Top 30 Iconic Female Disney Characters You Need to Know

Disney has gifted the world with countless enchanting tales, each filled with unforgettable characters who have captivated our hearts and sparked our imaginations.

Among these many beloved figures, the iconic female Disney characters stand out as powerful representations of strength, resilience, and wisdom.

Throughout the years, these animated heroines have transcended the barriers of age, ethnicity, and culture, leaving an indelible mark on generations of audiences.

In exploring the top 30 iconic female Disney characters, we celebrate their unique qualities and recognize their impact on storytelling, cinema, and popular culture.

Join us as we delve into the world of Disney, paying tribute to these unforgettable female characters who continue to inspire and entertain.

Female Disney Characters

This list will rank the top female Disney characters from best to worst. These are some of our all-time favorite female Disney characters, and they sure make an impact on movie screens around the world.

1. Leia Skywalker Organa Solo

Leia Skywalker Organa Solo

Princess Leia, born as Leia Skywalker and later known as Leia Organa Solo, is a trailblazing character in the Star Wars universe, which became part of the Disney family following the acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012.

A fierce and intelligent leader, Leia played a crucial role in the Rebel Alliance’s fight against the evil Galactic Empire. As the daughter of Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) and Padmé Amidala, sister to Luke Skywalker, and wife of Han Solo, Leia’s strength, resilience, and compassion have made her a powerful symbol of feminine heroism.

Leia’s journey is one of growth and self-discovery, as she evolves from a diplomatic princess to a general in the Resistance. She embodies the core values of courage, determination, and wisdom, proving time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite the many hardships she faces, Leia remains steadfast in her commitment to her ideals and her loved ones. Her ability to inspire loyalty and devotion among her allies has made her an influential figure not only within the Star Wars universe but also in popular culture.

Leia’s iconic hairstyle, featuring two large side buns, has become a visual symbol of her character, and her role in the series has paved the way for a new generation of strong, independent female characters.

As a trailblazer in a male-dominated galaxy, Leia Skywalker Organa Solo has left an indelible mark on the Disney canon and remains a beacon of strength and inspiration for generations to come.

2. Esmeralda


Esmeralda, the enchanting and defiant protagonist of Disney’s 1996 animated feature “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” is a captivating and complex character that stands as a symbol of tolerance, compassion, and courage.

A fiercely independent Romani woman, Esmeralda refuses to bow to the discrimination and prejudices of 15th century Parisian society, using her wit, charm, and exceptional acrobatic skills to navigate a world that seeks to oppress her.

With her emerald green eyes and flowing raven hair, Esmeralda is as striking in appearance as she is in spirit. She exhibits an unwavering determination to stand up for the rights of the downtrodden and marginalized, as exemplified by her fierce defense of the deformed bell-ringer, Quasimodo.

Her empathy, courage, and unwavering sense of justice make her a powerful role model for audiences young and old. Esmeralda’s importance as a Disney character extends beyond the film, as she has come to symbolize the struggle against prejudice and injustice.

Her ability to see past appearances and recognize the inherent goodness in others serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and understanding in a world that often judges too quickly. Esmeralda’s spirited nature and devotion to justice have firmly established her as an iconic female Disney character.

3. Merida


Merida, the fiery-haired and fiercely independent protagonist of Disney-Pixar’s 2012 animated film “Brave,” shattered the mold of the traditional Disney princess and offered a fresh perspective on female empowerment. A skilled archer and headstrong young woman, Merida defies societal expectations to forge her own path, demonstrating the importance of self-discovery, courage, and personal growth.

Born into Scottish royalty, Merida resists the pressure to follow the traditional route of marriage and instead chooses to pursue her own passions and interests. Her determination to break free from societal constraints leads her on a transformative journey that teaches her the value of communication, understanding, and compromise.

Merida’s vibrant red curls, piercing blue eyes, and formidable spirit have made her a visually and emotionally striking character. As the first Pixar princess and a symbol of female empowerment, Mer

ida has broken boundaries and inspired countless young girls to embrace their individuality and challenge societal norms. Her complex relationship with her mother, Queen Elinor, adds depth to her story, demonstrating the power of empathy and the importance of understanding different perspectives.

