Recommended for Fans: Top 12 Anime Like High School DxD

If you’re a “High School DxD” fan, chances are you crave a rich blend of action, comedy, romance, and a healthy dose of ecchi.

Known for its potent cocktail of captivating plotlines and unique characters, this anime series has left many viewers seeking similar entertainment once the final credits roll.

In response to this growing demand, we’ve curated a compelling list of animes that embody the same spirit as “High School DxD”. So, whether it’s the supernatural intrigue, high school drama, or the engaging character dynamics you love, we’re confident these recommendations will hit the mark.

Get ready to dive back into a world of fantasy, fan service, and epic battles with these anime gems.

Anime Like High School DxD

This section delves deeper into our curated list of animes similar to “High School DxD”. This ensemble is brimming with high school adventures, supernatural elements, romantic subplots, and the distinctive ecchi themes you’ve come to relish.

Join us as we venture through riveting stories that capture the essence of your favorite show.

1. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

Imagine having not one but two beautiful step-sisters who, as it turns out, are members of the demon clan! This is exactly what happens to Basara Toujou in “The Testament of Sister New Devil”. This anime is a compelling blend of action, fantasy, and ecchi, making it a perfect follow-up to “High School DxD”.

The series skillfully balances humor, risqué fan service, and supernatural elements. Basara’s step-sisters, Mio and Maria, may bring chaos into his life, but they also fill it with excitement, making for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Add in Basara’s own secret heritage, and you’re in for a wild ride. This anime promises an intriguing storyline that perfectly marries everyday high school drama with demonic battles.

2. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Magic, romance, and a high-stakes battle against an evil force – “Trinity Seven” has all the ingredients to satisfy your “High School DxD” cravings. The story follows Arata Kasuga, who joins a magical academy after a catastrophic event known as the ‘Breakdown Phenomenon’ alters his normal life.

The academy is home to the “Trinity Seven”, seven female mages, each embodying a deadly sin, who help Arata control his magic and unravel the mystery behind the phenomenon. The anime has action-packed sequences, comedic interludes, and ecchi moments. As Arata navigates the magical world, he builds unique relationships with the Trinity Seven, adding depth to the plot.

3. Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

Combine high school, zombies, and ecchi, and you’ve got “Highschool of the Dead”. This anime strays from the conventional high school setting by introducing a world overrun by zombies, where survival becomes the only objective. The narrative follows a group of high school students and their school nurse grappling with the zombie apocalypse.

The series delivers thrilling action sequences punctuated by comedic and ecchi elements. Its compelling plot, intense atmosphere, and well-developed characters make it an exhilarating watch for “High School DxD” enthusiasts.

4. So, I Can’t Play H!

So, I Can’t Play H!

“So, I Can’t Play H!” is a delightful anime that combines supernatural elements with romantic comedy and ecchi themes, making it an apt choice for “High School DxD” fans. The plot centers around Ryosuke Kaga, a perverted high school student who forms a contract with a beautiful grim reaper named Lisara Restall.

The catch? She drains his perverted spirit for energy. As the duo navigates various trials, the anime beautifully captures the humor, fan service, and supernatural action that characterizes “High School DxD”. As Ryosuke becomes embroiled in the supernatural world, you’re treated to an engaging narrative that promises endless fun and excitement.

5. Haganai


Have you ever been so lonely that you’ve contemplated starting a club to make friends? Well, that’s exactly what happens in “Haganai”. Kodaka Hasegawa, our protagonist, teams up with the equally friendless Yozora Mikazuki to create the Neighbor’s Club – a club for people with few or no friends.

This comedy-drama, interspersed with ecchi moments, closely mirrors the school setting and character dynamics of “High School DxD”. The club activities range from the mundane to the outright absurd, providing a rich and entertaining backdrop.

Kodaka’s interactions with the eccentric club members make for hilarious and sometimes poignant viewing. If you enjoyed the high school antics and relationship dynamics of “High School DxD”, “Haganai” should be next on your list.

6. Date A Live

Date A Live

“Date A Live” gives a whole new meaning to the phrase dating can be a battlefield’. This anime revolves around Shido Itsuka, a high school student who must date Spirits—extraterrestrial beings causing space quakes on Earth—to save humanity.

