Top 12 Best Anime Characters With Telekinetic Powers

Anime is a world brimming with characters with astonishing abilities, transporting us into realms of the extraordinary.

Of these powers, telekinesis — the ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind — holds a unique allure. It challenges our understanding of physical limits and fuels the captivating narratives that keep us hooked to the screen.

We’ve delved deep into the diverse universe of anime to handpick the characters whose telekinetic prowess stands out. In the next few sections, we’ll introduce you to 12 anime characters who have mastered this phenomenal power, each unique in their capabilities and roles within their respective narratives.

Prepare for a journey that will redefine your concept of mind over matter.

Anime Characters With Telekinetic Powers

In this section, we explore the fascinating realm of telekinetics within anime. From villains to heroes, geniuses to novices, these characters mold the world around them through sheer mental prowess.

Get ready to be astounded by our selection of anime characters with telekinetic powers.

1. Frieza – Dragon Ball

Frieza - Dragon Ball

When one thinks of telekinesis in anime, Frieza from the iconic “Dragon Ball” series inevitably comes to mind. As one of the most formidable villains in the series, Frieza’s power is far-reaching. His telekinetic abilities, in particular, are chilling. Able to manipulate objects and people with a mere thought, Frieza exhibits immense strength and control.

These capabilities extend to the point where he can even create explosive reactions or paralyze his opponents. What makes Frieza’s telekinetic prowess truly daunting, however, is the cold, calculating intellect behind it.

Coupled with his cruelty and lust for power, Frieza’s use of telekinesis often results in unforgettable, high-stakes battles that highlight this extraordinary power’s vast potential (and danger).

2. Shigeo Kageyama – Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama – Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama, known affectionately as ‘Mob,’ is the unassuming protagonist of “Mob Psycho 100”. His shy and reserved nature belies an overwhelming telekinetic power that places him among the strongest characters in anime. Mob uses his abilities not only to manipulate physical objects but also to exorcise malevolent spirits.

What’s most fascinating about Mob is his struggle to control and understand his abilities while maintaining a sense of self. This often leads to emotional storylines and epic showdowns. Despite his staggering abilities, Mob remains a humble and compassionate character, making his use of telekinesis a unique blend of power and emotional depth.

3. Mewtwo – Pokémon

Mewtwo – Pokémon

Mewtwo, the legendary Psychic-type Pokémon, is one of the franchise’s most iconic characters. Created through genetic manipulation, Mewtwo’s telekinetic abilities are rivaled by few. This power goes beyond moving objects — it enables Mewtwo to control minds, generate protective shields, and unleash devastating Psychic-type attacks.

Throughout the Pokémon series and films, we see Mewtwo grapple with its identity and purpose, adding an emotional dimension to its awe-inspiring power. Telekinesis symbolizes inner struggle and the quest for meaning in Mewtwo’s hands (or rather, the mind).

4. Yuu Otosaka – Charlotte

Yuu Otosaka – Charlotte

In the intriguing anime “Charlotte”, Yuu Otosaka possesses a unique form of telekinesis: the power to possess others for five seconds. Initially, Yuu uses this ability for personal gain, manipulating people to climb social and academic ladders. However, Yuu’s understanding of his power deepens as the series progresses.

He learns to harness his telekinesis for the greater good, embarking on a path of redemption and self-discovery. Yuu’s journey shows how power like telekinesis can profoundly shape a character’s personality and destiny. It’s a testament to the transformative potential of such an extraordinary ability.

5. Lucy – Elfen Lied

Lucy – Elfen Lied

Lucy, the conflicted protagonist from “Elfen Lied”, possesses a unique and haunting form of telekinesis. Born a Diclonius, a human mutant with invisible arms known as “vectors,” Lucy can manipulate and control these appendages to perform feats of strength and agility. Her vectors can lift heavy objects, deflect bullets, and, when necessary, deal deadly blows.

The extent of Lucy’s powers, however, isn’t just physical. Her journey through love, betrayal, and self-discovery paints a gripping emotional picture of what it means to wield such power. Tragic yet empowering, Lucy’s story explores humanity’s complex relationship with power and the consequences that follow its misuse.

6. Accelerator – A Certain Magical Index

Accelerator – A Certain Magical Index

In “A Certain Magical Index”, Accelerator stands out with his exceptional telekinetic abilities. His power, referred to as Vector Control, allows him to manipulate any vector he touches, including heat, electricity, and blood flow within a person’s body.

This incredible skill makes him nearly invincible, as he can deflect any attack. Yet beneath his tough exterior lies a character with a complex personality and a profound sense of justice.

