Meet The Top 14 Popular Disney Characters That Start With X

Disney has created many beloved characters, from classic princesses to modern superheroes. However, some of their most unique and memorable characters have names that begin with the letter “X.”

From cunning villains to noble heroes, the list of famous Disney characters that start with X is a diverse and fascinating group.

One of the most iconic characters on this list is Xanatos, the ruthless and wealthy businessman from the animated television series Gargoyles. Xanatos is joined by his father, Petros, a proud and honorable fisherman, and his wife, Fox, a skilled martial artist and former villain.

Other notable characters on this list include the extraterrestrial experiment, Experiment 626, from the movie Lilo & Stitch, and the lovable and clumsy robot, XR, from the animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

Each character has unique stories and personalities, making them beloved by Disney fans of all ages. In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of Disney’s X characters, exploring their histories and impact on popular culture.

Disney Characters That Start With X

Whether you’re a die-hard Disney fan or just curious about which X-named characters cut, keep reading to discover who made it onto our list of the 14 Most Popular Disney Characters That Start With X.

1. Xandra (Legend of the Three Caballeros)

Disney Characters That Start With X

Xandra, also known as the Goddess of Adventure, is a powerful and enchanting character from the Disney animated series, “Legend of the Three Caballeros.” She is a female anthropomorphic swan with long blue hair and majestic golden armor.

Xandra is a captivating character who manages to steal viewers’ hearts with her strong-willed, independent, and adventurous nature.

In the series, Xandra is the guardian of the magical atlas that can transport the Three Caballeros – Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles – to various locations around the globe.

As the trio’s guide, Xandra imparts her wisdom and knowledge about the world and guides them during their adventures. She is instrumental in helping them fight various villains and mythical creatures that threaten the world.

Xandra is also an important figure in the character development of the Three Caballeros. Through their adventures, she instills in them the values of teamwork, courage, and resilience. Her unwavering support and belief in the heroes testify to her selflessness and generosity.

Overall, Xandra is a dynamic and powerful Disney character that adds depth and excitement to the “Legend of the Three Caballeros” series. Her presence elevates the show, making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for viewers.

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2. Xerxes (Aladdin)

Disney Characters That Start With X

Xerxes is a character in the Aladdin television series. He is the ruler of the fictional city of Agrabah and the father of Prince Ali. Jeff Bennett voices Xerxes in the show’s pilot episode, “The Arabian Nights.”

In the series, Xerxes is shown to be a wise and just ruler and a bit of a tyrant. He is often seen giving orders to his subjects and does not tolerate dissent. Xerxes is also shown to be quite vain, as he always demands that his subjects bow to him and praise him.

Despite his flaws, Xerxes is ultimately a good person. He cares deeply for his son, Prince Ali, and only wants what’s best for him. Xerxes is also very forgiving, as he pardons Jafar after he attempts to take over Agrabah.

Xerxes is one of the most popular Disney characters that starts with X. He is beloved by fans for his complicated personality and role in the Aladdin television series.

3. XR (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)

Disney Characters That Start With X

XR, or Experimental Ranger, is a charming and endearing character from the Disney animated series, “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.” He is a small, humanoid robot with a white body, blue accents, and an array of gadgets and tools he can summon anytime. As a member of the Space Rangers, XR is a loyal and dedicated teammate.

XR was created by the LGMs, or Little Green Men, to be the ultimate Space Ranger. He is equipped with cutting-edge technology, impressive strength, and an unwavering determination to succeed.

Despite his incredible abilities, XR is known for his playful and comedic personality. His quick wit and sense of humor bring fun to the team, even in the most dire situations.

Throughout the series, XR develops as a character, grappling with his identity as an artificial being and finding his place among his organic teammates. He often relies on his technical skills and knowledge to help the team solve problems, proving to be an invaluable asset.

XR’s journey is one of self-discovery and personal growth, making him a relatable and captivating character in the “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” universe.

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4. XL (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)

Disney Characters That Start With X

XL, or Xperimental Lifter, is another fascinating robot character from the Disney animated series, “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.” He is a giant, powerful robot with a red body, black accents, and an intimidating presence.

Initially designed to be a predecessor to XR, XL was deemed a failed experiment and was discontinued. However, XL’s story does not end there.

Despite his initial status as a failed project, he finds purpose and redemption when the villainous Zurg reprograms him. As a result, XL becomes one of Buzz Lightyear’s most formidable foes, able to match the Space Rangers in strength and intelligence.

Throughout the series, XL’s character arc involves a struggle for identity and self-worth. As he encounters the heroes, he is confronted with the choice to continue on a path of destruction or embrace a new purpose as a force for good.

This internal conflict adds complexity and depth to his character, making him a compelling figure within the “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” universe.

5. Xavier (Tangled: The Series)

Xavier (Tangled: The Series)

Xavier is a character from the Disney animated television series Tangled: The Series. He is a chameleon and best friend of Rapunzel.

