Dinosaur Cartoon Shows: Top 25 You Can’t-Miss

Step back into a prehistoric world of laughter and learning with your favorite dinosaur cartoon characters! These towering titans of animation have captured our hearts and sparked our imaginations, bringing us into a universe where dinosaurs rule.

Whether you’re a seasoned dinosaur enthusiast or a curious newcomer eager to explore, these shows offer an entertaining blend of humor, action, and sometimes even educational insights about the ancient world.

With memorable characters ranging from hilarious to heartwarming, the art of dinosaur cartoons has truly evolved. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery through the top 25 dinosaur cartoon shows that are absolute must-watches. Get ready to ROAR with excitement!

Dinosaur Cartoon

This section delves into the mesmerizing world of dinosaur cartoons. From the fiercely adorable protagonists to the humorously villainous antagonists, these characters aren’t just extinct beasts but essential cast members in captivating stories that transcend time and age. Let’s take a closer look at these unforgettable animated dynamos!

1. Dinosaur Train (2009-present)

Dinosaur Train (2009-present)

Set in a whimsical world where dinosaurs and trains coexist, “Dinosaur Train” is a lovable children’s series that masterfully combines education with entertainment. The show’s central character, Buddy, a friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex, along with his Pteranodon family, takes the magical Dinosaur Train to travel through different periods of the Mesozoic era, meeting many dinosaur species.

Each episode is a thrilling ride where the viewer learns about dinosaur facts, paleontology, natural history, and even the concept of scientific thinking, all packaged in a delightful and charming narrative.

2. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (2020-present)

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (2020-present)

This thrilling Netflix original series transports viewers into the heart of the iconic Jurassic Park universe. A group of six teenagers attending an adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar must band together for survival when the dinosaurs wreak havoc across the island.

The show perfectly encapsulates the thrill and terror of its movie counterparts, introducing various dinosaur species that are as captivating as they are formidable, leading to intense and riveting situations that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

3. The Land Before Time (1988, TV series 2007-2008)

The Land Before Time (1988, TV series 2007-2008)

This beloved franchise brought forth characters that have become icons in the realm of animated dinosaurs. The journey of Littlefoot, a young Apatosaurus, Cera the Triceratops, Petrie the Pteranodon, Ducky the Saurolophus, and Spike the Stegosaurus through the prehistoric world, known as the Great Valley is a timeless tale of friendship and adventure.

The show often explores themes of unity, courage, and perseverance while offering valuable lessons about life, loss, and love.

4. Dinosaurs (1991-1994)

Dinosaurs (1991-1994)

This satirical sitcom, featuring anthropomorphic dinosaurs in a modern world, took a unique spin on the dinosaur cartoon genre. The Sinclair family, with Earl (the megalosaurus father), Fran (the allosaurus mother), Robbie (the hypsilophodon son), Charlene (the protoceratops daughter), and Baby Sinclair, not only made audiences laugh but also subtly critiqued societal norms and conventions.

“Dinosaurs” was appreciated for its humor, its topical themes, and its ability to deliver poignant social commentary entertainingly.

5. Barney & Friends Is A Cute Cartoon Dinosaur (1992-2009)

Barney & Friends Is A Cute Cartoon Dinosaur (1992-2009)

Barney, the anthropomorphic, purple T-Rex, is arguably one of the most recognizable dinosaur characters of all time. This charmingly friendly dinosaur uses song and dance to teach valuable lessons about friendship, imagination, and learning in each episode.

Barney and his companions Baby Bop, B.J., and Riff transform simple life lessons into memorable adventures. The show’s educational yet enjoyable nature has made it a childhood staple, endearing Barney to generations of viewers.

6. Gigantosaurus (2019-present)

Gigantosaurus (2019-present)

“Gigantosaurus” is a dynamic animated series that brings to life the vibrant and adventurous world of Cretacia. The story revolves around four young dinosaur friends: the brave Mazu, the strong Tiny, the cautious Bill, and the fun-loving Rocky.

Their curiosity leads them on exciting adventures as they seek out the elusive Gigantosaurus, the biggest, fiercest dinosaur of all. Each episode is a visual treat, rich with humor, friendship, suspense, and important lessons about bravery and teamwork, ultimately making the world of dinosaurs an enchanting journey for the young audience.

7. Dino Dan (2010-2013)

Dino Dan (2010-2013)

“Dino Dan” cleverly blends live-action with CGI to breathe life into the world of dinosaurs. The protagonist, Dan Henderson, is a ten-year-old dinosaur enthusiast with the unique ability to see dinosaurs daily.

Dan’s creative and scientific explorations about dinosaurs offer kids an enriching and educational experience. Integrating detailed dinosaur facts, paleontological findings, and scientific method concepts into the storyline makes “Dino Dan” entertaining and informative.

