokémon. It can learn various moves, including many powerful water attacks such as Surf and Hydro Pump.

It can also learn moves such as Thunder Wave and Thunderbolt, which allow it to Paralyze or inflict serious damage on foes.

One of Lanturn’s most unique abilities is its Ability to illuminate dark areas with its bright light. This makes it an invaluable partner for spelunking or exploring dark caves. Lanturn’s other Ability, Volt Absorb, allows it to heal itself when hit by Electric-type attacks.

Lanturn is a strong and versatile Pokémon that can hold its own in battle. If you’re looking for a powerful water-type Pokémon, Lanturn should be at the top of your list!

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10. Carvanha

Fish Pokémon

Carvanha is a species of Pokémon that first appeared in the Ruby and Sapphire games. It is a water-type Pokémon that evolves into Sharpedo. Carvanha is known for being a very aggressive and dangerous Pokémon, often attacking other Pokémon and humans without provocation.

It is also known to be very territorial, often attacking anything that enters its territory. Carvanha is considered one of the most popular fish Pokémon due to its aggressive nature and Evolution into the even more popular Sharpedo.

11. Lumineon

Fish Pokémon

Lumineon is a Water-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Finneon starting at level 31. Lumineon is a blue, fish-like Pokémon with long, ribbon-like fins. It has large eyes and a small mouth.

Lumineon is known as the neon Pokémon. Its name comes from the word “luminous”, as it emits light from its body. Lumineon is also known to be very shy and will only come out at night.

Lumineon is popular for many water-based teams due to its good typing and decent stats. It can learn various moves, including powerful STAB moves like Water Pulse and Surf. Lumineon also has access to Ice Beam, which gives it good coverage against Grass- and Flying-types.


12. Qwilfish

Fish Pokémon

Qwilfish is one of the most popular Fish Pokémon of all time. It is a Water-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation II. Qwilfish is known for its poisonous barbs and Ability to inflate itself with water to deter predators. It is also a very versatile Pokémon, capable of learning various moves.

13. Relicanth

Fish Pokémon

Relicanth is a Generation III fish Pokémon. It is one of the rarest and most popular fish Pokémon. Relicanth is a Rock/Water type Pokémon.

It evolves from Lileep at level 40 and can evolve into Gorebyss or Huntail when exposed to a Water Stone. Relicanth is the only known Pokémon that can learn the move ancient power.

Relicanth is a very rare and popular fish Pokémon. It has a dual-typed Rock/Water typing, giving it access to great moves and abilities. Relicanth evolves from Lileep at level 40 and can evolve into Gorebyss or Huntail when exposed to a Water Stone.

Relicanth is the only known Pokémon that can learn the move ancient power. This makes it a very valuable addition to any team, as ancient power is a great move for taking down pesky Bug and Flying-type Pokémon.

14. Whiscash

Fish Pokémon

Whiscash is a blue, catfish-like Pokémon with a white belly. It has a large head with a protruding lower jaw and red eyes with yellow sclerae. Its back has three dark spots, and its tail is split into two lobes.

Whiscash is a timid Pokémon that is rarely seen in the wild. When it does appear, it is usually in groups of five or six. It is known to live in deep, murky ponds and lakes.

Whiscash is an omnivore and will eat just about anything. Its diet consists of small fish, insects, and plants. Whiscash is capable of evolving into Flygon if exposed to a Dragon Scale.

15. Tynamo

Fish Pokémon

Tynamo is a small, eel-like Pokémon with a blue body and white belly. It has two large eyes with a black pupil and four small barbels on its chin.

Both ends of its body are slightly flattened. Tynamo has no scales, but it is covered in tiny bumps. Despite its simplistic design, Tynamo is one of the most popular fish Pokémon.

Its popularity is likely due to its unique Electric type and position as the first Pokémon players encounter in the Unova region. Tynamo’s cuteness and usefulness in battle also add to its appeal.

16. Finneon

Fish Pokémon

Finneon is a small, blue Pokémon with two long, pointed fins on its back. It has large eyes and a small mouth. There is a black stripe running down the center of its body. Finneon lives in freshwater lakes and rivers. It is often seen swimming near the surface, looking for insects to eat.

When it spots an insect, it will quickly swim up and snatch it with its mouth. Finneon also feeds on plants that grow in the water. In the wild, Finneon is often found in schools of other Finneon. When they are not eating or swimming, these Pokémon like to play games with each other, using their tails to create whirlpools.

