Top 13 Awesome Cartoon Characters With Dreadlocks

In the playful, bold world of animation, we encounter an array of colorful characters, each with a unique style and flair. It’s a fascinating realm where creativity knows no bounds, not even with hairstyles.

Among the eclectic mix, certain cartoon characters don a look that is as compelling as it is distinctive – dreadlocks. These characterizations break away from the ordinary, harnessing the power of dreadlocks to symbolize rebellion, spiritual connection, or simply a cool style statement.

If you’ve ever been curious about cartoon characters with dreadlocks, then you’re in the right place. Buckle up as we’re about to delve into the universe of animation and unleash 13 awesome cartoon characters rocking this iconic hairstyle.

Cartoon Characters With Dreadlocks

This section’ll explore our curated list of captivating cartoon characters, each sporting dreadlocks with distinct charisma. From superheroes to mystical creatures and even everyday characters, these personalities embody the charm of dreadlocks while adding a unique twist to their animated narratives. So, let’s begin this hair-raising journey!

1. Susie Carmichael – Rugrats

Susie Carmichael – Rugrats

Susie Carmichael, a lively character from the classic Nickelodeon series, “Rugrats,” is as smart as she is stylish. Susie is the epitome of confidence and sass, known for her burgundy dreadlocks neatly pulled up into two pigtails. Her dreadlocks serve as a nod to her African American heritage, showcasing diversity and inclusion.

The representation of this hairstyle also allows young viewers to see themselves on the screen. Susie’s dreadlocks are not merely aesthetic; they reflect her tenacious personality and boundless spirit. Whether she’s standing up to Angelica Pickles or charming everyone with her singing talent, Susie’s dreadlocks bounce and sway with her, reflecting her dynamism and infectious energy.

2. Nils Nielsen – Gundam Build Fighters

Nils Nielsen - Gundam Build Fighters

In the realm of anime, Nils Nielsen from “Gundam Build Fighters” stands out with his unique dreadlocked hairstyle. This young genius scientist, known for his samurai soul, sports neatly tied dreadlocks that portray his complex character.

While initially, his dreadlocks seem to contrast his samurai spirit, they effectively fuse his Swedish-American heritage with his adopted samurai culture, symbolizing his multifaceted identity.

Nils’ dreadlocks also reflect his attention to detail, making him a fierce competitor in the Gundam battles. They add a distinct visual element to his persona, making him unforgettable in anime.

3. Maurice (Numbuh 9) – Kids Next Door

Maurice (Numbuh 9) – Kids Next Door

Maurice, also known as Numbuh 9 from the animated series “Kids Next Door,” brings the cool factor with his dreadlocks. His hair, always tucked under a cap, is often a subject of intrigue. It underlines his mysterious and laid-back persona, perfectly complementing his role as a former operative turned undercover teenager.

The dreadlocks represent his rebellious streak, signaling his unwavering commitment to the Kids Next Door and their mission. Maurice’s hairstyle adds a depth of character, indicating that he’s not just another teenager but someone with experiences and secrets that make him intriguing.

4. Hermes Conrad – Futurama

Hermes Conrad – Futurama

Hermes Conrad of “Futurama” is an unforgettable character, not just because of his quick wit and love for bureaucracy but also his dreadlocks. As a proud Jamaican-born Planet Express bureaucrat, his dreadlocks directly tie to his roots.

The representation of dreadlocks in a futuristic setting shows how tradition and the future can coexist. His thick, well-kept locks, often covered by a small hat, embody his organized, methodical personality and contribute to his distinctive look. Hermes’ dreadlocks add to the diversity of characters on the show and make him a relatable figure for many viewers.

5. Mira Naigus – Soul Eater

Mira Naigus – Soul Eater

Mira Naigus from the anime “Soul Eater” is a death scythe, a weapon personified, sporting a unique hairstyle made of thin, rope-like dreadlocks. Mira’s dreadlocks are not just about style; they are her weapon. She can transform them into various tools, reflecting her adaptability and readiness for any battle.

Her dreadlocks, usually seen floating around her, echo her intense personality, evoking a sense of intrigue and fear. They reflect her strength and agility, embodying her intense energy in each fight. Mira Naigus’ dreadlocks, thus, serve as a powerful symbol of her character, making her one of the most iconic characters with dreadlocks in the anime universe.

6. Prince Zula – Conan the Adventurer

Prince Zula – Conan the Adventurer

Hailing from the action-packed universe of “Conan the Adventurer,” Prince Zula is an imposing figure with a charismatic dreadlocked hairstyle. Prince Zula, a Zamballan prince, carries himself with a regal air that’s amplified by his unique hairstyle. His dreadlocks, adorned with various beads and metalwork, are a testament to his cultural heritage and status as a prince.

They echo the series’ theme of strength and adventure, symbolizing Zula’s warrior spirit. But Zula’s dreadlocks are not merely about physical prowess but mirror his wisdom and strategic mind. Whether he’s in the throes of battle or crafting a plan, his dreadlocks serve as a visual reminder of his steadfast character, making him a standout figure in the series.

