Top 25 Dragon Cartoon Characters: Must-See List

Dragons are not just mythical creatures of lore and legend; they have found their way into our hearts through vivid illustrations and animated portrayals as charming dragon cartoon characters.

This magical world of animated dragons captivates us with their enchanting stories, humorous quirks, and undeniable charm, enthralling both children and adults.

From fire-breathing behemoths to adorable companions, these dragons offer a fascinating blend of mystique, fun, and adventure. In this feature, we delve into the world of animation to bring you the top 25 must-see dragon cartoon characters.

Get ready to embark on a magical journey of imagination and exploration, one dragon character at a time!

Dragon Cartoon Characters

In this section, we’ll explore the magic of dragon cartoon characters. From the fiery realms of television shows to the colorful pages of comic books, dragons have graced every possible medium. Be it friendly sidekicks, witty guides, or fearsome villains, dragon characters add a layer of fascination to our favorite stories.

1. Toothless – How to Train Your Dragon

Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon

Toothless, from the DreamWorks animated franchise “How to Train Your Dragon,” embodies the quintessential tale of friendship between man and beast. Unlike the typical dragon stereotype of fire-breathing fierceness, Toothless is a Night Fury, a species renowned for its speed, intelligence, and enigmatic charm. Toothless has deep black scales, glowing green eyes, and a stealthy silhouette akin to a jaguar.

He’s known for his acrobatic prowess and striking plasma blasts. However, his endearing personality truly captures the hearts of audiences worldwide. Toothless is loyal, playful, and protective, showcasing his unbreakable bond with his best friend, Hiccup.

Despite their initial animosity, their evolving relationship shows a poignant message of understanding and acceptance, making Toothless one of the most beloved dragon characters ever created.

2. Mushu – Mulan

Mushu - Mulan

Mushu, the pint-sized Dragon from Disney’s “Mulan,” provides a comical spin on the traditional dragon archetype. Despite his small size, he has a big personality, packed with sass and determination.

As Mulan’s self-appointed guardian, Mushu displays a fierce loyalty and protective streak, albeit with a side of humorous mischief. He’s the source of much of the film’s comic relief, yet his underlying devotion to Mulan adds a heartfelt layer to his character.

Voiced by Eddie Murphy, Mushu’s quick wit and irreverent humor make him instantly memorable. His vibrant red and orange scales, diminutive size, and large, expressive eyes also distinguish him visually from the typical depiction of dragons. Despite his comedic persona, Mushu’s endeavors to help Mulan save China attest to his bravery and heroism, making him a fan favorite.

3. Spyro – Spyro the Dragon

Spyro - Spyro the Dragon

Spyro is the vivacious protagonist of the “Spyro the Dragon” video game series. As a purple-scaled dragon, Spyro’s distinctiveness extends beyond his vibrant color. He’s small but full of courage, and his playful charm, youthful enthusiasm, and boundless curiosity have made him a video game icon. Spyro is known for his extraordinary abilities, which include fire-breathing, charging, and gliding across vast landscapes.

The series chronicles his adventures across various realms, offering players a captivating blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and action. Although he may seem cocky at times, Spyro’s heart of gold shines through his bravado. His resilience, unwavering determination, spirited personality, and unforgettable design have ensured Spyro’s enduring popularity among fans of all ages.

4. Charizard – Pokémon

Charizard - Pokémon

Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is an iconic dragon-like character from the Pokémon franchise. Although technically classified as a Fire/Flying Pokémon, Charizard embodies many classic dragon traits, including the ability to breathe fire and fly. Standing at 5’7″ and showcasing a striking orange and blue design, Charizard’s impressive appearance is complemented by its fierce battling spirit.

It’s not just Charizard’s formidable powers that make him a fan favorite; his evolution from the adorable Charmander tells a story of growth and transformation, which many trainers can relate to. Despite his intimidating exterior, Charizard displays a strong bond with his trainer, Ash Ketchum, reflecting the franchise’s underlying theme of friendship and trust between Pokémon and humans.

5. Puff the Magic Dragon – Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon - Puff the Magic Dragon

“Puff the Magic Dragon” is a tenderhearted character from the eponymous 1978 animated film based on a folk song by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Unlike most dragon depictions, Puff symbolizes innocence and the bittersweet passage of childhood.

He’s a dragon of vibrant green scales and kind eyes, residing in the whimsical land of Honalee. Puff is known for his adventures with his best friend, Jackie Paper, who represents the joy and imagination of youth.

Their story, filled with adventures and camaraderie, is a heartwarming exploration of friendship and growing up. Despite its sad undertones, Puff’s tale resonates with audiences for its honesty and nostalgia, proving that dragons can be more than just mythical beasts—they can be friends, mentors, and cherished parts of our childhood memories.