17. Chinchou

Fish Pokémon

Of all the fish Pokémon, Chinchou may be the most popular. This little electric eel Pokémon is a fan favorite for its unique design and interesting abilities. While it’s not the strongest fish Pokémon, its cuteness and charm have won over the hearts of many fans.

18. Remoraid

Fish Pokémon

Remoraid is a small fish Pokémon with a blue body and white belly. It has a large mouth with many teeth and two small eyes. Its tail is split into two fins with two small pectoral fins near its head.

Remoraid lives in the open ocean, where they travel to schools. They are often seen swimming near the back of Sharpedo or Wailord. When a larger Pokémon appears, Remoraid will attach themselves to it with their suction cups and ride along for safety.

Despite their small size, Remoraid is skilled at using their Water Gun attack to shoot down flying prey. They also can Storm Drain, which allows them to draw in water attacks and redirect them away from themselves.

19. Seaking

Fish Pokémon

Seaking is quite popular among competitive Pokémon players, thanks to its good overall stats and access to the powerful Horn Drill move. It’s also one of the few water-type Pokémon that can learn the Surf move, which is often key for getting around in the games.

20. Feebas

Fish Pokémon

Feebas is a fan-favorite fish Pokémon that has been popular since its introduction in the Ruby and Sapphire games. Feebas is known for its unique coloration and for being notoriously difficult to catch. Despite its rarity, Feebas has remained a popular Pokémon, appearing in many spin-off games and even getting an evolution in Pokémon X and Y.

21. Basculin

Fish Pokémon

Basculin is a Fish Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It has two forms, Red-Striped Basculin and Blue-Striped Basculin, which are based on the different coloration of Bass. Basculin is a predatory Pokémon that will attack anything that moves, regardless of whether it is edible.

Basculin has the Ability to Adaptability, increasing the power of moves with the same type as Basculin by 50%. Basculin also has the Ability Reckless, increasing the power of moves with recoil damage by 20%.

Basculin is a versatile Pokémon that can be used in both Single Battles and Double Battles. In Single Battles, Basculin can use its high speed and powerful attacks to take down opponents quickly.

In Double Battles, Basculin can use its Ability Reckless to take advantage of moves with recoil damage, such as Explosion.

22. Stunfisk

Fish Pokémon

Stunfisk is a popular Fish Pokémon with a unique flat, disk-like body. It is known for its ability to “stun” opponents with its electric shocks. Stunfisk is a bottom-dwelling Pokémon found in the mud of ponds and lakes. It preys on small insects and worms.

23. Goldeen

Fish Pokémon

Goldeen is one of the most popular fish Pokémon of all time. It is a water-type Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation I. Goldeen has a unique horn on its head to attract mates. It is also known for its beautiful tailfin.

24. Skrelp

Fish Pokémon

Skrelp is a Poison/Water-type Pokémon that was first introduced in Pokémon X and Y. It evolves into Dragalge at level 48. Skrelp is a small, brown, seahorse-like Pokémon with a long, green tail. There are two large red spots on its back and a yellow horn on its head. It has two small eyes and no mouth.

Skrelp’s main method of attack is to spray a poisonous liquid from the spots on its back. This poison can cause paralysis if it comes into contact with the skin. Skrelp can also spit this poison as a stream from its mouth.

25. Eelektrik

Fish Pokémon

Eelektrik is one of the most popular Fish Pokémon of all time. It is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Eelektrik starting at level 39. It is the final stage of Evolution for Tynamo.

Eelektrik has a long, snake-like body with black and yellow stripes running down its length. Its head is relatively small compared to its body, and it has two small, black eyes.

On either side of its head are three electricity-generating organs that are used to generate power for Eelektrik’s abilities. These organs are also used to produce electrical attacks. Eelektrik is capable of generating and manipulating electricity. It can use this Ability to power itself up or to attack other Pokémon.

When Eelektrik uses its electricity-generating organs to power itself up, its body will glow yellow. Eelektrik is a very popular Pokémon due to its unique appearance and powers.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 25 most popular fish Pokémon of all time. We know there are many more great fish Pokémon out there, and we can’t wait to see what new ones will be introduced in future games.

What is your favorite fish, Pokémon? Let us know in the comments below!