7. Chode McBlob – Tripping the Rift

Chode McBlob - Tripping the Rift

Chode McBlob, from the animated series “Tripping the Rift,” is a not-so-ordinary character whose dreadlocks are as unique as his personality. This unconventional alien captain sports neon-purple dreadlocks that, much like him, defy the norms. His dreadlocks are bold, quirky, and undeniably attention-grabbing, much like the series’ humorous and irreverent tone.

Chode’s dreadlocks underscore his unconventional existence, breaking away from the typical alien depiction in animation. They reflect his audacious attitude, often shaking and flailing during his outrageous adventures. Thus, Chode’s hairstyle doesn’t merely add a layer of color to his character but serves as an embodiment of his eccentric nature.

8. Otto Rocket – Rocket Power

Otto Rocket – Rocket Power

The protagonist of Nickelodeon’s “Rocket Power,” Otto Rocket, is a passionate skateboarder and surfer with a head full of distinct dreadlocks. These dreadlocks are not just about his love for the beach and extreme sports but also his rebellious nature and independence.

His sun-kissed dreadlocks, often seen flying in the wind as he performs daring stunts, serve as a metaphor for his free spirit and the ‘ride the wave’ philosophy he lives by.

They add a visual flair to his character, distinguishing him from his peers. Otto’s dreadlocks are a testament to his fearlessness and zest for life, marking him as a true icon in the world of animated sports enthusiasts.

9. Pickles – The Metalocalypse

Pickles – The Metalocalypse

Pickles, the drummer for the virtual band Dethklok in the animated series “The Metalocalypse,” epitomizes the heavy metal stereotype with his long, red dreadlocks.

This headbanging musician’s dreadlocks perfectly match the show’s dark, rebellious tone. His dreadlocks, often seen thrashing in sync with his drumming, symbolize his commitment to his music and the chaos that it often invites.

Moreover, they emphasize his larger-than-life personality and his no-holds-barred approach to life. More than a style statement, Pickles’ dreadlocks symbolize his individuality and the intense energy he brings to the stage, making him an unforgettable character in the realm of animated music.

10. Sideshow Bob – The Simpsons

Sideshow Bob - The Simpsons

Sideshow Bob, a villainous character from the beloved series “The Simpsons,” is an intriguing figure whose dreadlocked hairstyle is as distinctive as his personality. Once a sidekick in Krusty the Clown’s show, Sideshow Bob’s red, bushy dreadlocks symbolize his flamboyant nature and his over-the-top plots against Bart Simpson.

His dreadlocks, sometimes seen exaggeratedly large, contribute to his menacing appearance, intensifying the suspense in his scenes. However, his hairstyle also adds a touch of absurdity, reflecting the show’s satirical humor. From the plotter to the prisoner, Sideshow Bob’s dreadlocks remain constant, serving as a visual embodiment of his chaotic character.

11. Skeeter and Baby Scooter – The Muppet Babies Cartoon

Skeeter and Baby Scooter – The Muppet Babies Cartoon

In the delightful universe of “The Muppet Babies Cartoon,” two characters, Skeeter and Baby Scooter, stand out with their charming dreadlocks. Their matching hairstyles highlight their twin relationship while emphasizing their distinct personalities—Skeeter, the adventurous sister, sports short dreadlocks that symbolize her spunk and spirited nature.

Meanwhile, Baby Scooter, the more cautious brother, dons longer dreadlocks that mirror his contemplative personality. Their colorful and playful dreadlocks add a visual charm to their characters, reflecting the show’s fun and imaginative premise.

12. Nadine – Hey Arnold

Nadine – Hey Arnold

Nadine, a character from the much-loved series “Hey Arnold,” sports distinctive dreadlocks that serve as a nod to her intelligence and unique interests. A walking encyclopedia of insect facts, Nadine’s dreadlocks match her eccentric interests.

Her thick, braided dreadlocks underline her free-spirited character, making her stand out in her diverse group of friends. Whether she shares intriguing insect facts or engages in schoolyard adventures, her dreadlocks sway with her, echoing her enthusiasm and distinctive persona.

13. Edd “Double D” – Ed, Edd n Eddy

Edd “Double D” – Ed, Edd n Eddy

Affectionately known as “Double D” in the series “Ed, Edd n Eddy,” is a charming character with a unique take on dreadlocks. His hair is always hidden under a black beanie, leaving viewers intrigued about his hairstyle.

However, in one episode, Edd’s hat is removed, revealing a head full of long dreadlocks. This unexpected reveal adds an intriguing layer to his character, making the audience curious about what other surprises he might have. His hidden dreadlocks symbolize the complexity of his character – intelligent, neat, and always full of surprises, just like his hair.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this fascinating journey, we’ve delved deep into the vibrant world of animated characters who don their individuality through their dreadlocked hairstyles.

From the playful Rugrats to the adrenaline-packed realm of Gundam Build Fighters and the humorous universe of The Simpsons, we’ve seen dreadlocks symbolizing strength, uniqueness, and cultural heritage.

These animated figures and their dreadlocks reflect the endless possibilities and diversity of the animated world. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this captivating exploration of the 13 awesome cartoon characters with dreadlocks as much as we have. May this serve as an inspiration to see beyond the surface and appreciate the depth of each character’s uniqueness.