Despite being initially portrayed as a villain, Accelerator becomes a protective figure, using his immense power to protect those he cares about. This progression adds a nuanced depth to his character, making his telekinesis much more than a simple display of power.

7. Hina – Hinamatsuri

Hina – Hinamatsuri

Hina from “Hinamatsuri” is a young, psychic girl with immense telekinetic abilities. She can move objects, create force fields, and even stop bullets in mid-air. Hina’s powers are showcased in comedic and dramatic moments throughout the series, adding a layer of uniqueness to her character.

Her role as a powerful telekinetic is balanced by her innocent, childlike nature, creating a compelling contrast that drives the anime’s storyline. Hina’s interactions with her yakuza caretaker and her attempts to live a ‘normal’ life despite her abilities bring a heartwarming touch to the concept of telekinesis, showing that immense power can come with an equally immense heart.

8. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet from “Fairy Tail” possesses a unique form of telekinesis: Requip Magic, which allows her to swap weapons and armor at will. This power lets her adapt to different combat situations, making her one of Fairy Tail’s strongest members. Her Requip Magic, named “The Knight,” is used in battle, comedic, and emotional moments in the series.

Erza’s strength lies in her telekinetic abilities, her unwavering loyalty to her friends, and her strict code of ethics. These characteristics, coupled with her telekinesis, make Erza a character who embodies the true essence of a knight: protecting the weak with her strength while standing firm in the face of adversity.

9. Tetsuo Shima – Akira

Tetsuo Shima – Akira

A defining character in anime history, Tetsuo Shima from “Akira”, wields telekinetic powers of an immense and terrifying scale. After a motorcycle accident, Tetsuo develops the ability to move objects with his mind, a power that rapidly grows out of control, matching his increasingly unstable mental state.

Tetsuo’s telekinesis allows him to fly, create energy shields, and even change the physical structure of his surroundings. However, the haunting depiction of his struggle with these uncontrollable powers makes Tetsuo one of the most compelling telekinetics in anime. His story serves as a sobering exploration of the destructive potential of unchecked power and the human cost of scientific experimentation.

10. Saiki Kusuo – The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

Saiki Kusuo – The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

Saiki Kusuo, the protagonist of “The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.”, is a high school student with a wide range of psychic abilities, including telekinesis. Saiki’s powers enable him to perform extraordinary feats such as levitating objects, altering his environment, and even transforming his physical appearance.

Yet, rather than exploiting these powers, Saiki often seeks to hide them, yearning for a normal life away from constant chaos. The anime provides a humorous take on telekinesis, showcasing the comedic complications that come with such remarkable abilities. Saiki’s story is a fun and light-hearted exploration of the often overlooked ‘mundane’ side of superpowers.

11. Gilgamesh – Fate/Stay Night

Gilgamesh – Fate/Stay Night

In “Fate/Stay Night”, Gilgamesh showcases a unique form of telekinesis through his Gate of Babylon. This ability allows him to summon and control numerous legendary weapons, making him one of the most formidable characters in the series. While his powers are astonishing, Gilgamesh’s character truly captivates the audience.

His regal demeanor, unshakable confidence, and intense disdain for those he deems unworthy make him an intriguing character. Gilgamesh’s use of telekinesis is as much a symbol of his godlike stature as it is a testament to his overwhelming strength, adding depth to the narrative and making his battles epic spectacles of power and pride.

12. Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

Tatsumaki, also known as the Tornado of Terror, is one of the most potent telekinetics in the world of “One Punch Man“. As an S-Class hero, she possesses immense psychic powers that she uses to protect humanity from monstrous threats. Her telekinetic abilities allow her to levitate, create force fields, and move objects of enormous size and weight.

Despite her petite and youthful appearance, Tatsumaki’s power, sharp wit, and no-nonsense attitude command respect from both friends and foes alike. Her character offers a compelling take on the trope of the powerful psychic, showcasing that true strength is not always as it appears.

Final Thoughts

In this riveting journey through the world of anime, we’ve unveiled 12 characters whose mastery of telekinetic powers truly sets them apart.

From Frieza’s chilling control in “Dragon Ball” to Tatsumaki’s indomitable strength in “One Punch Man”, these characters use their mental prowess to shape the world around them, resulting in narratives filled with epic battles, emotional depth, and nuanced portrayals of power.

Beyond their fascinating abilities, personal journeys, inner struggles, and character growth make these telekinetics unforgettable. Celebrating their extraordinary abilities reminds us of the infinite possibilities within the mind’s realm.