In the episode “Best Friends Forever,” Xavier debuted and aired on Marc017. In this episode, Xavier accompanies Rapunzel to find her birth parents.

Since then, Xavier has appeared in numerous Tangled: The Series episodes, often helping Rapunzel on her adventures. He has also been shown to have a crush on Cassandra, though she does not seem to reciprocate his feelings.

Xavier is a friendly and loyal chameleon who always has Rapunzel’s best interests at heart. He is also quite clever, often coming up with ideas that help them out of difficult situations.

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6. X-Buggy (Lilo & Stitch: The Series)

X-Buggy (Lilo & Stitch: The Series)

X-Buggy, or Experiment 601, is a minor yet captivating character from the animated television series Lilo & Stitch: The Series. As one of Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s numerous genetic experiments, X-Buggy boasts unique abilities and an intriguing backstory.

Unlike many other experiments, X-Buggy was explicitly designed for speed and evasive maneuvers, boasting unmatched agility on land.

X-Buggy’s appearance is reminiscent of a cross between a blue crab and a race car, with sleek and aerodynamic features, a vibrant blue hue, and six legs that allow it to move at incredible speeds. Its large, expressive eyes give it an endearing quality that has captured the hearts of fans.

X-Buggy’s primary purpose in the series is to be a high-speed getaway vehicle, with its abilities often utilized to evade capture or facilitate escapes.

Throughout Lilo & Stitch: The Series, X-Buggy interacts with the other experiments, as well as the main characters, Lilo and Stitch, playing a pivotal role in various episodes.

The character’s journey highlights themes of acceptance, family, and friendship while showcasing the power of redemption and the importance of discovering one’s true purpose.

7. Xyla (Doc McStuffins)

Xyla (Doc McStuffins)

Xyla is a lovable character from the popular children’s show Doc McStuffins, which centers on the titular character. This young girl aspires to become a doctor like her mother and runs a clinic for her stuffed animals and toys.

Xyla is a wooden toy xylophone with a cheerful and lively personality, making her a beloved character among the show’s young audience.

Xyla’s design is a creative take on a traditional xylophone, featuring vibrant colors and a smiling face that exudes warmth and friendliness. Xyla can communicate through melodies and songs as a musical toy, contributing a unique perspective to the show’s narrative.

Her presence in the series encourages the appreciation of music and promotes the importance of self-expression through creative outlets.

Throughout the show, Xyla’s character arc highlights the significance of empathy, understanding, and emotional intelligence, as she helps Doc McStuffins and her other toy friends navigate various challenges and dilemmas.

Xyla’s endearing qualities and relatable struggles make her a memorable character in the Doc McStuffins universe.

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8. X-Ray (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Avengers Assemble)

X-Ray (The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Avengers Assemble)

X-Ray, also known as James “Jimmy” Darnell, is a lesser-known but intriguing character from Marvel’s animated television series The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble.

A former scientist turned supervillain; X-Ray is a member of the U-Foes, a group of antagonists that gained their powers through an unauthorized replication of the cosmic rays that empowered the Fantastic Four.

X-Ray’s powers center around radiation manipulation, allowing him to generate and control various forms of radiation, including X-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet rays. This makes him a formidable opponent for the Avengers, as he can emit powerful blasts, create force fields, and even phase through solid matter.

His green, glowing appearance adds a visually striking element to the character, while his sinister smile and cunning demeanor make him a compelling antagonist.

Throughout the series, X-Ray and the U-Foes pose a significant threat to the Avengers, engaging in numerous battles and dangerous schemes.

While X-Ray’s character may not be as prominent as some of the more well-known Marvel villains, his presence within the animated series adds depth and complexity to the narrative, exploring themes of ambition, morality, and the consequences of choices in pursuing power.

9. Xavier Johnson (Phineas and Ferb)

Xavier Johnson (Phineas and Ferb)

Xavier Johnson is a lesser-known character from the popular Disney animated television series Phineas and Ferb.

Appearing in the episode “Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogaloo,” Xavier is a member of the future Johnson family, a descendant of Candace, the sister of Phineas and Ferb. He has a striking resemblance to his ancestor, Jeremy Johnson.

In the episode, Xavier is shown to be as creative and adventurous as his great-great-great-uncle Phineas and great-great-great-uncle Ferb, seeking their help to build a time machine.

His character is a fun and inventive way to explore the concept of time travel in the show while allowing the audience to see the legacy of Phineas and Ferb’s creative spirit in the future generation.

Xavier’s appearance in the show highlights the importance of family and continuity, demonstrating how the love for adventure and creativity can span generations.

Though his character may not appear in multiple episodes, his role in “Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogaloo” leaves a lasting impression on fans of the series.

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10. Xanatos, David (Gargoyles)

Xanatos, David (Gargoyles)

David Xanatos is a central antagonist in the Disney animated television series Gargoyles. As a wealthy and powerful businessman, Xanatos owns Xanatos Enterprises and is a major driving force behind the events in the show.

