30 Best Anime Girls With Glasses: Smart and Stunning

Anime is a universe teeming with vibrancy and variety, bursting at the seams with intriguing characters that capture our hearts. Among them, “Anime Girls With Glasses” have a unique allure, seamlessly combining intelligence and beauty in one captivating package.

Our “30 Best Anime Girls With Glasses: Smart and Stunning” list explores this intriguing niche, unravelling the charm of these bespectacled beauties. Get ready to dive into a world where glasses are not just an accessory but an emblem of elegance and intellect.

Each girl on our list is a testament to this blend, their spectacles a mirror to their multifaceted personalities.

So, whether you are an otaku pursuing your next favourite character or a casual viewer seeking a novel anime experience, our countdown will surely add a sparkling new dimension to your anime journey.

Get ready to meet the girls who make smart look stunning!

Anime Girls With Glasses

This section delves into the unique world of “Anime Girls With Glasses”. These characters often hide their brilliance behind their specs, their glasses illuminating their complex minds.

From studious scholars to cunning strategists, get ready to be enthralled by their intellectual prowess and visual appeal.

1. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama

Aka, the R-Rated Hero, is a student at U.A. High School, but she’s so much more than that. Midnight is an instructor and Pro Hero that teaches Modern Hero Art History classes.

She easily has the coolest superpower of them all–she can put nearby people to sleep by exuding her “sleep-inducing aroma” from her body.

Like everything else about her, this power works better on men than it does on women. Being the ultimate femme fatale type, she not only wears a black leather dominatrix costume that accentuates her voluptuous curves but also acts playful and flirtatious in every encounter.

2. Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara is one of the most popular anime girls with glasses and for a good reason. Her gentle demeanour and strong sense of justice make her an excellent protagonist.

However, her popularity doesn’t stop there. Sonohara also has a very sexy appearance that many men find irresistible. So what makes her so special?

To begin with, Sonohara’s unique glasses add an air of sophistication to her image. They also give her an intellectual look that can be quite alluring to some viewers.

Additionally, she has a great voice, perfect for leading characters in anime productions. Her presence on screen always adds an element of excitement and anticipation to any show she appears in.

In conclusion, Anri Sonohara is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime girls with glasses today. She possesses all the qualities that make her an appealing television personality and a beautiful woman in general.

If you’re looking for someone who will make your day, look no further than Anri Sonohara!

3. Nodoka Manabe

Nodoka Manabe

With her glasses perched precariously on her nose, Nodoka Manabe from “K-On!” epitomizes a reliable and dedicated student. As the student council president, she balances the otherwise light-hearted group with a touch of seriousness.

She’s organized, focused, and always prepared to lend a helping hand. But don’t let the studious exterior fool you.

Beneath the regimented facade, Nodoka is a warm, caring friend with an infectious laugh, proving that you can be both smart and fun. It’s impossible not to be charmed by her earnest efforts and endearing friendships.

4. Ursula Callistis

Ursula Callistis

Ursula from “Little Witch Academia” is the bespectacled mentor figure every anime needs. Her glasses are not merely a fashion statement but a symbol of her wisdom and knowledge.

As a Luna Nova Magical Academy professor, Ursula guides her students with patience and care. Her character is layered, with her mysterious past only adding to her allure.

What truly stands out, though, is her unwavering dedication to her students, especially Akko, making her a standout character in the series. Ursula’s glasses reflect her character’s depth, making her an unforgettable spectacle.

5. Mey-Rin


“Black Butler’s” Mey-Rin is anything but your typical maid. Behind those round glasses is a deadly sniper with uncanny accuracy.

Her glasses might be for show, often tumbling down her nose due to her intense clumsiness, but when they come off, Mey-Rin means business.

She’s a dichotomy of adorably clumsy and frighteningly skilled, a contrast that gives her character an engaging twist. Mey-Rin is an example of how glasses can help shape an unexpected character arc, making her a delightful surprise.

6. Tashigi


Tashigi is a character in the manga and anime series King of Thorn. She is an officer of the Kingdom’s Royal Guard and is notable for her trademark eyeglasses.

Tashigi has a strong sense of justice and is very dedicated to her duties, often putting her at odds with others within the kingdom.

Despite her reserved personality, Tashigi is known throughout the kingdom for her sharp intellect and tactical skills. She is also highly skilled in swordsmanship and horseback riding, which have helped her earn the respect of many within the kingdom.