Merida’s influence extends beyond the realm of animation, as her character has become synonymous with the message of female empowerment and self-determination. Her refusal to conform to traditional expectations and her courage to face adversity in pursuit of her own happiness have made her a beloved and iconic figure in the Disney pantheon.

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4. Maleficent


Maleficent, the powerful and enigmatic sorceress from the 1959 animated classic “Sleeping Beauty,” has long been one of Disney’s most iconic female characters.

Known for her striking appearance, with a sharp, angular face, dark purple and black robes, and menacing horns, Maleficent is as visually captivating as she is formidable. Often regarded as one of the most menacing Disney villains, she embodies the concept of a self-serving character driven by vengeance, resentment, and jealousy.

However, the 2014 live-action film “Maleficent,” starring Angelina Jolie, introduced a new dimension to this iconic character. The film humanized her, providing a backstory that explained her motivations and actions.

Audiences were given the chance to empathize with Maleficent and understand her transformation from a benevolent fairy to the vengeful sorceress we know today.

Despite her villainous roots, Maleficent has become a symbol of female empowerment, highlighting the complexities of the character and the depth of her emotions.

5. Raya


Raya is a powerful sorceress who helps Mickey Mouse foil the Evil Queen’s wicked plans in Disney’s classic 1937 animated film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” She’s confident, resourceful, and fiercely independent – qualities that make her an excellent ally for Mickey.

As a skilled spellcaster, Raya is a formidable opponent for the queen and her minions. Over the years, Raya has appeared in several TV series and movies, most notably “The Princess Diaries” franchise. She remains one of Disney’s most iconic female characters. Here are three reasons why:

1. Her charm and wit: Raya is charming and witty, able to take down anyone with her sharp tongue. Her ability to think on her feet is impressive, making her a valuable asset on any adventure.

2. Her determination and strength: Even when things seem hopeless, Raya never gives up. She’s always ready to fight for what she believes in – no matter what the cost. This strength of character makes her an inspiring role model for young girls everywhere.

3. Her empowering message: It’s clear that Raya isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or others – even against formidable foes like the queen. In doing so, she teaches young women that they can achieve anything they set their minds to!

Gamora is a powerful and fierce warrior who pushes herself to her limits. She’s relentless in her quest for revenge against Thanos, the Mad Titan. She is one of the deadliest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

6. Gamora


Gamora, the fierce and resilient warrior from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” quickly became an iconic female Disney character after the film’s release in 2014.

Portrayed by Zoe Saldana, Gamora’s green-skinned, cybernetically enhanced appearance is instantly recognizable, and her formidable combat skills make her a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As the adopted daughter of the ruthless villain Thanos, Gamora’s complex past and struggles with her identity add emotional depth to her character.

Throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy series and her appearances in other Marvel films, Gamora has demonstrated unwavering loyalty to her newfound family, showcasing her strength, resilience, and capacity for love despite her dark past.

As a fierce warrior and compassionate friend, Gamora has inspired countless fans, representing the powerful and multidimensional nature of female characters in modern Disney storytelling.

7. Mrs. Incredible

Mrs. Incredible

Helen Parr, also known as Mrs. Incredible or Elastigirl, first graced the screen in the 2004 animated film “The Incredibles,” and quickly became an iconic symbol of female empowerment in the Disney universe.

As the matriarch of the Parr family, Mrs. Incredible is a loving wife and mother who balances her family life with her superhero duties, showcasing both her maternal instincts and her exceptional crime-fighting skills.

With her elastic powers that enable her to stretch her body in extraordinary ways, Mrs. Incredible is a formidable hero and a prime example of a strong, independent woman.

In the 2018 sequel “Incredibles 2,” her character takes center stage as the primary hero, demonstrating her capabilities as a leader and role model.

Mrs. Incredible represents the strength and resilience of modern women, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities with grace and determination, while also serving as a reminder that female characters can be just as powerful and influential as their male counterparts.

