Meet the Elite: Top 14 Black Characters in Naruto

Diving into the world of “Naruto”, one can’t help but appreciate its rich and diverse ensemble of characters. As a treasure trove of diverse and empowering personalities, Naruto doesn’t shy away from spotlighting black characters who leave an indelible imprint on the narrative.

In this multicultural shinobi world, they bring to life an array of compelling storylines and embody strength, intelligence, and a distinct charm that makes them fan favorites.

This piece promises to guide you through the journey of Naruto’s most notable black characters, celebrating their unique attributes and undeniable influence within this beloved franchise.

Get ready for an exciting exploration into the elite characters who added a distinct color and depth to Naruto’s vibrant world.

Black Characters in Naruto

In this section, we will delve deeper into the world of Naruto and its cast of black characters. Each one is not only a symbol of representation and diversity, but they also play pivotal roles in the series progression. Let’s explore their unique personas, abilities, and significant contributions.

1. Karui Akimichi

Karui Akimichi

Karui Akimichi, originally from the Hidden Cloud Village and a prominent member of Team Samui, is a character who emanates strength and resilience. A kunoichi of the Akimichi clan, her personality is as fierce as her combat skills. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, she is not afraid to voice her opinions, making her a character with a striking presence.

On the battlefield, Karui wields a range of weapons with mastery, favoring a long sword, and employs distinctive Akimichi clan body expansion techniques. Her proficiency earned her a place in the Fourth Division during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Post-war, Karui finds love and starts a family with Choji Akimichi, extending familial ties within the Leaf Village.

2. Kidomaru


A member of Orochimaru’s Sound Four, Kidomaru is a formidable character who instills fear with his spider-like abilities. His six arms and third eye, hidden under his forehead protector, make him a sight to behold, and his skills in battle are equally impressive. Known for his strategic mind, Kidomaru turns combat into a chess game, meticulously analyzing his enemies’ strengths and weaknesses.

He uses a unique combination of ninjutsu, boasting the ability to spin webs, create clones, and even summon giant spiders. Despite his villainous role, Kidomaru’s tactical acumen and distinctive abilities make him a fascinating character to watch.

3. Killer B

Killer B

Killer B, the jinchūriki of the Eight-Tails, is a charismatic shinobi from the Hidden Cloud Village and the younger brother of the Fourth Raikage. With his carefree spirit, a knack for freestyle rapping, and unwavering loyalty to his village, Killer B is one of Naruto’s most endearing characters.

He’s a master of kenjutsu, famously wielding seven swords at once in a unique style that confounds his opponents. Yet his relationship with his tailed beast, Gyūki, truly sets him apart. Unlike most jinchūriki, who their beasts torment, B befriends Gyūki, establishing a powerful bond that enhances his abilities and strengthens his resolve.

4. A (First Raikage)

A (First Raikage)

The First Raikage, known only as “A”, is an imposing figure from the Hidden Cloud Village and the founding leader of the Kumogakure. Although not much is known about his time as Raikage, his legacy speaks volumes about his prowess.

He is credited with laying the foundation for the village’s future success and setting the tone for the power, speed, and fearlessness that the title of Raikage embodies. As an ancestral figure, his influence is seen through his descendants, who continue to echo his formidable leadership and resilience, making the First Raikage an integral part of Naruto’s lore.

5. A (Third Raikage)

A (Third Raikage)

A, the Third Raikage, carries a legend that makes him one of the most respected and powerful characters in the Naruto universe. Known for his unmatched physical strength and speed, he could battle a tailed beast single-handedly—a testament to his immense power.

The One-Finger Nukite’s signature technique could pierce through his ultimate defense. His leadership style was defined by his deep-seated sense of responsibility, always putting himself in the line of fire to protect his village and people. His sacrifice and bravery continue to resonate throughout the series, underlining his character’s strength and indomitable spirit.

6. Chouchou Akimichi

Chouchou Akimichi

Chocho Akimichi, daughter of Karui and Choji Akimichi, is a member of the new generation of shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village. She is a key character in the “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” series. Chocho is known for her buoyant personality and love for potato chips, which adds a delightful element of humor to her character.

Despite her light-hearted demeanor, Chocho is a competent kunoichi who doesn’t shy away from a fight. She’s proficient in the Akimichi clan’s body expansion techniques and exhibits her father’s Partial Multi-Size Technique with impressive finesse. As part of Team 10, her growth throughout the series, both as a shinobi and as an individual navigating adolescence, is a journey that is captivating and relatable.

7. Darui


Darui, the Fifth Raikage from the Hidden Cloud Village, is a character that is as humble as he is powerful. Once the right-hand man of the Fourth Raikage, he gained respect with his level-headed demeanor and dedication to his village. Known for his unique Kekkei Genkai that combines water and lightning styles, Darui can create the powerful Black Lightning and use the Storm Release: Laser Circus technique.