In addition to her work as an officer within the Royal Guard, Tashigi also serves as a translator for Queen Erina and adviser to Prince Zorro.

7. Saya Kisaragi

Saya Kisaragi

Saya Kisaragi is one of the most popular anime girls with glasses and for a good reason. She’s charismatic, intelligent, and very resourceful.

Her eyeglasses add a bit of character to her appearance, making her stand out from other characters in the show.

Plus, she’s always up for a challenge and never afraid to fight for her beliefs. Whether it’s battling Titans or other foes, Saya Kisaragi always comes through in a big way.

8. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa from “Monogatari Series” is a character of many contradictions, with her glasses symbolising her dichotomous nature. She’s the class representative, a model student, and a fount of knowledge.

Her glasses reflect her intellectual side but hide the ‘other’ Tsubasa, a less perfect, more human side. This complex and layered portrayal makes her such an engaging character, her glasses serving as a lens into her multifaceted personality.

9. Miyuki Takara

Miyuki Takara

According to a recent study, Miyuki Takara is the most popular anime girl with glasses. The survey, which Japanese eyewear retailer Uniqlo conducted, found that Takara is the most popular character regarding glasses-wearing popularity.

Other popular characters who wear glasses include protagonist Madoka Magica’s Homura Akemi and Fate/Apocrypha’s Shirou Emiya.

Takara’s prominence as an anime girl with glasses likely comes from her role as Kotonoha Katsura in the ongoing Free! Anime series. In the series, Katsura is a high school student who regularly wears thick eyeglasses and often has trouble seeing through them.

Her thick lenses are a running gag in the show, often leading to her getting into various predicaments. Audiences likely find Takara endearing because she’s not just another typical anime character – she’s quirky and relatable.

This popularity may also be due to Takara’s increasing presence online. Aside from her starring role in Free!, she has been featured prominently in several other popular anime shows and movies over the past few years.

For example, she appeared in Attack on Titan Season 2 as one of Eren Yeager’s classmates. She’ll appear in Sakura Quest and Sword Art Online II: The Zoldyck Family saga later this year.

10. Kobayashi


For a good reason, Kobayashi is one of the most popular anime girls with glasses. She’s stylish, confident, and always in a good mood. Kobayashi has a great sense of humour and is always up for a laugh.

If you’re looking for an anime girl who can brighten your day, Kobayashi is your girl. She’s also well-versed in many different interests, so there’s likely something she enjoys doing or talking about. Whether it’s fashion or food, Kobayashi has an opinion on everything.

So if you want a charming and stylish anime girl, look no further than Kobayashi!

11. Chisato Hasegawa

Chisato Hasegawa

Chisato Hasegawa is the most popular anime girl with glasses. She’s a strong and determined young woman who has a great sense of humour. Her anime character illustrations are always on point, and her distinctive eyewear draws attention. Here are the top four reasons why Chisato Hasegawa is so popular:

1. She’s funny – Chisato Hasegawa is known for her hilarious comedy sketches and comedic voice work. Her unique humour makes her an excellent role model for all young anime fans.

2. She’s relatable – Like many young anime fans, Chisato Hasegawa enjoys geeky hobbies like video gaming and cosplay. She brings this fun and excitement to her character designs, making them very appealing to viewers of all ages.

3. She’s creative – Chisato Hasegawa is a true artist passionate about creating character illustrations and animations. Her unique style distinguishes her from other anime girls with glasses, making her even more popular among genre fans.

4. She’s beautiful – Whether portraying Asuna in Sword Art Online or Kuroneko in the Monogatari series, Chisato Hasegawa always looks stunning with her trademark eyewear. In addition to her stunning visuals, she has a great sense of fashion, adding another layer of appeal to her work.

12. Maiko Ogure

Maiko Ogure

Maiko Ogure is one of the most popular anime girls with glasses. She has a strong and sultry look that is well-suited for anime and manga scenes. Ogure’s eyes are a deep blue, making her look like an innocent angel – or a vixen in disguise.

She started her career as an actress in 2004, and since then, she’s starred in dozens of movies and T.V. shows. Her most famous role to date is probably Kaede Ayase in “The [email protected] Cinderella Girls” franchise, which has gained worldwide fans.

Ogure also provides voice work for several anime series, including “Attack on Titan”, “Nanatsu no Taizai”, and “A Silent Voice”.

In addition to acting and voice work, Ogure has also released several music singles. She’s been praised for her powerful vocals and emotive delivery, making her music stand out.

