16 Must-See Anime About College Students!

Delving into the captivating world of anime often takes us on thrilling high school adventures or magical escapades. But have you ever wondered what happens when these characters graduate and enter university?

That’s where anime about college students comes into play. These series introduce a unique blend of mature storytelling, realistic situations, and relatable struggles — a refreshing deviation from the usual school-based narratives.

They offer a more profound exploration of relationships, personal growth, and the complexities of adulting; all wrapped up in the immersive world of anime.

Let’s take a journey into this under-explored realm of anime, where college life, ambition, and growth become the driving force of captivating stories.

Must-Watch Anime About College Students

This section delves into an exciting array of anime about college students. These series masterfully weave tales of higher education, friendships, and life’s pivotal moments.

They portray the sometimes overwhelming yet exhilarating transition from high school to university, offering viewers a taste of collegiate life through the eyes of intriguing characters.

1. “Ah! My Goddess”

"Ah! My Goddess"

In the heart of “Ah! My Goddess”, we meet Keiichi Morisato, a down-on-his-luck college student who unwittingly dials the Goddess Helpline, leading to the divine Belldandy appearing before him. The series offers a whimsical yet thoughtful exploration of life at the Nekomi Institute of Technology. It presents an enchanting blend of romance, comedy, and divine intervention.

With Belldandy’s magical abilities intertwined with Keiichi’s everyday college life, the series provides an entertaining take on the struggle to balance academics, personal life, and the unpredictability of housing a Goddess. The anime delivers a sweet portrayal of college life mixed with the extraordinary, effectively creating a narrative that is as endearing as it is unique.

2. “HenSemi – Anime About College Students”

"HenSemi - Anime About College Students"

Diving into the eccentric realm of “HenSemi”, we follow the misadventures of Matsutaka Nanako, a regular college student who unwittingly becomes part of an unconventional seminar known as the “Abnormal Physiology Seminar”. HenSemi is not your typical college anime; it delves into bizarre and often risqué topics, pushing the boundaries of the usual narratives.

The series marries comedy with the unsettling yet intriguing exploration of deviant behavior. This oddball group of college students provides viewers with an amusing, sometimes eyebrow-raising, portrayal of college life that’s refreshingly different.

3. “Genshiken”


“Genshiken” takes us deep into the world of otaku culture through the lens of a group of college students who form a club dedicated to their shared interests. Ranging from anime and manga to video games and cosplay, the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, or “Genshiken”, becomes a haven for these individuals.

The series masterfully illustrates the dynamics of an otaku club within a college setting, complete with the struggles, conflicts, and camaraderie that it entails. It provides a realistic portrayal of passion-driven college life, making it a must-watch for those seeking a slice-of-life narrative.

4. “Itazura na Kiss”

"Itazura na Kiss"

“Itazura na Kiss” chronicles the romantic tale of Kotoko Aihara and Naoki Irie, starting from high school and moving into their university life. What makes this series stand out is its exploration of relationships post-high school, featuring the trials and tribulations of college life, including studying, dorm life, and the blossoming of romantic and platonic relationships.

With a mix of comedy, romance, and drama, the anime provides an engaging depiction of how characters grow and adapt to the challenges of college and beyond.

5. “Love Hina”

"Love Hina"

“Love Hina” brings a humorous and romantic spin to the life of Keitaro Urashima, a college prep school student trying to get into Tokyo University while managing an all-girls dorm. Amidst the chaos of shared living and studying for entrance exams, Keitaro stumbles upon unexpected romance and friendships.

The series beautifully captures the struggle of balancing dreams and personal life. It’s a heartwarming tale of perseverance, romance, and the many surprises that college life can throw your way.

6. “Ai Yori Aoshi”

"Ai Yori Aoshi"

“Ai Yori Aoshi” is a poignant tale about two college students, Kaoru Hanabishi and Aoi Sakuraba, who are tied together by an arranged marriage pact since childhood.

The series brilliantly portrays their journey as they navigate college life while maintaining a secret relationship. It is a fascinating mix of romance, drama, and the complexities of growing up.

From studying to dealing with personal and social expectations, the anime presents a layered yet heartwarming narrative about college life and relationships. Aoi and Kaoru’s bond, struggles, and growth are depicted compellingly, making “Ai Yori Aoshi” a highly relatable and engaging watch.

7. “Grand Blue”

"Grand Blue"

“Grand Blue” is a riotous and hilarious dive into the chaotic college life of Iori Kitahara, who moves to the coastal town of Izu for his university studies. But instead of a quiet, scholarly life, Iori finds himself sucked into the whirlwind of the local diving club’s antics, filled with outrageous parties, drinking escapades, and undersea adventures.

More than just a comedy, “Grand Blue” delivers an insightful exploration of camaraderie, new experiences, and the exhilaration of diving. It offers a refreshing take on college life, underscoring the unforgettable memories and life-changing moments one encounter during this transformative phase.