8. Mulan


Mulan, the titular character of the 1998 animated film, stands out as a trailblazer among Disney heroines. Based on the ancient Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, this character breaks away from traditional gender roles and societal expectations to become a fierce warrior and a symbol of strength and courage.

Disguising herself as a man to take her ailing father’s place in the army, Mulan embarks on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization, proving that one’s worth is not determined by their gender.

The character’s resilience and determination are beautifully depicted through her actions, decisions, and even her memorable song “Reflection,” which expresses her inner conflict and desire to stay true to herself.

Mulan’s story not only challenges the conventional portrayal of female characters in animation but also serves as an empowering message to young girls and women worldwide. Her legacy has transcended the animated film, with a live-action adaptation released in 2020, further solidifying Mulan’s status as an iconic female Disney character.

9. Moana


Moana, the protagonist of the 2016 animated film, is another groundbreaking Disney heroine who embodies the spirit of exploration, independence, and self-discovery.

As the daughter of the chief on the Polynesian island of Motunui, Moana is expected to lead her people and maintain their traditions. However, her adventurous spirit and connection to the ocean drive her to embark on a daring quest to save her island and restore the balance between nature and humanity.

Moana’s journey is one of empowerment and personal growth, as she learns to trust her instincts, embrace her identity, and understand her role in the world.

Her courage, tenacity, and compassion are qualities that resonate with audiences, making her an inspiring role model for young girls.

Moana’s character also represents a more culturally diverse and inclusive Disney heroine, as her story is deeply rooted in Polynesian mythology and traditions.

This rich cultural representation, combined with her unwavering spirit, cements Moana’s place among the top iconic female Disney characters.

10. Anna


Anna is one of the most beloved Disney characters ever. She’s charming, strong-willed, and totally adorable. Anna has starred in several movies and TV shows, but she’s best known for her appearances in “The Lion King” and “Frozen.”

Here are four reasons why Anna is one of the top female Disney characters of all time:

1. Anna is a brave heroine. In “The Lion King,” Anna stands up to her brother Scar and saves him from being eaten by lions. She’s also a fearless leader in “Frozen,” which features some of the most exciting action sequences ever filmed.

2. Anna is always looking out for her friends. In “The Lion King,” Anna helps Simba find his way home after he’s lost in the wilderness. In “Frozen,” Elsa risks everything to save her sister and kingdom from destruction.

3. Anna is compassionate and caring. In “The Lion King,” when Mufasa dies, Anna grieves with Simba and aids him in fulfilling his duties as king. In “Frozen,” Elsa reluctantly abdicates her throne to protect her people but still cares for them deeply.

4. Anna is endlessly optimistic. Even when things seem hopeless, like when Hans tries to kill Elsa in “Frozen,” Anna never gives up on her friends or herself. She always sees the good in people and situations, which makes her an inspiration.

11. Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow, portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, is a powerful and complex character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which has been part of the Disney family since 2009.

First appearing in the film Iron Man 2 (2010) and subsequently in multiple MCU films, Black Widow, also known as Natasha Romanoff, is a skilled spy and assassin who joins the Avengers to help protect the world from various threats.

Natasha’s character development throughout the MCU is a testament to her resilience and adaptability, as she constantly faces the demons of her past while working to forge a new path as a hero.

Black Widow’s intelligence, resourcefulness, and combat skills make her a formidable force, but it’s her vulnerability, compassion, and determination that truly define her as an iconic female Disney character.

In 2021, she finally received her own standalone film, which delved deeper into her origins and the complexities of her character. As one of the founding members of the Avengers, Black Widow has undeniably earned her place among the top 30 iconic female Disney characters, representing strength, courage, and redemption.

12. Shuri


As the genius younger sister of T’Challa, the Black Panther, Shuri stands out as a groundbreaking and iconic female Disney character.

Introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 2018 film “Black Panther,” Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, is a gifted inventor and scientist who plays a pivotal role in Wakanda’s advanced technological prowess.