6. Elliot – Pete’s Dragon

Elliot - Pete's Dragon

Elliot is the lovable Dragon from Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon,” a heartwarming tale of friendship and acceptance. Elliot’s massive size, emerald green scales, and pink tuft of hair are uniquely distinctive. However, his gentle heart and protective nature towards the orphaned Pete truly make him special.

Despite his imposing stature, Elliot is kind and playful, with an endearing clumsiness that brings humor to the film. His ability to turn invisible allows him to hide in plain sight, often leading to amusing situations.

Elliot’s devotion to Pete and his resilience in ensuring his safety, despite fear and misunderstanding from others, paint a poignant image of loyalty and friendship that deeply resonates with audiences.

7. Spike – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Spike - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Spike, the baby dragon from the animated series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” is an essential part of the magical land of Equestria. While he may not be as physically imposing as traditional dragons, his purple and green exterior and cheerful demeanor make him an endearing character.

He is Twilight Sparkle’s number-one assistant, a loyal friend, and comic relief throughout the series. His roles range from sending messages via his fire breath to offering a listening ear to his friends. As he navigates his way through dragonhood, Spike embodies the values of friendship, understanding, and acceptance, making him a beloved character in the series.

8. Falkor – The NeverEnding Story

Falkor - The NeverEnding Story

Falkor, the luck dragon from “The NeverEnding Story,” is a creature of comfort and joy in a world often filled with darkness. His elongated, serpent-like body and white, furry scales make him visually unique among dragon characters. Falkor’s optimistic outlook, boundless wisdom, and the soothing calmness of his voice provide hope and solace to the young hero, Atreyu, on his journey.

His ability to fly and his luck-oriented powers often save the day. Despite the perils they encounter, Falkor’s unwavering faith in Atreyu and his good-natured humor testify to the power of friendship and positivity, making him a cherished character.

9. Haku – Spirited Away

Haku - Spirited Away

From Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece “Spirited Away,” Haku is a riveting character with a complex and moving narrative arc. As a dragon, he is majestic and formidable, with a long, serpentine form and shimmering scales that capture the ethereal beauty of Ghibli’s animation. Yet, Haku is also a boy caught in a world of spirits and magic.

His bond with Chihiro, the film’s protagonist, drives the story forward. His courage and loyalty are deeply inspiring even when facing grave dangers. Haku’s character embodies the film’s themes of identity, growth, and the power of compassion, making him a truly unforgettable dragon.

10. Dragon – Shrek

Dragon - Shrek

The Dragon from DreamWorks’ “Shrek” series is a delightful subversion of traditional dragon stereotypes. Initially presented as a terrifying, fire-breathing obstacle in Shrek and Donkey’s quest, she later reveals a softer side. She initially fits the common dragon trope with her intense red scales and a fierce disposition.

However, her affectionate relationship with Donkey adds a level of humor and warmth to her character, showing a gentle, lovable side beneath her intimidating exterior. Her development from antagonist to ally, from fearsome beast to doting mother, demonstrates a unique narrative arc, adding depth to her character and proving that there’s more to a dragon than meets the eye.

11. Jake Long – American Dragon: Jake Long

Jake Long - American Dragon: Jake Long

Jake Long from “American Dragon: Jake Long” is not your conventional Dragon. He is a Chinese-American teenager who can transform into a powerful, fire-breathing dragon, adding a whole new dimension to his high school life. Jake protects all magical creatures in New York City as the American Dragon, an honor and duty passed down to his maternal lineage.

Striking red scales, large wings, and emerald-green eyes mark his dragon form. The uniqueness of Jake’s character lies in his dual life; he juggles school, friends, and family, along with secret dragon training and responsibilities. Despite the occasional blunders and adolescent struggles, Jake’s dedication to his duty, loyalty to his friends, and heartening journey of self-discovery make him an engaging and relatable character.

12. Norbert and Daggett – The Angry Beavers

Norbert and Daggett - The Angry Beavers

While not dragons in the traditional sense, Norbert and Daggett from Nickelodeon’s “The Angry Beavers” do have an episode where they transform into dragons, thus gaining a spot on this list. Norbert is a blue dragon in their dragon form, and Daggett is a red dragon, but their distinct personalities shine through.

Norbert remains the calm, laid-back, and somewhat manipulative brother, while Daggett retains his overactive, loud, and naive demeanor. Their dragon transformations intensify their constant sibling rivalry, but ultimately, their bond as brothers persevere, showcasing a heartfelt theme of familial love amidst all the chaos and hilarity.

