10 Cartoon Characters with Braces: Who Wore Them Best?

Braces have long symbolized the awkward teen years, transforming smiles and sparking self-conscious grins. But did you know braces are not just a part of our lives but also of our favorite cartoon characters?

These animated figures, sporting orthodontic gear, have given braces a fun twist, showcasing them as a mark of character and growth rather than just a dental necessity.

Over the years, these cartoon characters with braces have added a dose of relatability to our screens, often making us smile with their unique charm.

Join us as we dive into the whimsical world of animation and celebrate the top 10 cartoon characters who sport braces with style, panache, and an infectious, braced-up grin!

Cartoon Characters with Braces

In this section, we’ll meet our top 10 cartoon characters with braces, each bringing their unique personality and style to the screen. From superheroes to the girl-next-door, these characters have not only embraced braces but also made them a part of their distinct charm.

Buckle up for a fun-filled orthodontic journey!

1. Eliza Thornberry – The Wild Thornberrys

Eliza Thornberry – The Wild Thornberrys

Eliza Thornberry, the plucky protagonist of “The Wild Thornberrys,” is an adventurous 12-year-old with a heart full of curiosity and a mouth full of braces. With her red hair, freckles, and distinctive pigtails, Eliza’s braces are the cherry on top of her iconic look.

As the middle child of the globetrotting Thornberry family, her braces have seen more of the world’s jungles and savannas than most people ever will!

Her braces are not just an accessory but a part of her identity – a symbol of the pre-teen awkwardness that contrasts her exceptional gift of talking to animals. Eliza’s braces don’t hold her back from her explorations or interactions; instead, they underscore her age and innocence in the wild landscapes she navigates.

The braces add to her charm, making her relatable to young audiences who might also grapple with their self-consciousness while wearing orthodontic gear.

2. Chuckie Finster, Rugrats: All Grown Up!

Chuckie Finster, Rugrats: All Grown Up!

Chuckie Finster from “Rugrats: All Grown Up!” epitomizes an awkward tween. Known for his untamed red hair, blue glasses, and signature braces, Chuckie’s look embodies the common struggles and experiences of adolescence. His braces are a constant throughout the series, reflecting the reality of growing up, where orthodontics often plays a part.

Despite being a nervy character, Chuckie’s braces don’t add to his fears but are portrayed as a natural part of his growing-up process, much like his changing voice and growth spurts.

This resonates with viewers, especially those dealing with similar changes. Chuckie’s braces, paired with his unique personality, make him an easily identifiable character, teaching young audiences about acceptance, adaptation, and the normality of wearing braces during the confusing journey of adolescence.

3. Mabel Pines – Gravity Falls

Mabel Pines – Gravity Falls

Mabel Pines is the energetic, colorful twin sister of Dipper Pines from the show “Gravity Falls.” Known for her unwavering positivity, wild sweaters, and shiny braces, Mabel is a ball of joy that viewers can’t help but love.

Mabel’s braces add a dash of realism to her character. Despite the fantastical adventures she embarks upon, they’re a physical reminder of her age and relatability.

Her braces aren’t depicted as a hindrance but a proud part of who she is – an adolescent girl embracing every bit of her journey, including her orthodontic treatment.

The show creators use Mabel’s braces to send a strong message of self-acceptance to young viewers, subtly teaching them that braces are a normal part of life that doesn’t dampen one’s spirit or capabilities.

4. Luan Loud – The Loud House

Luan Loud – The Loud House

Luan Loud is among the many members of the large Loud family in the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House”. As the family’s resident comedienne, Luan sports braces with a sense of humor that’s as infectious as her laughter. She embraces her braces as she does her knock-knock jokes, treating them as an integral part of her character.

Luan’s braces are no obstacle to her stand-up comedy performances; they complement her youthful and energetic persona. The character highlights the potential to maintain a positive outlook, embrace laughter, and continue to live fully, even with braces on, making her a favorite among many young brace-wearing fans.