Her creations include the cutting-edge Black Panther suit, as well as numerous gadgets and weapons that give Wakanda a significant advantage over other nations.

Shuri is an empowering representation of intelligence, innovation, and strength in a young woman. Her intelligence, quick wit, and resilience make her an inspiring role model for girls interested in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Furthermore, Shuri’s close relationship with her brother T’Challa highlights the importance of supportive and loving family dynamics, while her unwavering loyalty to Wakanda demonstrates her commitment to her country and its people.

As an iconic Disney character, Shuri has also played a significant role in promoting diversity and representation in mainstream media.

As a young, brilliant, and strong black woman, she is a trailblazer who has opened doors for more diverse and complex portrayals of female characters in popular culture. Shuri’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire and empower future generations of fans.

13. Tiana


Tiana is one of Disney’s most beloved female characters. She debuted in The Princess and the Frog and has starred in three other films.

Tiana is a singer, dancer, and artist who loves to make her clothes and accessories. She is also very friendly and fun-loving, which makes her an excellent character to enjoy watching onscreen. Here are the top best Tiana moments from her films:

1. When she first meets Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog, she is shy but determined to make a good impression on him.

2. In The Princess and the Frog Returns, she performs an astonishing number called “A Whole New World” at the Bubblegum Ballroom.

3. In The Princess and the Frog 2017, she helps Prince Naveen regain his kingdom after being taken over by the Evil Queen Eudora.

4. Tiana is also very strong-willed in making decisions for herself – like when she decides to leave Louisiana for New Orleans in The Princess and the Frog 2012 to find her place in the world.

14. Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps, the tenacious and optimistic protagonist of Disney’s 2016 animated film “Zootopia,” stands as a beacon of determination and hope among Disney’s iconic female characters. Voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, Judy is a rabbit who dreams of becoming the first of her kind to join the esteemed ranks of the Zootopia Police Department.

Despite facing numerous obstacles and prejudices, she remains unwavering in her pursuit of justice and equality. Judy’s journey in “Zootopia” is not only an inspiring tale of breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes, but also a commentary on the importance of empathy, understanding, and teamwork.

As Judy works alongside Nick Wilde, a fox with a checkered past, they both learn to challenge their preconceived notions about each other’s species and work together to uncover a larger conspiracy threatening their city.

Judy Hopps has earned her place among the most iconic female Disney characters due to her relentless determination, moral compass, and her drive to make the world a better place. By proving that anyone can be anything, regardless of their background or perceived limitations, Judy inspires audiences of all ages to chase their dreams and never give up.

15. Rey

Judy Hopps

Rey, the resourceful and resilient heroine of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, stands tall among Disney’s most iconic female characters. First introduced in 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Rey, portrayed by Daisy Ridley, is a scavenger on the desert planet of Jakku who finds herself at the center of the galaxy’s struggle between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Throughout the trilogy, Rey uncovers her own mysterious past, hones her skills as a Jedi, and plays a crucial role in the defeat of the sinister First Order.

Rey’s character arc is a testament to the power of self-discovery, perseverance, and inner strength. She defies expectations and overcomes immense challenges on her journey to become a powerful Jedi while maintaining her kindness, compassion, and unwavering dedication to her friends.

Rey’s story challenges traditional gender roles and showcases that strength and heroism can be found in individuals from all walks of life.

As an iconic Disney character, Rey has contributed significantly to the diversification of the Star Wars universe, paving the way for more prominent and nuanced female characters in the franchise. Her legacy as a powerful, determined, and compassionate heroine continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

16. Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil, the infamous villainess from Disney’s classic animated film “101 Dalmatians” (1961), has become a symbol of malevolence and vanity in popular culture.

With her striking appearance, marked by half-black, half-white hair, red gloves, and an extravagant fur coat, Cruella embodies the epitome of wickedness and obsession.

Cruella’s ruthless ambition to create a unique fur coat out of Dalmatian puppies showcases her cold-hearted nature and utter disregard for the welfare of others.

The character’s distinct style, exaggerated mannerisms, and sinister laugh have made her an unforgettable presence in the Disney universe.

