Top 20 Anime Queens Revealed: A Must-See List

Anime enthusiasts around the globe have long admired the captivating world of animated royal court intrigue, where queens aren’t just figureheads but complex characters driving the narratives.

Whether they’re ruling with kindness or absolute authority, these Anime Queens offer a fascinating exploration of power, grace, and fierce determination. They represent a myriad of diverse traits, from unparalleled wisdom and unshakeable resolve to unbound beauty and profound kindness.

Their stories are intricately woven, depicting the dynamism and nuances of their characters, captivating the viewers, and leaving a lasting impression. Get ready to dive into an enchanting journey as we reveal the top 20 Anime Queens who have etched their prominence into the hearts of fans worldwide.

Anime Queens

In this section, we delve into the captivating realm of Anime Queens. These powerful women wield influence through their royal statuses and intelligence, strength, compassion, and, sometimes, ruthlessness. We’ll unpack these illustrious figures’ stories that span various genres, creating a vibrant tapestry of animated reality.

1. Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon)

Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon)

Moon Kingdom’s benevolent ruler, Queen Serenity, is not just an ordinary monarch but the embodiment of kindness, strength, and grace. Adorned in a flowing white gown and silver tiara, she is an ethereal figure with a divine aura of serenity. Yet, her exterior beauty is dwarfed by her inner strength and love.

Guided by an unwavering belief in love and justice, Queen Serenity sacrificed herself to save her people and her only daughter, Sailor Moon, from the Dark Kingdom. Her motherly love transcends time and space, and she continually supports her daughter in her fight against evil, even from beyond the grave. Her character reflects the maternal archetype with powerful depth, making her a distinct queen in anime.

2. Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon)

Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon)

Contrasting Queen Serenity, we have Queen Beryl, the primary antagonist in the first season of Sailor Moon. Donning a dark, long gown and a golden crown, Beryl is a queen of dark ambition and manipulation. Her imposing, devilish red hair is as fiery as her thirst for power. She rose to her title through subterfuge, captivating those around her with charisma and deception.

This once humble girl turned tyrannical ruler, driven by unrequited love and jealousy, becomes a puppet for an evil entity, bringing about her downfall. Her tragic transformation from a simple maiden to a power-hungry monarch provides an intriguing insight into the destructive potential of uncontrolled emotions.

3. Queen Elsa (Frozen)

Queen Elsa (Frozen)

Although not traditionally anime, Queen Elsa’s character from Disney’s Frozen resonates with anime fans due to her intricate character development and struggles. Elsa, the Snow Queen of Arendelle, is a complex figure of regality and fear. Her struggle to control her icy powers is a compelling metaphor for managing one’s fears and anxieties.

Elsa’s transformation from a fearful, reclusive individual to a queen accepting her powers and herself is incredibly inspiring. Known for her signature blue gown and beautiful platinum blonde hair, Elsa’s iconic anthem, “Let It Go” echoes the journey of self-discovery and acceptance, making her a queen that strikes a chord with audiences worldwide.

4. Queen Mab (Fate/stay night)

Queen Mab (Fate/stay night)

Queen Mab is not a traditional queen but a ‘Queen of Winter’ from the ‘Fate’ series. Mab, also known as ‘Morgan’, is a complicated figure brimming with power and darkness. As a Fae queen, her mystical presence and icy demeanor are as chilling as winter.

Her character explores themes of bitterness and revenge, and her cold, ruthless attitude toward others adds layers of depth to her character. With her stunning yet daunting appearance, she captivates viewers with her charm. Yet, her relentless ambition and complex motives make her a queen worth exploring in anime.

5. Queen Nehelenia (Sailor Moon)

Queen Nehelenia (Sailor Moon)

Queen Nehelenia, the primary antagonist of Sailor Moon’s fourth season, is a haunting figure symbolizing vanity and obsession. Once a beautiful queen, she became tormented by a prophetic mirror revealing her aging. Unable to bear the thought of losing her beauty, Nehelenia falls into the trap of her vanity, turning into a malevolent ruler cursed with eternal solitude.

Her pale blue gown, flowing dark hair, and unnerving silver eyes testify to her fall from grace. Her narrative, steeped in Greek mythology parallels, reflects the devastating consequences of vanity and obsession, making her a unique, unforgettable anime queen.

6. Queen Guinevere (Fate/Zero)

Queen Guinevere (Fate/Zero)

Queen Guinevere from the Fate/Zero series is a quintessential character whose narrative is deeply intertwined with the iconic Arthurian legends. Often depicted with beautiful long hair and wearing elegant royal garments, Guinevere exudes a dignified grace that befits her title. Despite her royal status, her story is one of emotional turmoil and sacrifice.