13. Figment – Journey Into Imagination with Figment (Disney)

Figment - Journey Into Imagination with Figment (Disney)

Figment, the small purple Dragon from Disney’s Epcot theme park ride “Journey Into Imagination with Figment,” is a delightful embodiment of curiosity and creativity. With his bright orange horns, large wings, and playful demeanor, Figment inspires us to explore and celebrate the power of imagination.

He guides visitors through the attraction, engaging in playful antics and introducing various imaginative concepts. His cheery voice and constant enthusiasm provide a joyful, lively atmosphere that resonates with children and adults alike. As the ride’s beloved mascot, Figment’s enduring appeal lies in his cheerful nature, boundless imagination, and the overall sense of wonder he imparts.

14. Dragonite – Pokémon

Dragonite, known in Japan as Kairyu, is a Dragon/Flying type Pokémon that has captivated fans with its distinct combination of power and gentleness. Unlike its intimidating predecessor Dragonair, Dragonite has a rounder, friendlier appearance, with its orange scales, antennae-like horns, and tiny wings. Despite its almost comical exterior, Dragonite is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the series.

It’s capable of flying faster than the speed of sound and unleashing a barrage of powerful attacks. However, what makes Dragonite truly unique is its gentle, caring nature, a contrast to its fearsome abilities. Dragonite’s compelling blend of strength and kindness and its memorable design makes it a standout dragon character in the Pokémon universe.

15. Ember McLain – Danny Phantom

Ember McLain - Danny Phantom

Ember McLain from “Danny Phantom” may not be a traditional dragon, but her ghostly dragon form warrants her place on this list. As a ghostly rockstar with flaming blue hair and a fiery attitude, Ember is a compelling antagonist in the series. However, when she transforms into a dragon, her rockstar persona takes a backseat to her newfound ferocity.

Her dragon form is a spectral, bluish beast that radiates power and menace, adding depth to her character. Despite her antagonistic role, Ember’s unique design, catchy music, and rebellious spirit make her a fan-favorite character. While not frequently seen, her dragon form adds an unexpected twist to her character, showcasing the diverse potential of dragon representation in animation.

16. Kimiko – Xiaolin Showdown

Kimiko - Xiaolin Showdown

In the animated series “Xiaolin Showdown,” Kimiko is not a traditional dragon but represents the Dragon of Fire, one of the four main characters training to become Xiaolin Dragons. She’s a tech-savvy, fashionable, and fiery personality from Japan, often seen controlling fire-based Shen Gong Wu. Her independent spirit, sharp intelligence, and skilled martial arts capabilities make her a vital part of the team.

Kimiko breaks stereotypes as a tech-savvy female character, handling the latest gadgets and frequently donning outfits reflective of her culture and individual style. Throughout the series, she matures significantly, showing bravery and leadership. Despite her fiery temper, her dedication to her friends and her commitment to the Xiaolin path reflect her deeply caring nature.

17. Dragon – The Secret of NIMH

Dragon - The Secret of NIMH

The character Dragon from “The Secret of NIMH” isn’t a traditional dragon but a fat, lazy farm cat. Named ironically, Dragon is the primary antagonist in the film. His fearsome, almost monstrous appearance and predatory behavior make him a constant threat to the film’s rodent characters, living up to his draconic name.

With his wide, glaring eyes and an ever-lurking presence, Dragon brings a sense of peril to the film’s otherwise pastoral setting. The depiction of a common household pet as a dragon-like menace showcases the creative twist in the film’s perspective, adding depth and tension to the narrative.

18. Trogdor – Homestar Runner

Trogdor - Homestar Runner

Trogdor, from the web series “Homestar Runner,” is a creature of internet legend. This crudely drawn yet incredibly popular Dragon, also known as “Trogdor the Burninator,” is known for his distinctive design: a beefy arm sticking out of his back, a large, gaping mouth, and numerous “consummate V’s” to represent scales.

Despite his simplistic appearance, Trogdor has become a cultural phenomenon. He symbolizes the power of creativity and the unpredictability of internet fame. His character, which started as a mere sketch in a cartoon, is now featured in video games and songs, showing how even the most unconventional Dragon can capture the imagination of audiences worldwide.

19. Dragon – Adventure Time

Dragon - Adventure Time

Dragons in the “Adventure Time” series are unique, reflecting the show’s imaginative and colorful narrative. They appear in various shapes, sizes, and roles throughout the Land of Ooo.

From the giant green Dragon unleashed by the Ice King to Flame Princess’ family members who turn into flame dragons, these characters bring a sense of adventure and danger to Finn and Jake’s quests.