Cruella’s relentless pursuit of her twisted goals reflects her cunning intelligence and determination, making her a formidable adversary to the film’s protagonists, Roger and Anita Radcliffe, and their canine companions Pongo and Perdita.

In 2021, Disney released “Cruella,” a live-action prequel to “101 Dalmatians,” starring Emma Stone as the iconic villain. The film provided a deeper exploration into the origins and motivations of Cruella De Vil, humanizing her character while maintaining her infamous reputation.

17. Pocahontas


Regarding the best female Disney characters of all time, Pocahontas ranks high on the list. This self-taught Native American woman rose to fame in the late 16th century for saving John Smith from captivity and helping establish English colonies in America.

Pocahontas is beloved by children and adults alike for her warmth, determination, and bravery. She’s also one of Disney’s most popular characters ever, appearing in multiple films and TV shows over the years. 

She was a real person. Pocahontas was born around 1596 in Virginia, part of the British Empire. As a young girl, she befriended John Smith, a white man recently captured by Native Americans and sentenced to death.

Smith managed to escape and tell his story, inspiring Pocahontas to help him save himself and return to England after she convinced her people to release him.

She was brave. Despite being outnumbered more than 10-to-1, Pocahontas led a daring attack on English ships anchored off their coast, driving them away and preventing them from taking over her homeland.

18.Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope Von Schweetz is a lovable and spirited character from Disney’s 2012 animated film “Wreck-It Ralph.” As a young racer in the candy-themed video game, Sugar Rush, Vanellope dreams of winning races and proving her worth.

Despite facing ridicule and exclusion due to her “glitch” status, Vanellope remains optimistic and resilient, showcasing her strength of character and determination.

Her unlikely friendship with Ralph, a video game villain seeking redemption, propels her journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Vanellope’s quirky charm, wit, and perseverance have endeared her to audiences, making her a beloved Disney character.

In the 2018 sequel, “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Vanellope’s character development continues as she navigates the vast and unpredictable world of the internet.

The character’s journey highlights themes of friendship, growth, and the importance of embracing one’s true identity, contributing to Vanellope’s iconic status within the Disney universe.

Vanellope is a true icon, and her popularity continues to grow. She’s definitely one of the top female Disney characters of all time.

19. Kim Possible

Kim Possible

Kim Possible, the titular character from Disney Channel’s animated series (2002-2007), has earned her place among the top iconic female Disney characters.

As a high school student by day and crime-fighting hero by night, Kim Possible represents a new generation of empowered and capable female characters. Her intelligence, athleticism, and resourcefulness make her an inspiring role model for young viewers.

Kim’s relatability lies in her ability to balance the challenges of her everyday life with her crime-fighting duties. Her unwavering dedication to her friends, family, and the greater good is a testament to her strong moral compass and sense of responsibility.

Alongside her sidekick and best friend, Ron Stoppable, and his pet naked mole-rat Rufus, Kim Possible embarks on thrilling adventures, tackling various villains and saving the world from nefarious schemes.

The character’s enduring popularity led to the creation of two animated films and a 2019 live-action adaptation. Kim Possible’s legacy continues to inspire, proving that anything is truly possible with determination and courage.

Her ability to do so overwhelms many of us who don’t know how she did it. In addition, she has also made a vow to stop any and every crime as soon as they happen, which explains how well she did during her teenage years.

20. Elsa


Elsa, the ice queen of Arendelle, burst onto the scene in 2013’s animated feature, “Frozen.” Since then, she has become an iconic symbol of self-discovery and empowerment, resonating deeply with audiences across the globe.

Voiced by the talented Idina Menzel, Elsa’s journey from a repressed and fearful royal to a confident and self-assured leader has inspired countless fans to embrace their true selves and overcome their insecurities.

One of the key aspects of Elsa’s character is her magical ability to control ice and snow. While initially a source of fear and isolation, Elsa’s powers become a symbol of her newfound strength and self-acceptance.