The show’s blend of action, romance, and harem-style drama is reminiscent of “High School DxD”, with a dash of science fiction. Shido’s interactions with the various Spirits keep the humor flowing and the plot engaging. The anime cleverly balances the ecchi and fan-service elements with a compelling narrative and a healthy dose of action.

7. Omamori Himari

Omamori Himari

If you enjoyed the supernatural elements and ecchi humor of “High School DxD”, “Omamori Himari” will surely enthrall you. The series follows Yuto Amakawa, an ordinary high school boy protected by a cat spirit named Himari after a family curse threatens his life. Himari’s sworn duty to protect Yuto leads to various comedic and ecchi moments.

The anime masterfully combines fantasy, romance, and comedy elements against everyday high school life. With an array of supernatural creatures and engaging character interactions, “Omamori Himari” provides a delightful viewing experience.

8. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

Imagine learning that your future profession will be the Demon King! In “Demon King Daimao”, Akuto Sai’s life takes a drastic turn when he discovers that he’s destined to become the Demon King. His ensuing struggles and the reactions of those around him provide ample humor and excitement.

The anime skillfully merges elements of fantasy, action, harem, and ecchi themes, delivering a blend similar to “High School DxD”. As Akuto navigates the complex world of magic school while grappling with his destiny, viewers are treated to a plot as intriguing as it is entertaining.

9. Sekirei


Imagine being caught up in a superhuman battle involving beautiful alien beings called “Sekirei”. This is the exciting premise of the anime “Sekirei”. The story revolves around Minato Sahashi, a ‘down-on-his-luck’ young man who becomes entangled in a deadly game involving the Sekirei.

Throughout the series, Minato builds a harem of Sekirei, each providing comedic, romantic, and ecchi interactions reminiscent of “High School DxD”. The anime effectively combines action, romance, and drama elements with a compelling storyline. Minato’s character development, coupled with the relationships he builds with his Sekirei, offers viewers an engaging narrative that’s hard to resist.

10. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Enroll in a school full of monsters? Why not! “Rosario + Vampire” follows the misadventures of Tsukune Aono, a human who accidentally enrolls in a school for monsters and befriends the beautiful vampire Moka Akashiya.

The anime’s combination of supernatural themes, harem-style romance, and ecchi humor echoes the elements that made “High School DxD” so popular. Tsukune’s interactions with Moka and the other monster girls are the heart of this series. Whether it’s the humor, the fan service, or the unique setting, there’s much to love about “Rosario + Vampire”.

11. To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru

Love can indeed get messy, especially when it involves an alien princess! In “To Love-Ru”, Rito Yuuki’s life is turned upside down when the beautiful alien princess Lala Satalin Deviluke teleports into his bathroom. The series is a whirlwind of humor, romance, and ecchi situations, much like “High School DxD”.

The dynamic between Rito and his ever-growing harem creates an entertaining and captivating viewing experience. Whether it’s the comedic misunderstandings, the romantic moments, or the quirky characters, “To Love-Ru” provides all the ingredients for a delightful watch.

12. Is this a Zombie?

Is this a Zombie?

How about a zombie protagonist for a change? “Is this a Zombie?” offers a unique blend of comedy, action, and ecchi that will appeal to “High School DxD” fans. The series revolves around Ayumu Aikawa, a zombie resurrected by a necromancer and becoming a magical girl.

Yes, you read that right, a magical girl! This unusual setup creates hilarious, action-packed scenarios and an undercurrent of romance and fan service. From battling megalos to navigating high school, Ayumu’s peculiar life promises a thrilling ride.

Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of anime shows like “High School DxD” that beautifully blends action, comedy, romance, and ecchi themes.

From the supernatural antics in “The Testament of Sister New Devil” and “Omamori Himari” to the high-stakes battles in “Trinity Seven” and “Sekirei”, there’s a show to suit every fan. For those who crave the combination of high school drama with zombie adventures, “Highschool of the Dead” is a thrilling choice.

With each anime featuring unique characters, captivating plots, and memorable moments, we’re confident you’ll find your next favorite series in this carefully curated list. Happy watching!