Their vibrant designs and the show’s distinctive storytelling style make each Dragon encounter memorable, adding depth and diversity to the show’s vibrant world.

20. Shenron – Dragon Ball series

Shenron - Dragon Ball series

Shenron, the Eternal Dragon from the “Dragon Ball” series, is a symbol of immense power and a beacon of hope. Shenron’s role is pivotal in the series as a dragon capable of granting wishes.

He’s often summoned in times of crisis, offering aid to the protagonists. His serpentine body, glowing red eyes, sharp teeth, and majestic, thunderous voice highlight his god-like power and mystery.

Despite his formidable presence, Shenron is neither good nor evil, maintaining neutrality and serving the one who summons him. His appearances, though infrequent, are always game-changers, underscoring his importance and influence in the Dragon Ball universe.

21. Draco – Dragonheart

Draco - Dragonheart

From the movie “Dragonheart,” Draco isn’t technically a cartoon character, but he’s become an iconic figure in dragon lore. Voiced by Sean Connery, Draco’s personality is as fiery as his breath. He’s the last of his kind, a noble creature with an ancient honor code. Draco is not just a dragon; he’s also a well-rounded character with wisdom, humor, and a touch of sadness.

His unique bond with the knight Bowen, born out of mutual respect and understanding, forms the movie’s heart. His scaly exterior, mighty wings, and warm eyes bring a certain majesty to his character, reflecting both his strength and gentleness. Draco’s character showcases the possibility of empathy and friendship between humans and dragons, making him a memorable and endearing dragon character.

22. Dragon – Dragon Tales

Dragon - Dragon Tales

The dragons from the children’s animated series “Dragon Tales” are the epitome of friendly, fun-loving creatures. These colorful dragons each have unique personalities that help teach children various life lessons.

From Ord’s bravery, Cassie’s wisdom, Zak and Wheezie’s cooperation, and Quetzal’s nurturing, they promote friendship, problem-solving, and understanding themes.

Living in Dragon Land, they join Emmy, Max, and Enrique on magical adventures that captivate young audiences while imparting valuable moral and social lessons. The dragons’ vibrant colors, playful designs, and expressive eyes make them approachable and engaging, embodying the show’s heartwarming and educational nature.

23. Mushrambo – Shinzo

Mushrambo - Shinzo

Mushrambo, also known as Mushra in his humanoid form, from the anime “Shinzo,” is a heroic character who can transform into a powerful dragon-like being. As an Enterran—an anthropomorphic creature—he’s strong and agile, but his transformation into the giant, warrior dragon Mushrambo truly showcases his power and bravery.

With its regal wings and fiery energy attacks, this golden armored form symbolizes hope and strength in a post-apocalyptic world. Despite his hot-headed nature, Mushra’s loyalty to his friends, his determination to protect the human girl Yakumo, and his struggle to balance his power with his kindness make his character complex and engaging.

24. Lord Dragon – Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Lord Dragon - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Lord Dragon is a formidable figure, a major antagonist in the animated series “Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!”. Transformed into a monstrous dragon by a curse, he possesses an intimidating appearance with his massive size, spiked tail, and fiery breath. His towering presence and malicious intent pose significant threats to the protagonists, adding tension and excitement to the series.

Despite his villainous role, Lord Dragon’s backstory reveals a tragic character corrupted by power and revenge, adding depth to his character. His transformation from a human to a dragon highlights the symbolic use of dragons as representations of immense power and the potential for destruction.

25. Baby Dragon – The Land Before Time

Baby Dragon - The Land Before Time

In “The Land Before Time” TV series, Chomper, a young Tyrannosaurus rex, is often likened to a dragon due to his distinct dinosaur features and fiery personality. Despite his sharp teeth and fearsome heritage, Chomper is friendly and protective, particularly towards his herbivorous friends.

Given his species’ reputation, his struggle to fit in brings a unique twist to the story, addressing themes of acceptance and diversity. Though he isn’t a dragon in the traditional sense, Chomper embodies many dragon-like qualities, from his reptilian design to his fiery spirit, making him a worthy addition to this list.

Final Thoughts

In this fascinating journey through the world of dragon cartoon characters, we’ve explored a range of dragons – from friendly to fearsome, traditional to unconventional.

Each character, from Toothless’s trust-building journey in “How to Train Your Dragon” to Shenron’s wish-granting power in “Dragon Ball,” offers a unique interpretation of dragons, showcasing their diverse roles across various animation styles and stories.

These 25 dragons not only enthrall us with their majestic power and captivating designs but also inspire us with their complex personalities and compelling narratives. They prove that dragons in animation are more than just fantastical creatures – they’re compelling characters that ignite our imaginations and warm our hearts.