The Oscar-winning song “Let It Go” encapsulates her emotional transformation, as she casts off her self-imposed limitations to embrace her true potential. The soaring ballad has become a powerful anthem, synonymous with the character’s journey and the broader themes of the film.

Elsa’s striking visual design, which features her signature ice-blue dress and flowing platinum blonde hair, has also played a significant role in her iconic status.

This distinct and memorable look has turned Elsa into a recognizable figure in popular culture, adorning merchandise, Halloween costumes, and even inspiring fashion trends.

As a testament to her enduring appeal, Elsa continues to captivate audiences as a symbol of resilience, self-discovery, and the power of sisterly love.

21. Ursula


When it comes to the best female Disney characters of all time, there’s no doubt that Ursula is at the top of the list. She’s charming, funny, and lovable—everything a great female character should be. Ursula is also one of the most complex and interesting Disney villains ever created, which makes her all the more impressive. 

From her bumbling attempts at disguise to her sultry voice and seductive demeanor, Ursula always comes across as hilarious—no matter what she’s doing or saying. Her comedic timing is impeccable, and her quips are always sure to get a rise out of viewers.

Ursula isn’t just another evil witch; she’s also been through a lot. She was once a beautiful princess betrayed by her kingdom—a story providing plenty of tragic introspection and emotional depth.

Plus, her interactions with Ariel (another top-tier female Disney character) make for some memorable scenes that showcase both their strengths and weaknesses in an effortlessly relatable way.

22. Jasmine


Jasmine, the spirited princess of Agrabah, made her debut in Disney’s 1992 classic, “Aladdin.” As the love interest of the film’s titular character, Jasmine has become a symbol of courage and independence, breaking free from the confines of her royal upbringing and challenging societal expectations.

Voiced by Linda Larkin, with singing by Lea Salonga, Jasmine’s character has captivated audiences with her tenacity, wit, and kindness.

Throughout the film, Jasmine demonstrates her strong will and determination, refusing to be a pawn in her father’s quest for a suitable suitor.

Her journey to find true love and personal fulfillment is a compelling narrative, showcasing the importance of self-discovery and the strength in being true to oneself.

Jasmine’s iconic duet with Aladdin, “A Whole New World,” highlights her longing for adventure and freedom, cementing her status as a relatable and inspiring character.

Jasmine’s unique visual design, featuring her teal Arabian-inspired attire and flowing jet-black hair, has further solidified her iconic status. This distinct appearance has made Jasmine a recognizable figure across the globe, serving as a symbol of empowerment and adventure.

As a beloved Disney princess, Jasmine’s legacy endures as a testament to the importance of courage, self-determination, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

23. Nani Pelekai

Nani Pelekai

Nani Pelekai, the devoted older sister of Lilo, made her heartfelt debut in Disney’s 2002 animated film, “Lilo & Stitch.” As a character that exudes strength, responsibility, and love, Nani has carved a unique space for herself in the Disney pantheon.

Voiced by Tia Carrere, Nani’s journey as she navigates the challenges of raising her younger sister in the wake of their parents’ tragic passing has resonated with audiences of all ages.

Nani’s character is a prime example of resilience and determination, as she strives to provide a stable and loving home for Lilo in the face of adversity. Her unwavering commitment to her sister showcases the power of familial bonds and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of ohana, or family.

This strong and nurturing presence sets Nani apart from other Disney characters, as her story highlights the significance of sibling love and responsibility.

Nani’s visual design, which features casual attire and her long, flowing dark hair, creates a down-to-earth and relatable appearance that endears her to audiences.

This realistic representation of a young woman grappling with the challenges of life reflects the film’s grounded and heartfelt approach to storytelling.

Nani’s distinct look and character design set her apart from other Disney characters and serve as a symbol of strength, perseverance, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

24. Emma Swan

Emma Swan

Emma Swan is a compelling character who made her debut on the hit television series “Once Upon a Time.” As the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, she carries the legacy of some of the most iconic Disney characters in history.

Emma’s journey is one of self-discovery and growth, as she embarks on a quest to break the curse that has trapped the residents of Storybrooke in a world without magic or happy endings.