8. Super Dinosaur (2018-2019)

Super Dinosaur (2018-2019)

Adapted from the comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard, “Super Dinosaur” is an action-packed series featuring a ten-year-old genius, Derek Dynamo, and his best friend, Super Dinosaur, a genetically enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex with advanced weaponry and the ability to talk.

Their thrilling adventures fighting against evil and protecting the planet engage viewers with their clever mix of humor, camaraderie, action, and stunning animation, thus creating a unique spin on the dinosaur cartoon universe.

9. Dinosaur King (2007-2008)

Dinosaur King (2007-2008)

In this adventurous and educational series, Max Taylor, Rex Owen, and Zoe Drake, members of the D-Team, utilize mysterious cards to bring dinosaurs back to life. The trio battles against the nefarious Alpha Gang, who seeks to misuse the power of the dinosaurs.

“Dinosaur King” uniquely combines action, adventure, and science elements, simultaneously captivating viewers with an engrossing storyline and providing intriguing dinosaur facts.

10. Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (2005-2008)

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (2005-2008)

This charming series follows the imaginative journey of a five-year-old boy named Harry, who travels to Dino-World with his bucket filled with six toy dinosaurs. The toy dinosaurs become real in Dino-World, each exhibiting unique personalities and characteristics.

Harry’s adventures teach young viewers about problem-solving, empathy, and the power of imagination, all within a delightfully vivid and colorful prehistoric setting.

11. Prehistoric Park (2006)

Prehistoric Park (2006)

Blending science fiction elements with a nature documentary, “Prehistoric Park” is a unique spectacle in the world of dinosaur television. The series follows zookeeper Nigel Marven as he travels back in time to rescue different species of dinosaurs from extinction and bring them to Prehistoric Park.

The show is both highly entertaining and educational, providing a detailed view of different dinosaur species, their behavior, and their habitats. The CGI and practical effects realistically bring these prehistoric creatures to life, making the show a must-watch for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

12. Dino Squad Cute Kids Dinosaur Shows (2007-2008)

Dino Squad Cute Kids Dinosaur Shows (2007-2008)

This intriguing cartoon series follows the story of five teenagers who gain the ability to transform into dinosaurs due to a science experiment gone wrong. As the Dino Squad, they must use their unique powers to combat an evil Veloci, who uses mutant dinosaurs to threaten the planet.

This series beautifully blends teamwork, responsibility, and environmental conservation themes through thrilling adventures and captivating storylines, making it a fun and educational experience for young viewers.

13. Kung Fu Dino Posse (2010)

Kung Fu Dino Posse (2010)

“Kung Fu Dino Posse” delivers a unique blend of comedy, action, and dinosaurs. Set in modern-day Megalopolis, four dinosaurs known as the Dino Posse awaken from millions of years of fossilization to find their mortal enemy, the evil Skor, is also revived.

With their Kung Fu skills and witty banter, they battle Skor and his minions to maintain peace in the city. The series is engaging, filled with hilarity, action-packed sequences, and plenty of dinosaur fun, making it a real treat for viewers.

14. Dinofroz (2012-2013)

Dinofroz (2012-2013)

A captivating mix of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction, “Dinofroz” follows four friends who discover a mysterious game that transports them to a prehistoric past. They transform into powerful dinosaurs to combat the evil Dragon Tribe.

With its captivating plot, stunning visuals, and dynamic combination of dinosaurs and dragons, the show offers a thrilling and immersive viewing experience.

15. Dino Babies (1994-1996)

Dino Babies (1994-1996)

“Dino Babies” brings to life six adorable baby dinosaurs who love to embark on imaginary adventures narrated by the most scholarly among them, Truman. Each story is a playful reinterpretation of a classic tale, replete with moral lessons, humor, and endearing dinosaur fun.

With its emphasis on the joy of storytelling and the power of imagination, “Dino Babies” offers a delightful viewing experience for children, sparking creativity and learning most enjoyably.

16. Extreme Dinosaurs (1997)

Extreme Dinosaurs (1997)

Taking a unique spin on the dinosaur theme, “Extreme Dinosaurs” is a high-octane action series that features a team of anthropomorphic dinosaurs who fight against the evil Raptors. These dinosaur heroes, known as T-Bone, Spike, Bullzeye, and Stegz, are no ordinary creatures – they are powered with special abilities and weapons to protect Earth from the Raptors’ diabolical plans.

With its engaging characters, exhilarating action sequences, and memorable theme song, “Extreme Dinosaurs” offers a thrilling ride into a unique dinosaur world that continues to captivate audiences.

17. The Adventures of T-Rex (1992-1993)

The Adventures of T-Rex (1992-1993)

Set in the futuristic city of Rep City, “The Adventures of T-Rex” features a team of crime-fighting, humanoid dinosaurs who lead a double life as nightclub musicians. These T-Rex brothers, each equipped with specialized skills, work together to thwart the evil machinations of criminal gangs.