He also inherits the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths from his teacher. Darui is a skilled leader, guiding his village with wisdom and poise, and he remains a cornerstone character within the Naruto series.

8. Mabui


Mabui, secretary to the Third and Fourth Raikage, is a character whose intelligence and loyalty shine through her actions. Known for her gentle demeanor, she is arguably one of the smartest characters in the Hidden Cloud Village. Mabui’s genius is evident in her unique Lightning Release technique, Heavenly Transfer, which can transport objects at the speed of light.

While she isn’t a frontline combatant, Mabui plays a crucial role during the Fourth Great Ninja War, demonstrating her courage and commitment to her village. Her character adds a layer of depth to the series, reminding viewers that strength in Naruto comes in many forms.

9. Omoi


Omoi, a shinobi of the Hidden Cloud Village and a member of Team Samui brings an interesting mix of characteristics to the table. He is often seen with a lollipop in his mouth, adding to his distinctive appearance. Omoi’s personality uniquely blends a perpetually worried mind and a confident combatant.

His swordsmanship is top-tier, and his command of lightning-release techniques is remarkable. Despite his frequent anxiety about disastrous scenarios, when protecting his comrades and village, Omoi displays unwavering courage and a keen strategic mind.

10. Tarui


Tarui, a genin-level kunoichi from the Hidden Cloud Village, is a minor but notable character in the series. While she doesn’t appear extensively in the series, her appearances in the Chunin Exams highlight her ambition and potential as a young ninja. Tarui is a strong-willed and determined individual, not easily swayed by intimidation or competition.

She exhibits a basic understanding of the Cloud-Style Kenjutsu during her battles. While her screen time is brief, Tarui’s character leaves an impression and symbolizes the everyday hardworking ninja, embodying the spirit of perseverance inherent to the world of Naruto.

11. Karai


Karai, a young kunoichi from the Hidden Leaf Village, appears in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations”. She exhibits a charming blend of youthful enthusiasm and ambition that mirrors many young shinobi in the Naruto universe. As a member of Team 15, she works alongside Namida Suzumeno and Wasabi Izuno under the leadership of Hanabi Hyuga.

Her abilities are primarily centered around medical ninjutsu, demonstrating a talent for healing and support. However, Karai is not just a healer; she understands taijutsu well during her sparring sessions. Though she is a minor character, Karai’s potential and determination contribute to the ongoing legacy of the Hidden Leaf Village shinobi.

12. Kurotsuchi


Kurotsuchi, the Fourth Tsuchikage of the Hidden Stone Village, embodies grace, strength, and leadership. The granddaughter of the Third Tsuchikage, she inherits his knack for strategic battle and powerful earth-style ninjutsu. She demonstrates her skills in the Fourth Great Ninja War, where her Quicklime Congealing and Lava Style jutsus become instrumental in battles.

Beyond combat, Kurotsuchi is an adept diplomat, emphasizing peace among the villages and prioritizing the well-being of her people. She carries her role as Tsuchikage with a balance of firmness and compassion, making her a respected and compelling character.

13. Samui


Samui, the cool-headed leader of Team Samui from the Hidden Cloud Village, is known for her composed demeanor, strategic acumen, and impressive ninjutsu skills. As an experienced kunoichi, she showcases proficiency in Kenjutsu, wielding a long, broad sword with ease. Samui’s intelligence shines through in tactical situations, and her dedication to her team is commendable.

She utilizes Lightning Release techniques with great command and also masters the unique “Epee” technique. Her calm approach, even in the most dangerous situations, underlines her strength and determination, making Samui an unforgettable character in the Naruto series.

14. Atsui


Atsui, a shinobi from the Hidden Cloud Village, is a character who, although with limited screen time, leaves an impression. As Samui’s younger brother, he shares his sister’s cool composure but couples it with a fiery spirit when in combat. Atsui excels over Fire Release techniques, manipulating flames with dexterity to his advantage.

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he is absorbed by the Benihisago but demonstrates his determination and valor even in the face of grave danger. Atsui’s character, though brief, adds to the narrative’s intensity, emphasizing the courage and resolve of the shinobi in the Naruto universe.

Final Thoughts

This article has journeyed through the vibrant world of Naruto, spotlighting the intriguing and powerful black characters who enrich the narrative with their unique personas and abilities.

These characters reflect strength, intelligence, and diversity from the ambitious younger generation like Chocho Akimichi and Karai to seasoned warriors like Darui and Kurotsuchi.

They are essential parts of the story, demonstrating that heroism comes in many forms and from all walks of life. As we celebrate these characters, we are reminded of the essence of Naruto – a tale of perseverance, growth, and the enduring spirit of the shinobi world.