Emma’s character is a perfect blend of strength and vulnerability, making her relatable and endearing to viewers. She is a resourceful and skilled fighter, with a fierce determination to protect her loved ones and restore their memories.

At the same time, Emma struggles with the pain of her past and the weight of her destiny, which adds depth and complexity to her character.

Throughout the series, Emma evolves from a lonely, guarded bail bondsperson to the powerful, compassionate Savior of Storybrooke. Her relationships with other characters, particularly her son Henry, and her true love, Captain Hook, add nuance to her character arc and demonstrate the power of love and family in overcoming the darkest of circumstances.

Ultimately, Emma Swan’s place among iconic female Disney characters is well-deserved, as her tale of resilience, love, and redemption continues to resonate with audiences.

25. Megara


When it comes to female Disney characters, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Megara, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana are all highly praised for their strong characterization and badassery. So which one is the best?

Megara is easily the most complex and exciting of the bunch. She’s fierce and independent but can also be compassionate and caring. Plus, her rivalry with Hercules is absolutely epic.

Pocahontas is another standout character. Her journey from outsider to leader is inspiring and well done. And she has some of the best songs in Disney history, no matter what anyone says about “The Ballad of John Smith.”

Mulan is easily one of Disney’s most iconic princesses. She’s brave and determined, even when things seem impossible. And her fight against Shan Yu at the Battle of Han River is unforgettable.

Tiana may have had fewer memorable moments than the other three girls on this list. However, she’s still an enjoyable character overall. She has a lot of heart and always puts others first, no matter her obstacles.

26. Joy


Joy is an endearing character from the critically acclaimed Disney-Pixar film “Inside Out,” which takes viewers on an emotional journey through the mind of a young girl named Riley.

As one of Riley’s five core emotions, Joy is the embodiment of happiness, optimism, and enthusiasm. With her bright, bubbly personality and infectious energy, she is determined to keep Riley content and upbeat, no matter the challenges they face.

Joy’s character is pivotal to the film’s exploration of the complexity of human emotions and the importance of embracing our feelings. As the story unfolds, Joy learns to appreciate the value of other emotions, like sadness, in helping Riley navigate the ups and downs of life.

Her character arc is a testament to the power of personal growth and self-discovery, as she comes to understand that happiness is not the only emotion that matters.

Through her vibrant animation and expressive voice acting, Joy has become a beloved figure in the Disney-Pixar universe. Her character resonates with audiences of all ages, reminding us that it’s okay to feel a wide range of emotions and that the pursuit of happiness is a lifelong journey.

Joy’s place among the top female Disney characters is well-earned, as she continues to inspire and delight fans with her boundless optimism and unwavering love for Riley.

27. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful characters in Disney’s history. She first appeared as a supporting character in “The Spectacular Spider-Man” and quickly became a fan favorite. Scarlet Witch has been involved in many of Marvel’s biggest storylines, such as the Civil War and Thanos events.

Scarlet Witch is known for her powerful abilities as a witch, including telekinesis, levitation, and fire control. Her powers often lead to her conflicts with other characters, especially Spider-Man. However, she has also shown great compassion and kindness, which makes her an admirable character.

Scarlet Witch was recently ranked as the third-best female Disney character of all time by Comic Book Resources. Her ranking follows behind Moana and Belle but ahead of Tinkerbell and Mulan.

While her rankings may change as new characters are introduced into the Disney pantheon, Scarlet Witch will surely be remembered as one of the greatest female Disney characters ever created.

28. Rapunzel


Rapunzel is the spirited and charming protagonist of Disney’s “Tangled,” a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale. With her long, magical hair and adventurous spirit, she captivates audiences with her determination to break free from the confines of her tower and discover the world beyond.

Rapunzel’s journey is one of self-discovery, empowerment, and love, as she learns to embrace her true identity and find her place in the world.

Rapunzel’s character is a delightful blend of innocence, curiosity, and courage. Despite her isolated upbringing, she is resourceful and quick-witted, using her unique abilities and boundless imagination to overcome obstacles and protect those she loves.