13. Yumi Azusa

Yumi Azusa

Yumi has a powerful connection to the Demon Weapons within the series and is therefore assigned to protect East Asia. She is brilliant and an excellent information gatherer, and she has the Thousand-Mile Eyes that allow her to see over great distances.

Yumi takes her job very seriously and never smiles, but she is still respectful toward everyone. Her habit of informing others earns her the dubious title of “King of the Tattletales.” Her formal attire is completed with a pair of simple glasses.

14. Sarutobi Ayame

Sarutobi Ayame

Also known as Sa-chan, Sarutobi Ayame from “Gintama” is a ninja with a twisted sense of love. Her glasses are as much a part of her identity as her infatuation with Gintoki.

They reflect her sharp intelligence, which she uses to manoeuvre through life (and often create hilarious chaos). With her eccentric personality and unyielding spirit, Sa-chan is a character who brings laughter and light to every scene she’s in.

15. Shizuku


This anime girl works as a pickpocket and is known for her unique appearance.

Shizuku is officially the eighth member of the Phantom Troupe and has a forgetful personality to boot. Despite being able to overwhelm her opponents with speed and skill, she has a remorseless, emotionless killing personality that lets no heartbeat.

For her weapons of choice, she uses this magical vacuum cleaner called Blinky which grants her supernatural powers in battle.

16. Sheska


Sheska, the protagonist of “Attack on Titan,” is one of the more popular anime girls with glasses. She wears them to help her see in the dark and protect her eyes from debris.

Manga and anime fans love her because she’s brave and determined, even when things seem impossible.

Another popular anime girl with glasses is Aya Hirano from “Death Note.” She wears them to disguise her identity as a Wammy’s House student and keep others from knowing her true skills.

Some people find it creepy or weird, but others appreciate that she can go undetected for short periods.

17. Ichika Takatsuki

Ichika Takatsuki

Ichika Takatsuki is one of the most popular anime girls with glasses. She is a popular character in the “Sailor Moon” series. Ichika has thick glasses that enhance her eyes.

Her glasses make her look severe and intelligent, perfect for her role as Sailor Jupiter in the series. Ichika’s popularity has led her to become a fashion icon, and she has even designed her clothing line.

Ichika is also a singer, and she has released several albums. She is currently starring in an anime series called “Glasslip.”

18. Tamako Arai

Tamako Arai

Tamako Arai from “Barakamon” is not your average rural middle schooler. Her glasses provide a window to her artistic soul, a keen eye for detail, and a love for manga. Quiet and introverted, she finds solace in her drawings.

Through her glasses, we see a dreamer, a girl who uses art to express herself in ways words can’t capture. Tamako’s character is a testament to the quiet strength and creativity that often lies behind glasses.

19. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein is the protagonist of the anime series “A Silent Voice.” She has a thick eyeglass frame that gives her an appearance similar to that of a nerd, but this only makes her more likeable.

Her personality is also quite unique; she’s highly intelligent, socially awkward, and introverted. This combination makes her one of the most unique and likable characters in anime.

According to a recent poll conducted by Anime News Network, Nina Einstein ranked as the most popular anime girl with glasses.

Other popular characters with glasses include Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan and Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Death Note. Glasses have become increasingly popular, giving characters a more stylish appearance.

20. Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman from “Read or Die” takes the ‘bookworm with glasses’ trope to a whole new level. As an agent of the British Library Special Operations Division, her love for books is profound and her greatest weapon.

Her glasses, much like hers, are more than meets the eye, holding secret capabilities that aid her in battle.

It’s a joy to see this bibliophile in action, her intellect just as sharp as her paper manipulation skills. Yomiko is a reminder that a love for reading and a thirst for adventure are not mutually exclusive.

21. Koharu Nanakura

 Koharu Nanakura

Koharu Nanakura from “Aikatsu Stars!” is a bubbly, energetic character who lights up the room with her positivity. But it’s not just her vivacious personality that stands out.

Her trademark orange glasses are not just a fashion statement but a symbol of her determination and passion.

Koharu is an aspiring idol who dreams big, and her glasses add a touch of uniqueness to her character, making her a standout in the Aikatsu universe.

22. Shibata Mizuki

Shibata Mizuki

As a student of First High School, a National Magic University Affiliated High School, Mizuki Shibata is a 3rd year Magic Engineering student who is a Course 2 student in her first year. She has powerful spiritual sight but can’t control it yet.