The show is a delightful blend of comedy, action, and music, and its unique concept of dinosaurs as heroes in a futuristic world offers a refreshing perspective on the dinosaur genre.

18. A Good Dinosaur

A Good Dinosaur

This heartfelt Pixar movie showcases the tale of Arlo, a young, scared Apatosaurus who befriends a human boy named Spot. In their journey to find their way home, the duo shares heartwarming adventures and face their fears.

The film’s breathtaking visuals, emotional depth, and endearing characters paint a captivating picture of friendship, bravery, and self-discovery. Arlo’s transformative journey from being a fearful dinosaur to becoming a brave hero resonates with viewers of all ages, making “A Good Dinosaur” a must-watch.

19. Diplodo (1987)

Diplodo (1987)

The charming French animated series “Diplodo” centers around five dinosaur friends: Diplodo, Klon, Diwi, Pata, and Glon. The show explores their adventures as they combat the evil creature Diabolo and his accomplices, who aim to steal the magical ‘Diplodorock.’

Each episode is an engaging mix of friendship, adventure, and humor, making “Diplodo” a delightful experience for young viewers. Its endearing characters, playful animation, and entertaining narrative have made it a cherished classic in the dinosaur cartoon genre.

20. Eon Kid (2007-2008)

Eon Kid (2007-2008)

While not centered around dinosaurs, “Eon Kid” does feature a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world filled with high-tech machinery and robotic creatures, one of which is a robotic dinosaur named Gaff.

This series follows Marty, a boy who stumbles upon a powerful robotic fist and is thrown into a thrilling adventure against evil forces. Including a robotic dinosaur adds a unique twist to the dinosaur genre, making “Eon Kid” a noteworthy addition to this list.

21. Denver, the Last Dinosaur (1988-1990)

Denver, the Last Dinosaur (1988-1990)

“Denver, the Last Dinosaur,” tells the story of Denver, a loveable, friendly, and guitar-playing dinosaur who was brought to modern times after a group of teenagers discovered his egg. Denver’s charm lies in his compassionate character and his zest for life.

He and his human friends explore the world around them while also teaching viewers about friendship, understanding, and acceptance. The show’s catchy theme song and heartwarming storylines have made it a memorable addition to the dinosaur cartoon genre.

22. Dino-Riders (1988)

Dino-Riders (1988)

“Dino-Riders” offers a thrilling fusion of dinosaurs and science fiction. In this series, the Valorians, a race of peaceful beings, are pursued by the evil Rulon Empire to prehistoric Earth.

Using advanced technology, they harness the power of dinosaurs for combat, resulting in visually stunning, high-stakes dinosaur battles. The series impresses viewers with its detailed dinosaur designs, intense action sequences, and engaging good vs. evil storyline.

23. PaleoSteno’s Dinosaur Discoveries (2017)

PaleoSteno's Dinosaur Discoveries (2017)

“PaleoSteno’s Dinosaur Discoveries” is a unique entry in the dinosaur-themed content, emphasizing education and factual accuracy. This YouTube series dives deep into the world of paleontology, exploring various dinosaur species, their characteristics, and their prehistoric habitats.

The presentation is straightforward yet engaging, making complex information easily digestible for younger viewers. It’s a valuable resource for dinosaur enthusiasts eager to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

24. Dino Ranch

Dino Ranch

“Dino Ranch” introduces viewers to the exciting adventures of the Cassidy family, who run a dinosaur ranch in a fantastical world where humans and dinosaurs coexist. The three ranchers, Jon, Min, and Miguel, along with their herd of dinosaurs, solve problems and learn valuable life lessons with each adventure.

The show’s unique combination of the Old West and dinosaur themes and its focus on family, friendship, and problem-solving make it an engaging watch for young viewers.

25. Mini-Dinos (2016)

Mini-Dinos (2016)

“Mini-Dinos” is a delightfully animated series that introduces children to the world of dinosaurs in a fun and engaging way. Each episode features a different dinosaur species, providing interesting facts about its physical attributes, behavior, and habitat.

The dinosaurs are presented in a friendly, relatable manner, making it a hit with younger viewers. “Mini-Dinos” does a fantastic job of combining education and entertainment, ensuring kids learn while having fun.

Final Thoughts

Throughout the animation journey, the allure of dinosaurs has resulted in some truly captivating shows. From the adventurous clan in “Dinosaur Train,” the anthropomorphic team of “Extreme Dinosaurs,” to the educational snippets of “PaleoSteno’s Dinosaur Discoveries,” these dinosaur cartoon characters have left indelible impressions on audiences across generations.

They’ve educated us, made us laugh, and taken us on unforgettable journeys, combining learning with fun, friendship with adventure, and imagination with history. These top 25 shows encapsulate the magic of dinosaurs, ensuring that these magnificent creatures continue to live on, fascinating and inspiring viewers in the world of animation.