5. Darla – Finding Nemo

Darla – Finding Nemo

In “Finding Nemo,” Darla is the notorious fish killer with a devilish grin adorned by bulky headgear and braces. Although not the main character, Darla’s braces are possibly the most famous in the cartoon world. Her braces, paired with the headgear, create a look that’s as unforgettable as her character.

Darla’s braces aren’t necessarily celebrated in the film but certainly add to her distinctive personality. The loud, somewhat scary orthodontic equipment she dons amplifies her intimidating presence and characterizes her as the bane of the aquatic world.

6. Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons

In the “Last Exit to Springfield” episode of “The Simpsons,” Lisa Simpson gets braces. Lisa’s brief stint with braces showcases the typical anxieties of children and teenagers facing orthodontic treatment.

Her braces aren’t just about correcting her teeth, but they also symbolize the pressures of societal beauty standards and the financial burden such treatments can pose on families.

While Lisa Simpson doesn’t wear braces throughout the series, the episode offers a poignant narrative about self-image, acceptance, and the realities of wearing braces. Despite the struggles, Lisa wears her braces with courage, illustrating the resilience many young individuals display during their orthodontic journeys.

7. Tootie – The Fairly OddParents

Tootie – The Fairly OddParents

Tootie from “The Fairly OddParents” is a prime example of a cartoon character who doesn’t let her braces dictate her life. Her two defining characteristics are her unrequited crush on Timmy Turner and vibrant braces. Tootie’s braces, much like her personality, are prominent and unapologetic.

Her character shows that while braces might lead to some awkward situations (like getting them stuck in things), they can be managed with resilience and positivity.

Despite facing the challenge of unpopularity, Tootie’s energy is unwavering, and her braces complement her zest for life, showing viewers that physical appearances, including orthodontic gear, should never impede expressing oneself fully.

8. Mike Wazowski – Monsters University

Mike Wazowski – Monsters University

In the prequel to “Monsters, Inc.,” “Monsters University,” Mike Wazowski is depicted as a young monster with big dreams, big eyes, and, yes, big braces. Mike’s retainer, with its headgear, becomes an integral part of his youthful character, showcasing the authenticity of his student life.

The braces seem to enhance his already endearing character, adding an element of awkward cuteness to his ambitious persona. Despite any orthodontic discomfort, Mike remains passionate about becoming a scarer, providing a positive image for young viewers who might be dealing with their insecurities about wearing braces.

9. Chester McBadbat – The Fairly OddParents

Chester McBadbat – The Fairly OddParents

Chester McBadbat is another character from “The Fairly Odd Parents” who wears braces. Sporting a pair of large, shiny braces, Chester is Timmy Turner’s best friend and an embodiment of the not-so-popular kids in school. His braces, torn clothes, and baseball cap contribute to his carefree and unconventional image.

While Chester might not have the perfect smile, his character underscores that the presence of braces, or any other physical attributes, doesn’t define one’s worth or friendship. His braces are a part of who he is, but they don’t confine him. Instead, they help portray a picture of real-world diversity in appearances, encouraging acceptance among viewers.

10. Sid – Toy Story

Sid – Toy Story

In “Toy Story,” Sid is the infamous toy-torturing kid next door, known for his chaotic braces-adorned smile. Much like his character, Sid’s braces are intense and somewhat intimidating. They fit into his image of a rebellious teen, adding to his offbeat and mischievous charm.

While Sid isn’t the most loved character, his braces contribute significantly to his memorable persona. They stand as a symbol of his unruly adolescence, thereby making him an unforgettable character in viewers’ minds. This shows that braces, like any accessory, can be a powerful tool in defining a character’s identity.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve delved into the fascinating world of animation, focusing on 10 notable cartoon characters who proudly sport braces. From Eliza Thornberry’s adventurous spirit, Luan Loud’s infectious laughter, and Mike Wazowski’s big dreams, braces are seen as more than orthodontic appliances.

They are embraced as part of these characters’ identities, underlining the reality of growing up and teaching lessons of acceptance and resilience. Braces, as depicted in the animated universe, show us that they’re not just for perfecting smiles but also for instilling confidence, showcasing character growth, and ensuring relatability among viewers of all ages.