Her marriage to King Arthur (who in the Fate universe is portrayed as a woman named Arturia) maintains the facade of a normal kingdom, and her affair with Lancelot reflects the tragic undertone of her life. This complex intertwining of duty and personal desires makes Guinevere a compelling figure that invites viewers to explore the pain and beauty of unrequited love and sacrifice.

7. Queen Henrietta (The Familiar of Zero)

Queen Henrietta (The Familiar of Zero)

Queen Henrietta from “The Familiar of Zero” is an enchanting figure adorned in luxurious royal attire. Her golden hair, kind azure eyes, and compassionate demeanor represent a balance of grace, beauty, and strength. Her character has a complexity that endears her to viewers, showcasing the delicate balance between her duties as a queen and her personal friendships.

A close friend of the protagonist, Louise, Henrietta, often struggles to reconcile her responsibilities as a monarch with her sentiments as a friend. This dichotomy of royal duty and personal ties makes her story a captivating aspect of the series.

8. Queen Medb (Fate/Grand Order)

Queen Medb (Fate/Grand Order)

Queen Medb from Fate/Grand Order is a vibrant figure who embodies strength, ambition, and captivating allure. Known as the ‘Queen of Connacht’, Medb is a formidable ruler, always seen in a grand chariot and regal attire. With her blonde hair, provocative attire, and commanding presence, Medb is not a queen to be trifled with.

She is often portrayed as a woman who knows her desires and isn’t afraid to pursue them, whether it’s her quest for power or her fascination with the hero Cu Chulainn. This fearless pursuit of her desires and her assertive leadership make Queen Medb a compelling figure of power and charm in the anime world.

9. Queen Otohime (One Piece)

Queen Otohime (One Piece)

Queen Otohime of Fishman Island in the “One Piece” series is a symbol of peace, compassion, and equality. Known for her unique mermaid appearance and gentle demeanor, Otohime tirelessly advocated for the coexistence of humans and fishmen. Her dream was to build a bridge of understanding and equality between these two worlds, often placing herself in danger for this cause.

Her tragic assassination profoundly impacted the kingdom and viewers, but her ideals continue to resonate throughout the series. Otohime’s narrative is a testament to the enduring power of love and peace, marking her as a queen of deep compassion and unwavering dedication.

10. Queen Mirai (PriPara)

Queen Mirai (PriPara)

Queen Mirai from PriPara offers a refreshing take on anime royalty with her youthful charm, energetic demeanor, and passion for music. As the manager of PriPara and a member of the idol group ‘Miracle☆Kiratts,’ Mirai is a symbol of youthfulness, dreams, and ambition. Her bright pink hair, sparkling eyes, and trendy outfits add to her vivacious persona.

Despite her age, Mirai is a figure of maturity and wisdom, often guiding the series’ young idols on their journey. Her life as an idol manager and a queen offers a fascinating blend of glamour, responsibility, and the challenges of balancing these two worlds, making Mirai a unique anime queen.

11. Queen Titania (Fairy Tail)

Queen Titania (Fairy Tail)

Queen Titania, or Erza Scarlet as she is commonly known in the “Fairy Tail” series, is a figure of unparalleled strength, disciplined resolve, and passionate loyalty. Though not a queen by birthright, she earned her title, “Queen of the Fairies,” due to her exceptional abilities and firm leadership. Titania is renowned for her skill in “Requip Magic,” allowing her to switch weapons and armor instantaneously in battle.

Despite her fierce exterior, Erza has a deep sense of compassion for her guild members, often putting herself in harm’s way to protect them. With her scarlet hair, regal armor, and unwavering eyes, Titania’s character is a compelling blend of power, discipline, and heartfelt dedication.

12. Queen Mermaid (One Piece)

Queen Mermaid (One Piece)

In the extensive lore of “One Piece,” the title of Queen Mermaid or Mermaid Princess is held by the beautiful and kind-hearted Shirahoshi. Daughter of King Neptune, Shirahoshi can summon and command Sea Kings. With her enchanting mermaid tail and long, flowing hair, she personifies aquatic elegance.

However, her purity of heart and immense courage in times of danger truly make her a queen in her own right. Despite her sheltered upbringing, Shirahoshi is willing to trust and see the good in people, making her character profoundly endearing to viewers.

13. Queen Michiko (Princess Jellyfish)

Queen Michiko (Princess Jellyfish)

Queen Michiko from “Princess Jellyfish” isn’t a traditional queen but rather a mature and stylish woman who stands as a figure of aspiration. She is a central part of the transformation and growth of the protagonist, Tsukimi Kurashita. With her classy fashion sense, Michiko symbolizes elegance and confidence in the series.