In their era, glasses were uncommon for girls because the vision correction procedure was already widespread.

The reason is that those glasses reduce her sensitivity to Psion energy, allowing her ‘crystal eyes’ to see the hidden aura and the exact nature of spirits.

23. Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi

Dark, complex, and enigmatic – Homura Akemi from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” is a character like no other. Initially introduced as a meek, bespectacled girl, Homura’s character transforms dramatically.

Her glasses signify her initial vulnerability, but as the plot unravels, so does the depth of Homura’s character.

Her journey from a shy girl with glasses to a powerful magical girl is captivating, making Homura one of the most intriguing spectacled characters in anime.

24. Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden is a popular anime girl with glasses. She is a Kyoto Seika University student in her third year of college. She has a strong personality and is known for her sharp tongue.

Known for her roles as Yuzuriha Inori in the anime series “Inori” and Hitagi Senjougahara in the anime series “Kimi no Na Wa”, Levy’s popularity among anime fans has increased exponentially in recent years.

Her glasses give her an instantly recognizable appearance, which adds to her appeal.

25. Aika Kiryuu

Aika Kiryuu

“Highschool DxD’s” Aika Kiryuu is the perverted glasses girl who adds humour to the otherwise action-packed anime.

Her glasses reflect her intelligent and crafty mind, often devising plans and developing ideas. Aika’s character proves that glasses and a naughty personality can go hand in hand, making her a delightful spectacle in the series.

26. Tamae Honami

Tamae Honami

Tamae Honami from “Corpse Party” is a character whose glasses reflect her gentle and nurturing nature.

As a teacher, Tamae’s glasses are not just an accessory but a symbol of her responsibility towards her students.

She is a comforting presence, always ready to lend an ear or offer advice. Tamae is a testament to the warmth and care that can be found behind a pair of glasses.

27. Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno

Amy doesn’t wear glasses, but sometimes she can be seen with a pair of reading glasses. When that happens, they fit her just perfectly, adding to her cute beauty.

She is one of the five original Solar System Inner Sailor Guardians. Her Sailor Guardian identity is Sailor Mercury.

Her powers are ice-based intelligence, technology with water and computers, kindness, and loyalty. Amy might be a little insecure, but she transforms into a more confident person throughout the series.

28. Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi from “Highschool of the Dead” takes the ‘nerd’ stereotype and flips it on its head. Her glasses are a testament to her genius-level intellect, but they also hide a fierce survivor.

When the zombie apocalypse hits, Saya’s quick thinking and strategic mind often save the day.

Her character is a reminder that a sharp mind is as powerful as any weapon, and glasses are not just for the bookish but also for the brave.

29. Koyomi Mizuhara

Koyomi Mizuhara

Koyomi Mizuhara may not be the most recognizable face in anime. Still, she’s one of the industry’s most popular girls with glasses. Mizuhara has starred in several popular anime titles. Her fans love her for her relatable and down-to-earth personality.

Mizuhara was born in Niigata Prefecture and started her career as a model before transitioning to acting.

She’s best known for her roles in “Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club” and “Death Note.” Her popularity among anime fans is evident by her position on this year’s Most Popular Anime Girls With Glasses list.

30. Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu is one of the brightest stars in the cast of AnoHana. She’s affable and easygoing, but beneath her cheerful exterior is a steely determination that she uses to achieve her goals.

That determination pays off in spades when it comes to her abilities as an artist; Kiyoko is one of the most talented artists in the show, able to create stunningly lifelike scenes with just pencil and paper.

Her glasses give her character depth and add an air of mystery that makes her all the more intriguing.

Final Thoughts

As we end our spectacle-filled journey through the world of “Anime Girls With Glasses”, it’s clear that these characters are much more than their bespectacled appearances.

They’ve shown us that glasses can symbolise intellect, strength, mystery, and even humour. They’ve proven that glasses aren’t just an accessory but a window into their multifaceted personalities.

From Nodoka Manabe’s diligence to Homura Akemi’s transformation, and from Mey-Rin’s deadly accuracy to Saya Takagi’s survival instinct, these girls have entertained not only us but also broken stereotypes, proving that smart can indeed be stunning!

So, whether you’re an anime newbie or an otaku at heart, we hope this list introduces you to some intriguing characters and inspires you to explore anime’s diverse and vibrant world.

After all, who knew glasses could hold such power and charm? Until next time, keep your eyes wide and your glasses on!