Known for his cunning and manipulative nature, he constantly challenges the gargoyle protagonists. Throughout the series, Xanatos is portrayed as an intelligent and resourceful individual who is always several steps ahead of his enemies.

His character serves as a foil to the noble and heroic nature of the gargoyles, creating a captivating conflict that drives the show. Xanatos is also known for his complex motives, which can shift from personal gain to seeking redemption.

David Xanatos’ character has become a symbol of cunning and manipulation in animation. His Machiavellian traits and multidimensional nature make him a fascinating antagonist and a memorable addition to the Disney universe.

11. Xanatos, Alex ( Gargoyles)

Xanatos, Alex ( Gargoyles)

Xanatos is a ruthless businessman and powerful sorcerer, the main antagonist of the Disney animated television series Gargoyles. Jonathan Frakes voices him in the original series, and Corey Burton in the spin-off series The Goliath Chronicles.

Born into a wealthy family, Xanatos was raised to believe that power and money are the most essential things in life. Xanatos inherited their fortune after his parents were killed in a plane crash when he was a child and used it to amass even more wealth and power.

He eventually became head of the multi-national conglomerate Xanatos Enterprises, giving him resources and influence far beyond what most people could hope to achieve.

Xanatos is not content with having more than anyone else despite his wealth and power. He wants to be the most powerful person in the world and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

He does not regard human life, viewing other people as pawns to be used in his quest for power. Even those who have helped or been loyal to him are ultimately expendable if they get in his way.

Xanatos is a master strategist and manipulator, always one step ahead of his enemies. He is also an expert fighter with his fists and weaponry. He possesses a magical sword called Excalibur, acquired from Merlin after defeating the wizard in battle. 

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12. Xanatos, Fox (Gargoyles)

Xanatos, Fox (Gargoyles)

Fox Xanatos, born Janine Renard, is a central character in the Gargoyles series and the wife of David Xanatos. A former member of the criminal group, The Pack, Fox is a skilled martial artist, acrobat, and strategist.

Like her husband, she is brilliant and ambitious, often sharing in his various schemes and endeavors. Despite her criminal past, Fox’s character development throughout the series sees her gradually shifting away from her antagonistic role.

After marrying David and becoming a mother, Fox’s priorities change, and she focuses more on her family. This transformation allows her to form a tenuous alliance with the Manhattan Clan, although her loyalty to her husband sometimes complicates matters.

Fox’s love for David and their son, Alexander, is a significant driving force behind her actions. As the series progresses, her relationship with the gargoyles and other characters deepens, revealing her personality’s more nuanced and empathetic side.

13. Xanatos, Petros (Gargoyles)

Xanatos, Petros (Gargoyles)

Xanatos was one of the main antagonists in the Disney animated series Gargoyles. He was a billionaire businessman who seemed one step ahead of everyone else.

Petros Xanatos is the father of David Xanatos and a recurring character in the Gargoyles series. A proud and hardworking fisherman, Petros hails from the Greek island of Mykonos.

He is depicted as a strong, disciplined, and honorable man with a deep sense of integrity. Despite his son’s vast wealth and power, Petros remains unimpressed by materialistic achievements and often disapproves of David’s actions and choices.

Throughout the series, Petros’s interactions with the Manhattan Clan and other characters reveal his wisdom and moral compass. He is shown to value trust and loyalty above all else, which puts him at odds with his son’s Machiavellian tendencies.

Though he loves David, Petros struggles to reconcile his ideals with his son’s behavior, leading to a strained and complicated father-son relationship.

He was also a master strategist and manipulator, making him a dangerous opponent. Jonathan Freeman, in the original series, voiced Xanatos.

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14. Xerek (The Incredibles (deleted character)

Xerek (The Incredibles (deleted character)

Xerek was initially intended to be featured in the first Incredibles film but was later removed from the final version. As a former lover and partner of Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl, Xerek was designed to be a cunning and manipulative villain.

His character was intended to serve as a test of the Parr family’s bond and an exploration of the complexities of past relationships.

Xerek’s character was designed with a sophisticated and charming exterior, making him a persuasive and dangerous adversary. His powers revolved around mind control and manipulation, making him a formidable foe for the Incredibles, particularly for Elastigirl, who would have struggled with conflicting emotions.

Although Xerek was ultimately removed from the final film, his character concept provides an intriguing glimpse into the possibilities of an alternate story arc in The Incredibles.

The deleted character of Xerek demonstrates how creators can explore complex themes and emotions within the context of a superhero narrative, pushing the boundaries of what is typically expected in the genre.


In conclusion, the world of Disney has given us a wide variety of characters, including those whose names start with the letter X. These characters have captured our imaginations and taken us on adventures we will never forget.

From villains to heroes, humans to animals, each character has a unique story and a special place in our hearts.

Whether it’s Xanatos’ cunning intellect, Petros’ sense of honor, or Fox’s transformation from a villain to a loving mother, these characters have left a lasting impact on us all.

Disney continues to create new and exciting characters, but these X-named characters will always hold a special place in the hearts of Disney fans.