8. “Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!”

"Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!"

In “Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!”, we follow the life of Yuuta Segawa, a college student who suddenly finds himself as a surrogate father to his sisters after a tragic accident.

This unexpected twist forces Yuuta to juggle his academics, part-time job, and newfound parenthood. The series is a heartwarming tale of family, responsibility, and the trials and tribulations of growing up. It brilliantly captures the struggles and rewards of balancing family life with college, providing a deeply moving and relatable narrative.

9. “Run With The Wind”

"Run With The Wind"

“Run With The Wind” is a gripping sports anime centered around Kakeru Kurahara, a college student with a knack for running, and his eclectic team of runners. This inspirational series delves into the challenges and triumphs of forming and maintaining a collegiate track team.

It’s a tale of tenacity, teamwork, and the sheer love of the sport. The series explores how sports can build bonds and personal growth, offering a unique perspective on college life that transcends typical academic narratives.

10. “Golden Time”

"Golden Time"

“Golden Time” introduces us to Tada Banri, a law student at a private Tokyo university, who is trying to navigate college life after losing his memories in an accident. The series beautifully interweaves elements of romance, comedy, and drama, painting an in-depth picture of the trials, triumphs, and uncertainties that come with starting over in college.

As Banri forms new relationships and encounters unexpected twists and turns, viewers are treated to a compelling portrayal of personal growth, love, friendship, and the complexities of college life.

11. “Maison Ikkoku”

"Maison Ikkoku"

“Maison Ikkoku” is a classic romantic comedy that chronicles the life of Yusaku Godai, a hapless college student residing in a boarding house filled with eccentric tenants. The narrative takes an exciting turn when the beautiful Kyoko Otonashi becomes the new manager of the boarding house.

Amidst academic pressures, comedic escapades, and personal growth, a romance slowly blossoms between Yusaku and Kyoko. The series beautifully captures the chaos and camaraderie of shared living while offering a humorous and touching depiction of college life.

12. “Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It”

"Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It"

In “Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It”, we’re introduced to Ayame Himuro and Shinya Yukimura, two postgraduate students who attempt to validate their love for each other scientifically.

The series is an ingenious blend of comedy, romance, and academic life, showcasing how their logical approach to an emotional concept leads to hilarious and sweet moments. It’s an endearing portrayal of love in academia, making it an interesting and unique addition to anime about college students.

13. “Nodame Cantabile”

"Nodame Cantabile"

“Nodame Cantabile” explores the musical and romantic relationship between two students at a prestigious music college in Tokyo: the serious and dedicated Chiaki Shinichi and the eccentric and free-spirited Megumi “Nodame” Noda.

This series harmoniously combines music, comedy, and romance, creating a symphony of experiences that beautifully capture the passion and struggles of aspiring musicians in college. It offers a fascinating narrative that is as melodious as it is compelling.

14. “number24”


“number24” delves into the world of university rugby, focusing on Natsusa Yuzuki, who was forced to quit playing due to an accident. Despite his circumstances, Natsusa’s passion for the sport and his team remains unyielding.

The series vividly portrays college sports, showcasing the bonds formed, rivalries ignited, and personal growth achieved on and off the field. The struggles and triumphs of the rugby team make for an engaging narrative about college life and the relentless spirit of youth.

15. “Honey and Clover”

"Honey and Clover"

“Honey and Clover” is a poignant slice-of-life narrative about a group of college students attending an art school in Tokyo. The series explores their journey through college life, touching upon friendship, unrequited love, and the struggles of chasing dreams.

With its realistic portrayal of the trials and triumphs of adulthood, “Honey and Clover” provides a heartwarming, relatable, and sometimes melancholic exploration of growth and the complexities of life and love.

16. “The Tatami Galaxy”

"The Tatami Galaxy"

“The Tatami Galaxy” offers a unique perspective on college life through the eyes of an unnamed protagonist navigating different clubs and social scenarios at a Kyoto university. The narrative is rich with philosophical introspection and exploration of choices and consequences.

This thought-provoking series employs a fast-paced narrative and unique visual style to depict the transformative journey of self-discovery, regret, and the desire for an ideal college life. It’s a surreal and insightful dive into the maze of college experiences.

Final Thoughts

Anime about college students provides a unique and compelling exploration of the transformative phase of university life, filled with challenges, friendships, growth, and unforgettable experiences.

Whether it’s the heartwarming tales of “Honey and Clover” and “Golden Time”, the chaotic hilarity of “Grand Blue”, or the philosophical insights of “The Tatami Galaxy”, each series offers a distinctive take on college life that resonates with viewers.

We’ve explored sixteen must-see anime that bring these stories to life, perfectly capturing the essence of college years. So sit back, pick your favorites, and prepare for a memorable journey through anime college life.