Her relationship with Flynn Rider, the roguish yet endearing thief, adds depth to her character arc, as they both grow and evolve through their shared experiences.

With her enchanting singing voice and visually stunning animation, Rapunzel has captured the hearts of Disney fans around the world. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that we are capable of great things when we believe in ourselves and follow our dreams.

As a symbol of courage, curiosity, and self discovery, Rapunzel has undeniably earned her place among the top 30 iconic female Disney characters.

Her journey is an inspiration to viewers of all ages, as she demonstrates the importance of breaking free from the constraints imposed by others and pursuing one’s own path. Through her adventures, Rapunzel learns that the world is filled with both beauty and danger, and that true strength comes from within.

29. Minnie Mouse

Mini Mouse

As one of the most iconic and recognizable Disney characters of all time, Minnie Mouse has played a crucial role in the Disney universe since her debut alongside Mickey Mouse in the 1928 short film, “Steamboat Willie.” Created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, Minnie Mouse is a charming and stylish character that has become synonymous with the Disney brand itself.

With her signature polka-dot dress, oversized bow, and delightful smile, Minnie’s design has remained remarkably consistent over the years, solidifying her place as a timeless symbol of Disney’s golden age of animation.

Minnie Mouse is more than just Mickey’s love interest; she embodies a strong and independent spirit that has evolved over time to reflect the changing roles of women in society.

Known for her gentle nature, kindness, and unwavering loyalty, Minnie serves as a role model for young girls and women alike, illustrating that one can be both strong and feminine.

She has also showcased her talents in various capacities, including singing, dancing, and even solving mysteries with Mickey and friends in the popular television series “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

Throughout her illustrious career, Minnie has starred in numerous films, TV shows, and comic strips, as well as appeared in countless merchandise and theme park attractions.

She has maintained her popularity and cultural relevance for nearly a century, proving that the character’s appeal is truly timeless.

As a beacon of joy, love, and friendship, Minnie Mouse stands tall among the most iconic female Disney characters and continues to inspire generations of fans worldwide.

30. Nala


Introduced in Disney’s 1994 animated classic “The Lion King,” Nala is a strong, determined, and intelligent lioness who plays a pivotal role in the film’s storyline.

Voiced by Moira Kelly and Niketa Calame (as a cub), Nala is not only the childhood friend and eventual love interest of Simba, but also a key figure in the Pride Lands’ fight for survival against the villainous Scar.

Nala’s character is a refreshing departure from the traditional Disney princess archetype, as she demonstrates courage, resourcefulness, and leadership throughout the film.

As a skilled hunter and fierce protector of her pride, Nala embodies the essence of female empowerment, inspiring young girls to embrace their strength and independence.

Her unwavering support and belief in Simba ultimately play a crucial role in his return to the Pride Lands, showcasing the power of love and friendship in overcoming adversity.

In addition to “The Lion King,” Nala has appeared in various sequels, spin-off series, and stage adaptations, solidifying her status as a beloved Disney character.

Her role in the franchise has expanded over time, with the character receiving more depth and development in projects like “The Lion Guard” animated series and the 2019 live-action adaptation of “The Lion King.” These portrayals emphasize Nala’s wisdom, compassion, and bravery, making her an enduring symbol of female strength and resilience in the Disney universe.

Nala’s enduring appeal lies in her multifaceted character and the empowering messages she conveys to audiences. As a representation of courage, love, and responsibility, Nala has undoubtedly earned her place among the top 30 iconic female Disney characters.


The journey through the world of Disney’s most iconic female characters highlights the remarkable diversity and depth of these enchanting figures.

Each of these women, whether princess or villain, has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of animation and storytelling.

As they break stereotypes, challenge norms, and redefine the concept of a “strong female character,” they empower generations of young girls and women to believe in their own potential and value.

These top 30 iconic female Disney characters will forever hold a special place in our hearts, not only for the magic they bring to the screen but also for the timeless lessons they teach us about courage, love, and the power of dreaming big.