Her character explores the idea of ‘becoming’ a queen, not by birthright or power, but by personal growth and self-belief. Her influence on Tsukimi’s journey towards confidence and self-acceptance marks Michiko as a different kind of queen — a queen of inspiration and transformation.

14. Queen Yggdra (Yggdra Union)

Queen Yggdra (Yggdra Union)

Queen Yggdra of Fantasinia from “Yggdra Union” is a young and determined ruler. Thrust into the role of a queen at a tender age due to a coup, Yggdra’s story is one of resilience and growth. With her signature blonde hair and royal sword, she fights to reclaim her kingdom and bring peace to her land.

Yggdra’s journey sees her navigating through war’s harsh realities, and the tough decisions she must make add depth to her character. She grows from a naive princess into a wise queen, demonstrating the series’ central themes of sacrifice, responsibility, and the weight of the crown.

15. Queen Himiko (The Twelve Kingdoms)

Queen Himiko (The Twelve Kingdoms)

Himiko of “The Twelve Kingdoms” is a figure shrouded in mystery and divine power. As the queen of Wa, a vassal state of Kei, Himiko is a key player in the series. Despite her youthful appearance, she possesses an old soul, gifted with the ability to communicate with the gods.

Himiko’s role often involves providing spiritual guidance and assistance to the series’ protagonist, Yoko Nakajima. With her gentle demeanor, spiritual wisdom, and sacrificial love, Himiko serves as a spiritual queen, guiding viewers to explore themes of divinity, destiny, and the intertwining of the mortal and divine realms.

16. Queen Victoria (Black Butler)

Queen Victoria (Black Butler)

In the dark and sophisticated realm of “Black Butler,” Queen Victoria plays a pivotal role. She is not merely a figurehead but a force of governance and order in Victorian England. Victoria is depicted as a gentle woman with her signature veil, hiding her disfigured face, a testament to her love for her late husband.

Yet, behind this veil, she is a strong, resilient ruler, unfazed by the grim realities of her kingdom. Often communicating with the Phantomhive household, Victoria’s character showcases the grim duty and decorum expected of a queen, making her a captivating and somewhat tragic figure in anime.

17. Queen Leina (Queen’s Blade)

Queen Leina (Queen's Blade)

In “Queen’s Blade,” Queen Leina Vance is a warrior queen who embodies strength, bravery, and determination. Despite her royal lineage, Leina rejects the life of a princess to journey and battle her way to the Queen’s Blade tournament.

With her formidable fighting skills and resilient spirit, she proves herself in this world of warriors. Her story is an inspiring tale of breaking free from traditional roles, and her evolution from a renegade princess to a warrior queen marks her as a unique and inspiring figure in anime.

18. Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

While not traditionally anime, the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland” is an iconic figure in animation. Known for her flamboyant appearance, volatile temper, and her infamous phrase, “Off with their heads!”, the Queen of Hearts is a character that embodies power and unpredictability.

Despite her erratic nature, she is deeply loved and feared, demonstrating Wonderland’s strange and whimsical logic. Her character invites viewers to explore the concepts of power and absurdity, making her a noteworthy “queen” in animated storytelling.

19. Queen Ophiuca (MegaMan Star Force)

Queen Ophiuca (MegaMan Star Force)

Queen Ophiuca, also known as Queen Ophiucus, is a character from the “MegaMan Star Force” series. As a FM-ian, she takes the form of a large snake and is associated with the constellation Ophiuchus. Partnered with Luna Platz, she embodies the danger and allure associated with serpents.

Her character is characterized by seduction, cunning, and the desire for chaos. Despite her antagonistic role, Queen Ophiuca offers a compelling perspective on the interplay between human desires and the forces of the cosmos, marking her as a unique entity in the anime universe.

20. Queen Allura (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

Queen Allura (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

In “Voltron: Legendary Defender,” Queen Allura is a character of immense wisdom, power, and compassion. As the last of the Alteans, Allura carries her responsibility with grace and courage. She is a queen and a Paladin of Voltron, piloting the Castle of Lions and later the Blue Lion.

Her magical abilities and strategic mind make her a pivotal character in the series. Her journey explores themes of loss, duty, and resilience. Allura’s sacrifice for the universe’s survival profoundly impacts her as a queen who rules through power and selfless love and bravery.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article has explored a kaleidoscope of queens in the anime realm, each one unique in her own right. From Queen Serenity’s benevolent rulership to Queen Allura’s selfless bravery, these characters offer more than just royal titles; they present compelling narratives of power, resilience, sacrifice, and transformation.

Whether embodying mystical elegance like Queen Otohime or symbolizing growth like Queen Yggdra, these anime queens capture our hearts and imaginations. They add depth and drama to their respective series and inspire viewers with their diverse personalities and unforgettable stories. Truly, these anime queens are a must-see for all anime enthusiasts.